2010. október 22., péntek


So yeah, a month has passed, I moved out of the ghetto, I now live in the suburbs, so I did not post. At least I am posting now. Marci, man, that kid still has not posted, although he has school and all that shit. It's some drawing and being an artist thing, I wish I had those skills, but i do not, all I can do is play a half decent blast beat, and fuck around on this blog, so I am green with envy. And apparently move to the suburbs. Also, I am gonna be gone for 40 days and 40 nights, the only time in the year I have a set schedule, working the christmass market, as I tend to do every year, and if Marci don't post then, Ima have his balls for earrings. If you wanna meet me in person, why not come down to the London christmass market in Hyde park, I'm the guy selling all of the neat-o Hungarian folk motiff bags, all cow leather, all handmade, and all that shit.
So, I am gonna do this like many other blogs do, most notably Damaging Noise, and just have the title, the info, and the link. Whaddaya say??? I know, no rant, but I am so tired, man. Next week Ima rant and rave and carry on as well. It's gonna be holocaust realted, sure to offend everyone, left and especially right wingers, but you know, I aim to please. But I have to get drunk and put myself in the aggressive psycho headspace first.

Magus- Ruminations Of Debauchery
1991 death metal that makes 90% of today's death metal seem slow, poorly written, not that well executed and way over produced. Good recording quality, murky and misty, hard to hear the low ends. The vocals are insanely low, barked shouts, but really rude and sorta like Kataklysm. The drumming is what takes this though, insanely fast blast beats, and it just sounhds like he is having the easiest time on earth, no effort what so ever, just speed and the blast beats are louder than everything else, so, you know its good.
Underrated fucking classic.

VA- Total Scum Noise Shit Attack (Warstate, Spacegrinder, DxIxE, congenital haemmorhoids)
So, this was on the Psychotherapy traidng list for quiet some time, and I wanted to get it, too, and in 2006 oktober, I walked around with their distro list printed out, just so I can think about what to get. Anyway, I wanted this one, but did not end up getting it, and now, I downloaded it through a Russian forum for "extreme" music. This is some of the bets fucking shit that was made in 2004, seriously, raw grind and noise at its finest, I mean, other than Congenital Haemmorhoids, who fucking suck, this is like perfect. DxIxE, being a noisy raw japanese grindcore band, are one of my favorites anyway, and I will post some of their shit at one point, if I did not already, its really superb, almost Gore Beyond Necropsy like. Almost. Warstate is crusty grind, who play lots of d-beat, lo-fi, grind as fuck too, kinda on the slow side in comparisson to the other bands, but hella good. And Spacegrinder play a very good noise track on here called "Extermination", it's like, nice and spacey in the beggining and degenerates into just harsh PE shit, and the end there is copious screaming and growling. I really like this. So will you.
Feel the awesome.

Insect Warfare/ The Kill split tape
Very hard to get a hold of, this tape is 47 seconds long. The Insect Warfare side is 17 seconds, and is really, really good, for a 17 second tape. It does what it is supposed to. The Kill side, also good. What can you really say about a tape that is 47 seconds long? It has a cool cover, too.
Shoulda been a split floppy disk.

Vaccine- Demo tape
Do not know anythign about this, downloaded it, it was up on a bunch fo blogs, 5 songs, 2:12 in length, apparently power violence, almost just noise, more like grind to me, but it is super hardcore like, so I guess, if the glove fits....Very good, very noisy, very up on everyone else's blog too, but you like ours, so, get it from us. I dunno who plays in this or what, but it fucking rules. I needed a couple of listens to get my head around this one, it all just happened so quickly....
Holy shit, what just happened?

This was also taken from a blog, it was up on that guy who thought Kuolema was the bets band ever's blog, the Finnish guy ho agve a list of all of the Finnish punk band's names and what they meant...you know, that blog. I forget the name, which is a shame cuz I got this and two Kuolema early live shows off of him, which has been a great addition to my time and brain cell, also social standing murdering addiction to fast noisy music. There are no blast beats on this one. I know, getting soft. But it is really fucking fast, Genocide are like a thrash band, but mixed with d-beat, really catchy, nothing new, but played ever so fucking well, this band really does rule. Sorto are like a noise-crust band, totally incoherently played, sorta like early Kuolema in that sense, with typical Finnish vocals, you know, Donald Duck on crack. Hard to listen to, but well worth it for the Geno-side, hahahaha. Seriously, old band, great music, good speed, catchy licks, good lyrics, everything about it is good.
Finnish d-beat thrash/ total noise.

Vodka Soap- Shadow Watcher Levitations
This was given to me by Marci, and it is something new for this blog. It is a drone, atmospheric noise thing, very dark and evil, spoooooky, and all that shit. Great to lsten to while you are doing something else, like smoking weed. The word "atmospheric" gets thrown aorund a bunch, and is generally code word for incoherent, boring, non-sensical garbage, but in this case, I feel like it is very adequate. This does in fact create an atmosphere, one of being watched and of lurking around in the shadows with murderous intent. It is very abrasive to listen to, the frequencies do not really remind me of music at all. That being said, it is not harsh, per say, although it definitely is not mellow or soft. Just throwing it out there, the cover is good too, it reflects the atmosphere of this album perfectly. It contains two long ass tracks. Give it a whirl, see how you feel about it.
Drone like noise.

Intense Agonizing- Necrobiosis split
Intense Agonizing were a Hungarian death/grind band, and they apparently had like the most cult following anyone could ask for. When they broke up, after the last gig, the lights came on, and the kids in the room just looked at each other and did not know what to do next. Become Napalm Death fans?? Stop listening to grind? Stop listening to metal? Some of them did this, some of them that, but that particular bond of the underground was broken. I am told about all of this second hand, as I am too young to have seen it with my own eyes. So this is a little piece of history, people just playing what they thought sounded cool.