2010. május 30., vasárnap


I feel like I need to continue where I left off, with free shit, that rules, I am not near a scanner this time, but ima still try to hook it up all decent like, cuz I am a decent man. Me and my friends decided, since we live in Hungary, and there are not that many celebrities, if everyone we know in the underground kills just one of them, then Hungarian media will be crippled forever. I personally chose Geszti Péter, and here is why. He is the annoying short haired schmuck. So I hope that some heads are gonna start rollin, but I do not expect anything in particular. However, I will say, getting the addresses of eastern european celebrities is much easier than I would have anticipated.

So, more free shit, first and foremost here is the mealnocetus murrayi link, this one has taken it's sweet time I know. Praia de vomito play noise grind, really short songs, but really fucking good as well, the sound quality is mysterious, everything is encased in thick ass fuzz. Noituus are a finnish sort of noisecore/crust d-beat band, I get the distinct impression that a lot of this shit is improvised, but its tighter than all hell. I hink this si some of the best kind of noisecore, really fast for hardcore, but at the same time not overdrive like noise grind, improvised, but seemingly structured, really, really good, fast fuckin drummer. And the Melanocetus Murrayi side is just fucking harsh as fuck noise. It's like a never ending barrage of just harsh sounds, fucking up your ears, it really does feel lik the band is attacking you.

This next up is AGAIN a sweet little split involving Jack, the hungarian grind death squad from motherfucking hell. This si still with their old drummer, Bakelit, who since then has emigrated o Germany, and is playing d-beat stenchcore with his band, Per Capita. He also played drums in Din-Addict, and we will run a little special on those guys for you, because they are total fucking grindcore legends, obnoxious as shit, short fast noise songs, good fucking lyrics, insulting crowds of people, the whole works.

On this record, Jack sound more grind than usual, like 324 meets early Napalm Death, crossbreeding of just straight up grindcore. Their guitarist is secretly a death metal god, but he holds back and keeps it simple with this band, but I mean, it's hard to hide the fact that you are a death metal god. Yattai sound like, I dunno, sometimes liek an emo band, sometimes like a tornado of pissed, but this shit is still waaay overpoduced, although they play really well. But I dunno, its a medley, the fast parts are good, and there are a bunch of them. The cover is up on top.

As for the lo-fi grind compilation, it seems Semhi Bey of Tearache records and the great band Sakatat has sent me a useless empty CD-R by accident, so you will just have to wait on that one. But it's really good, got Sakatat, SMG, Rust, Lt. Dan, and a whole bunch of other shit too. So let me talk to Semhi Bey, and then I will handle business.

2010. május 29., szombat


So after 2 posts from Marci I am back, and have some shit I got from friends. I am not really gonna rant, but let me just say free shit rules, and upon receiving all of this free shit, I realized that I might as well transfer some of that love unto this here blog.
This is not all the shit, but i left some of it at home, ima get that up later on, when mediafire stops being a little bitch. Its some awesome shit, like the Melanocetus Murrayi 3 way, which i will have up in a bit. Also the lo-fi grind comp I promised. As for everything else, here it is.

This is the self title demo form Alea Iacta Est, form Slovakia. I fell in love with these guys when we had a gig together, and they did the soundcheck with an Ulceorrhea tune. That's the way it's done. They are really fuckin fast, the production is way too clean, but it sounds good. Fuckin grind.

Alea Iacta Est

This one is a very good CD, that I got in Thessaloniki form the guitarist of the legendary Sauerkraut. It's a 3 way of grind noise and it is not hindered by talent. All the bands are fuckin really noisey, and Sauerkraut is really fucking sloppy as all hell total ear devastating grind. Make you feel good.

This is the split 3 way between Agathocles, Jack and Mizar, 3 bands I love. Mizar play Nasum like grind, and Jack are the hungarian grind legends from hell. They used to play more crusty shit, but now play just straight up grind. It's fuckin massive. i have to say i have the honor of knowing both of these bands in person, and can consider them friends. Have shared the stage woth both of them on numerous occasions in more than one conrty, and it feels good to know these motherfuckers. And Agathocles play some of their best songs on this one, like Theatric Symbolization Of Life, and the sound quality is definitely best on the AG side of this shit.


2010. május 26., szerda


Oh yeah, Tekken. A band I dont know shit about, only that they had a lot of splits, and a discography cassette (Past & Present), which I am introducing tonight here. What can you tell about a band named after the best fighting game in history?! Well it sounds like shit, its sometimes sloppy too, but its really fun to listen to. The song titles, their own songs' remixes and the covers (for example Slayer, Ac/Dc, Nirvana, etc.) are hilarious. Oh, and they have one of the best cover designs of all time. My favorite, the 3 Leatherfaces. Simple, yet fucking awesome. First saw it on the always awesome Buddha Khan, eternal thanks, dude!

Tekken - Past & Present

And what can you do while listening to Tekken? Playing Tekken of course. Maybe roll a spliff, turn your shitty-noisy speakers a bit louder, and play this awesome game in the light of your monitor at night. (the file is zipped into a 7z file, so if you dont have a 7z excractor program, download one here.)

Tekken 3 (game)

oh and i forgot to wish you happy 42. it was yesterday, i know.
- marci.

2010. május 24., hétfő

Back From The Dead

Hi, folks!

So, i am back and have scored a bunch of goodies in Turkey and Greece, and also Serbia, which I shall be disclosing later on, possibly even today, albeit that is not likely. So expect a post soon, full of lo-fi grind compilations, turkish mince core, fast core and power violence, as well as greek gore, serbian crust, and a host of other weird shit.

Keep it fast, or take that shit to the curb.

2010. május 18., kedd

CCD bees & some german power violence.

today i was browsin, and went to ANNEX ONE. i found a very interesting article about how our cell phones disorient bees, and in chain reaction how it kills them, and how it causes a global problem. i pretty much hate cellphones, if i could live without them, i would try to destroy as many as possible. i wont tell whats in the article, go to the site, and read it, and check out the video, which is awesome.

the band i'll introduce in this post is (or at least was) a german power violence band by the always awesome Tom Schmolke (henry fonda, obi wahn, toxic kids, ex-call me betty, yehonala tapes, etc.). what can you expect from a band with only 2 shows, about 5 rehearsals, 1 demotape, and about 100 songs? fast as hell, full of blasts, screaming, cookie monster voices, and shit like that. which i really much love. and this tape is a perfect example how improvised or 'half-improvised' music should sound like.


by the way, my internet is somewhy got fucked up, so i cant download or upload too much, it was only good luck to download this taperip for about the 12th time. sorry for the big delay with this post. next time hopefully i can upload some more stuff.


2010. május 11., kedd


So, I am going to be off to play in Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia with the motherfucking Human Error, if you will be there, check the myspace, hope to see you in person. I will be supplying the blast beats. Since I will not be posting for quiet some time, I intend on leaving you with a pretty big post, enough blast beats for you to listen to until I get back. In the meantime, my cohort Marci will also be posting things on this blog, probably some power violence, knowing his musical preferences. But do not worry, everything he listens to is alright, it's not your thrash-clone bullshit. But before I go, I want to leave some food for your brain as well, not just your ears, and perhaps I can destroy a bit of both.

Everybody who deals with politics is obsessed with the biological imperative, somehting they all need to jump the fuck off of. Right wingers like it, because they misinterpret it, so as to make white people look better than they are. The left likes to not talk about it, and accuse anyone who mentions it as a fascist. The biological imperative has also been mentioned by Friedriech Nietzsche as "The Will To Power". It is basically saying that the only two ways to happiness are to relinquish, or to gain power and every aspect fo your life is focused around these things. The will to power is that force which takes on the journey that is your life, it is your lfie force, and biologists echo the words of Nietzsche unknowingly. It can be a little bit more complicated, because we now know that we are willing to die for our genes, and that our minds, our egos are controlled by our genes, and we are willing to do anything to anyone to make sure our genes stay in the game. It has been identified that organisms have these instincts, these drives, and if you do some research, you will find that they all boil own to either gaining or giving power, precisely what the will to power states.
But as far as politics is concerned, we will use whatever we can to justify gaining power for ourselves, our group, or our sets of genes, and politicans try and make justify our acts, our behaviour, in the light of some greater good while robbing us blind. The only way to live a decent life is to confront the fact that you are an oversexed monkey, to look truth dead in it's eyes, accept the truth about your genetic programming and it's purposes, and work for the survival and benefit of your sepcies. Everything else, all politics, religions and ideology are merely pretense.

Now to further my own culture a bit. This si the discography CD from Boston based hardcore/crust band (with some blast beats) Solitary Neglect. I picked up a copy of their CD in Rivno, Ukraine, of all places. They are awesome, they play sloppy a bit, but enough blast ebats and fast parts to keep you inetersted, although mostly it is just Destroy! type crust. They also ahve an old school feel to them, which helps matters greately. Also, I did not add the CD cover, because I do not have a scanner and I had no time to go to my cohorts house to scan it. I am not good at comparissons, so let me just say, pissed off teenish sounding vocals, sloppy fast drums, simple distorted as fuck guitars, bit of the American old school, bunch of crust, what could go wrong?


This is the first installment of the Agathocles Mince Core History, dated 89-93, and it is truly fucking awesome. I noticed talking about Agathocles, mentioning you like them, or God forbid, wearing their T-shirt has become most uncool, so all of you haters can eat a sack fo baby dicks, AG are fucking awesome, fuck off. By the way I am going to do a massive AG post one of these days, and a seperate mince core one as well. This CD has soem shit form their early days, some of their grind, some of their mince, also some of their d-beat/crust shit, lots of live shit, EPs, etc, etc.....


Next up is a live album, called "The Belgian Campaing For Musical Destruction", and it features Agathocles, their side project Acoustic Grinder, the crust legends Hiatus, and a band I do not know called Personal Jesus Detetctor, I have no info on them, they are Belgian, they play crusty grinding mince core, or something like it, and if you have anything form them, possibly something that is not so incredibly poorly recorded, please hit me up, I will have cybersex with you. I got his years ago on soulseek, and have not seen it on any blogs, any distros, anywhere at all. Also, be aware that the recording quality is very, very poor, this is not easy listening.


Here is my favorite Cripple Bastards EP, "Life's Built On Thoughts", it is awesome, totally unique, very short, very well composed songs recorded absolutely shit like, typical grind that they play. I will continue to love this band, even though everyone tells me that Guilio is a fascist, which I do not believe. I am sure he has his reasons for his Serbian nationalism, although I do not know what they could possibly be. Anyhow, this band rules, and if you check their lyrics, I do not think you can rightfully call them fascists. This is another one of my soulseek finds, from like 2003, or some shit, I have not been able to purchase this at an acceptable price. If you can offer me some kind of reasonable price, I will buy it from you.


2010. május 10., hétfő

real post soon.

2010. május 3., hétfő

How We Get Down At Shows

So, I went to an awesome show the other day in Csepel, and a few things occured to me about going to shows, about playing shows, about seeing live music, and yes, about live music in general, particularly the "counter cultural" live music we love, propagate and promote on this blog. First of all, why the fuck do people come to shows to "stand around and smoke cigarettes"? What is the fucking point, leave your fucking shoe gazing at the shoe gaze concerts. I am not saying everybody HAS to mosh, but at least let me see that you are in to it, that you are enjoying yourselves. I hate it when motherfuckers come down to gigs, and they either stand there and feel angsty, or stand around judging shit, instead of getting into what is happening, and for what they bought their fucking tickets for. At this show there was none of that, and it was great. And the past few shows there have been none of that, while Budapest used to be the fucking king of kids standing around, looking at their shoe laces.

Also, I hate it when i get funny looks for moshing, and I especially hate it when i dance or wiggle around, keeping it to myself, knowing folks do not wanna mosh, and kids are staring at me. Man, fuck you. Again, if you are in a situation like that, stop caring if folks are making fun of you, or the faces you are making, or the way in which you move or whatever. Fuck um, they just some haters, man. When inhibitions and fucking social manipulation get in the way of your having fun, that is sad, and it sucks, but if that is already happening to you, please, do not spread the cancer on some folks who might actualy get down. As someone who has played quiet a few gigs, I know it fucking sucks BALLS to see motherfuckers standing around. If the band cannot see that at least someone is interested in what they are doing, they will not play their best either. Keep that in mind.

The next link is a post of some of the Napalm Death bootlegs that my singer, Gabika hooked me up with, my absolute respect goes out to him for it. These three are a pre-Scum era gig in Birmingham, where they hideously suck ass, a rehearsal tape of FETO era material, as well as another British gig, lots of songs, this one was in Portsmouth in 1988. Enjoy.


This next one is the split between Impetigo and Transgressor, an american grind/thrash/gore whatever else band and a Japanese old school death/thrash metal band. Impetigo I think is one of the most unique bands out there, and only kids into gore listen to them, I do not know why, cuz they fucking rule, absolutely atmospheric music in so many ways, just has it's own feel to it, it is its own genre in a way. The album smells musty and dank, spreading disease and groove, it is really really good. BUT the best thing about it is not what is on it musically, but in between songs, he is making fun of his audience. The next time you are at a show and are hating on someone, or looking at them funny like, or you wanna mosh but are too pent up or self conscious, just think of this mans words, and you will fuck shit up.