2014. december 30., kedd


so im gonna just start blawging here, not much to talk about right meow.

3 songs by one-man goregrind rolemodel fame NX5 from greece. i can not really recollect accurately when AS started to morph from dysmernnorheic hemorrhage-like gorenoisish grind to this current state of amazingly written and played goregrind perfection, but i usually date it to reoxygenation ep in my mind. fucking flanged riffs, cant get them out of my head. this is not your normal 4/4 type of music, so many delicious twists and turns all over the fucking place, you'll need a lot of relistenings to catch up with the songs. inhuman amount of great ideas and riffs that (for me at least) you dont really get tired of. also, these songs will be featured on the grand fucking split/compilation megadevastating powerhouse tape out on a symphony of death rattles (braindead pierre's label), alongside a dozen of awesome goregrind bands, probably the best that are active right now, in my opinion.
final histopathology report and succumbed to infection are the two recent full lengths. succumbed to infection is probably in my top 3 albums of the year, altho it didnt really come out yet in it's whole glory (i have the songs, fuck you). i have nothing else to say other than i am overly satisfied with what AS is doing right now, so keep up the good fucking work, ioannis!!!


G-ZUS, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! this is fucking all over the place. kikanju fucking baku on drums and steinar from parlamentarisk sodomi on guitar, on both sides. pseudoku is psudoku with kanju on drums, its like spacegrind, but with even more insane drumming. kanju is a beast. i can not put it into words how much this record rules, hopefully i can make a rip of it sometime soon, i will post it. the bollock swine side is just fucking insane. if you're not familiar with BS's career, its kanju and a bunch of asian girls on vocals, with additional musicians as back-up noise for this hyperspeed improv blast junk that is so intense.......... fuck!!

i waited for this split to happen for years now. BS is proably one of the few bands that plays so abrasive and unbearable noise, that even i cant stand to listen to it most of the time. it was meant to be total anti-listener improv noise garbage and they succeed, its totally torturing to listen throught their side of almost 30-something minute long non-stop insanity. the drums are so fast, most of the time i just drowns in an inaudible blastbeat tsunami of shit, bass grinding by rado from sedem minút strachu is just constant HNW alltogether and of course the fucking topping of the noise-cake is the asian girls screaming from the top of their lungs. the other day we tried to listen to the whole thing with mark, but needed to go out for a spliff to chill, and when we arrived back, the tape was still going on, non-stop and it was in-fucking-sane what we have experienced, it was really torturing. great job, krenj!!!
on the flipside is our band, so i wont write that much about it, just some background info and fun facts. some years ago a guy named ignacio aka 886VG came to tour by himself as a harsh noise artist over europe and i helped him to hang around while he was in hungary and eventually we ended up in our rehearsal room, recording noise jams, a lot of it. one of the recordings we later used to play some grind over it, a year later recorded some vocal tracks, and ta-da, you've got our side. we actually recorded the vocal tracks around 3-4 times over the years but somehow we couldnt manage not to loose them or forget about it, so it took quite some time for us to complete it. enjoy or die.

just fucking wow. i love parlamentarisk sodomi. i loved psudoku's spacegrind even more perhaps. when i first heard the pseudoku/bollock swine 7" i couldnt believe it can be topped, but here we are at the end of 2014 and i cant think of anything more fucked up, twisted, inside-out, glorious and jawdropping album that came out this year. i think maybe this was one of the biggest surprises for me, because i havent heard about it before when it first came out, and oh god its genious. steinar of PxSx fame on guitars alongside the always amazing moha! drummer anders at the kit, they play something you would expect if you know what kind of music they have done before, but perhaps multiply the result. i love to listen to this release on non-stop and just smoke some weed and i instantly feel like just i am disorientedly floating in space on the edge of dying from nausea or whatever condition. unorthodox grind riffing, broken drum patterns and vocals that echo the fuck out in space. buy.

dank dad

and let me leave here something to play myself out with, some delicious recent facialmess live footage.

2014. december 28., vasárnap


today i thought i should do something more productive than listening to shitty noise from my phone speakers and trying to copy other's tagging style from the internet, so i came up with the idea of refreshing the blog a bit. i have not much to say i think, no super thoughtful rant from me, just some reviews and thoughts about records i have been listening recently. also, i am very sorry but this time (and perhaps from now on) i'll make my own job a lot easier, and yours more difficult and wont upload shit to mediafire or dropbox, but link from bandcamp or youtube, if i can find everything on soulseek, you can too. lets jump right in.
(ps. this post will contain more gore than before)

from time to time mark and i have a small discussion why i love and why he doesnt like VG that much. we conclude that we dont really care about each other's opinion, rolls a joint and probably thats how we end it.
for me VG is the tits, because it sounds just like what i love in grindcore basically: songs that are very similar to each other, can almost bite into a very distinctive eerie, damp and cold, moldy dungeon-like atmosphere, scary as fuck vocal use, and from time to time a catchy-as-fuck riff -where i cannot wait until i re-listen the whole thing just to get to that part again. the band was insane and convincing live as well, needless to say. all of their stuff is golden to me, i have no idea why, VG just tingles my thingy just the perfect way.
i know a lot of people are bragging about that this band is very average and nothing special, but i prefer this a lot over their other projects, especially archagathus. i love how these riffs sound like if they would have been came up with just on the spot, and everybody in the band just knows what to do and what the next riff will sound like. it has a lot of one-string death metaly parts which i also really adore.
fucking plus points for the album art as well. i just love cut n paste grind-montages, and the whole look of this record is just top-notch for me.

what the fuck can i say? evan fucking rules. one-man goregrind exploded in the past few years over the planet, and i am eternally grateful for that towards the gods that look after the fate of grind. one of the best acts in the """"scene"""" right now is without a doubt metastasis. i love it a lot because evan is a really nice guy, he knows how grind and gore should be played perfectly and just nails it alltogether. the sound is a bit flat, but i think that is just because evan puts the recorded track on each other and thats it, you got the song, so i wouldnt bitch about that. if you havent heard of metastasis before and like goregrind, then get into it a lot.

wow, this band bring back so much memories from the time i started getting into gore and grind. i remember SFHS was one of the first things i downloaded with my slow ass internet connection around when their rehearsal demo came out. it pulled me in instantly. it has the catchiest-thrashiest riffs, insane solos, divebombs, shredding, brilliant drumming and bass sound, vocals are sometimes churning like a good wet dream, sometimes goes through almost the whole spectrum of extreme vocalisation. plus it sounds just like i love it, dirty, sleazy and with a rehearsal room atmosphere holding everything together.
the structures of the songs are handled on a master-like level, every song has its memorable parts or solos, there are no songs where you can feel they just needed some extra songs so they can release an LP instead of an EP-kind of thing, everything is in place and tact.

GOD fucking rules. i have nothing else to say. buy this record if you find if somewhere, it has everything that you will ever need if you like properly written and played grind.

great intros, great instrumentation, weird ass band history, a japanese tour, good-era-carcass-esque riffs, disgusting vocals and just goreblasts all the way. this is how i could sum up this awesome band from minnesota. the band was known for disguising themselves behind alteregos and personnel who never really were in the band, it was only two dudes and a gal doing all the work. i really love how every single riff is evil, just crawling on the guitar and has probably the best placed pinch-harmonics i can remember. similar to violent gorge, i just love how i just put an album in the player, and the whole thing just goes by as if it was just one single horrid story with gore drenched instrumentation to it.
if you liked BLB, try guitarist hagamoto's current one-man band, which is somewhat of a follow up to his old band in my opinion, its called patisserie, check it out for sure. also, here's a fun interview with them, done by braindead pierre.

if you havent heard of this band before, they the best hungarian grind band that ever existed. sadly every single member is a huge asshole by itself, and they split up eventually because of the tension and overgrown shit between them, which i can totally understand as i know them in person.
the band was known for their over the top tempo handling, dual vocals and memorable riffing. throw some AC-like stupid mocking songtitles and offensive lyrics, horrible attitude and you'll get din-addict.
my personal favorite is of course the full-length 'music for opened minds' and the split with obliterate (cuz the last song is a psych/stoner/whatever jammmm - and i like those), but down really take my word here a 100% seriously, because i am overly attached to this band in a quite sexual way.

heres a genious and classic napalm death cover by one of my favorite bands, anadorei. i want to marry them all at once. i will post all their stuff on here soon.

2014. május 21., szerda


A lot of things have happened since we quit doing this blog. Only a few years have passed, but we had so many ideas left unexplored, so many bands we wanted to talk shit about, and since then life has literally exploded. I have become a father yet again, and have had a series of personal triumphs as well.
First and foremost Chappa’Ai. I write about my noise band first because this is where the most amount of stuff has happened, and this is by far the most dynamic band I have ever had the pleasure of playing in. Aside from having an infinite amount of songs at our disposal, we also have a set theme that is also endless, generating endless amounts of recordings, songs, titles, etc. We have just recorded and released a split with Bollock Swine, and our side is a collaboration with Ignacio Ruiz, called v8.08 on stage. He is a harsh noise dude from Chile, and when he was here, our minds clicked. When we told his of the recording he merely said “I feel like a duck in the waters of life”. Nuff said.

We also will be releasing a split with Melanocetus Murrayi, which is a fucking dream come true for me. If you saw this blog when it was still active as a source of cultural destruction and not just as a repository like it is now, you may remember that I featured them like every other post. They are that important. Total abyssal harsh noise grind chaos. Now we are going to do a split with them, what the fuck. Life, man. Here is their bandcamp, they literally just made it:


A childhood fantasy also came true for me, as we went on a 3 day min tour with Agathocles. We were all reminded of why we make this music, why wed this, even though all you fucks do is pose and talk shit, and become totally mired in your scene. Scenes are not the way to go, it’s about individuals, it’s about bands, it’s about motherfuckers who press shit, release shit, do shit and get shit done. A scene is tremendously important but it will always be secondary when compared to what is actually achieved, what is actually being done. I would also like to take this time and tell you that Agathocles are the last true grindcore band left from the first wave. Everyone else is dead, split up, sold out, or mostly inactive, only getting together to play large festivals and shows that are somehow “worth it”. We are releasing our live set that we played opening for Agathocles as a split with them. Life, man.

We will also be releasing the Goa’uld Pleasure Palace in a matter of months. We recorded these songs 2 years ago almost, and have been dicking around until now, but it is done, it is everything everyone ever wanted. There are songs, so finally there will be a Chappa’Ai recording with not only improvised stuff but actual written material mostly, it is much more controlled. And we will never do anything like this again. It’s a one off.

The band that only the two motherfuckers doing this blog are in, Cancerous Aggravation has recorded its 5th and final demo. We only played improvised ghetto grind, and these 5 demos are a testament to the conditions we see and the world we live in. It is everything that we believe was missing from grind today, the spontaneity, ridiculous speed and ferocious not giving a fuck that this band entailed. These 5 demos will be released by yours truly on a tape, if you want in, give me a holler. Instead of this band, me and Marci will be doing a Discordance Axis influenced band but ti will NOT be like Damage Digital or Syntax, even though I fucking love those bands. It will not be just DxAx theft all the way, but will be very recognizably influenced by them, it will more lo-fi and noisier, with lots of intros. Our current bands just do not reflect the paranoia, stress and constant questioning of everything that living in the internet age of brainwashing infotainment brings. I want to express these feelings too, so we need to make a band about it.

Speaking of new bands, Chappa’Ai and Human Error have joined forces. The singer of Human Error playing guitar, me on drums, and the rest of the Chappa’Ai crew doing what they do best have made a grindcore band called Scum Of The Earth. First gig is set for September 14th, will be sharing the stage with Abortion, Sedem Minút Strachú, Internal Excavation and a bunch more local bands. We will record shit too, although recordings are not a priority for this project. Straight up grind, no bullshit, no other influences. Keep your eyes peeled, as the rehearsals are fucking awesome. 

I have also started a tape label, and have released a bunch of shit, and have helped release a bunch more shit. So far:
Chappa’Ai/Malad split tape
Chappa’Ai/Unadulterated Parasites split pro CD-R
Jack 2014 tour tape (co-release with Power Rangers Records)

I also helped with releasing the new Diskobra stuff. That is another thing I must mention.
Diskobra is now a complete band, a stable 3 piece instead of being completely a one man band. Kobi still writes all of the music and all of the lyrics, but we now do it together. We got a second demo and a split with the Ukranian Displease out. I released both of them on tape.


Human Error also released an album, one that was also sat on for over a year. I am exceedingly proud of it, it’s quite different than the other ones, but the same general concept, so no changing up our steelo. Checkum.

I also wanted to do a little segment about bands I wanted to mention on this blog but never got around to it that are active, are in touch, and we loved playing with them, or just listening to them.

I don’t believe I ever got to write about Whoresnation, for example. They are precision grind for certain, not too dirty at all, but goddamn it are they good. The recordings do not do justice to the amazing live set they pulled off 3 years ago in Budapest. They are fast beyond belief, really on top of it, really precise, almost surgical in execution, and went from sounding a lot like late Ulcerrhoea to sounding a lot more like The Arson Project, but keeping the simple, blastbeat oriented vibe. Their place is on this blog. The other thing I love about this band is that they expound the usual political opinions of Western European grind scene, anti- homophobia, anti-sexism, anti-fascism, but they do not do it in the hippie way that most of these jackasses tend to. Usually you will have people talking half assedly about acceptance and tolerance, where as these guys take the approach of attacking bigots, an approach much more easily digestible to my shit laden guts. They are another one of those bands like Cellgraft that are fucking stellar, unique and need to keep doing this, and they also had a really fucked up snare sound that I loved (hopefully they will be active for longer), and have changed it in their 2014 album to a more acceptable one. I am sad because of this change- y’all need to bring out the old snare again. Stand up guys too. Me and the singer had a half hour conversation once about how grindcore is not music that should be played at festivals, for example. They are people you can talk to even though they keep busy as fuck, thank the sweet heavens. Come catch them in July in Budapest, you fucking tool.


Horrible Pain is one of those bands from Canada that is linked with all of the other bands from Canada. I imagine their scene is much like ours, a 10 person strong cancer constantly spreading and engulfing more and more of the hardcore and punk scenes, with all the bands consisting of the same people. Horrible Pain is their Excruciating Terror rip off band, and if you don’t know ET, don’t admit it, just quietly go to my youtube channel and listen to all of it. You are welcome. I think it’s a one man project, it is fucking awesome, much better than all of their other offerings, which I find to be good, but just too one dimensional and silly in their approach, but that’s cool though, I like silliness. This however, is not silly at all.


Wound was a band from Japan, and I owe the biggest debt of gratitude to Kitti for fucking finding this thing for me. She is me mates girlfriend, and I owe her a debt of gratitude, I simply don’t know how this could have gone under my radar. It is exactly what I like, the only band that I can really say has GBN as an influence audibly, but mixing it up with that good Boss HM-2 death metal feeling. I simply cannot get enough of their shit, their two longer demos are fucking awesome, and the rest of their shit is all promo materials. They did not exist for long, but they fucking did everything there is to do as far as I am concerned. Not the fastest but definitely the noisiest and most fucked up of Japanese grind. Brings a tear to a grown mans eye. Also, their logo is an upside down Venom logo.

  SickGoreSuffer finally dropped their shit too. Essentially the same great people as Cock Brutality, this is one of those bands that is speed oriented like a motherfucker. It is insanely fast, with that super duper fucked up snare sound that I absolutely admire. High pitched and tinny, with a long as sustain, the blastbeats make your head hurt like a motherfucker. Average song length about half a minute, real pv shit, none of this namby pamby Hexis inspired dark hardcore with black metal elements BULLSHIT masquerading as power violence. I want to take this time also to say a giant fuck off to all hipster hardcore motherfuckers, bring your shallow self-absorbed bullshit somewhere else, zero tolerance to fucking hipster attitudes and the bullshit fake ass “irony” and pop culture elitism they bring with them. Go somewhere else, you are not welcome here, fuck right off. This bands first offering was released as a split tape with Karak, where Marci, the other guy who does this blog plays drums. This is their side of the split, but you should be able to find SGS side from here.


 I would write about Sedem Minut Strachú, as they are the most fucking radical thing to happen in this part of the world in a very, very long time, but I assume Marci will do it. If he doesn’t I will devote an entire post to these three motherfuckers. They are the only bastion of noisecore south of the Czech republic, and north of Serbia. Well, there is also us, but these guys are loads better. World class 7MON worship band, with two basses and super primitive approach.

If you have Facebook and are into grind, I don’t see how you could have not heard of Shitnoise Bastards. They must be mentioned because they were not around when this blog died, and they most definitely fucking belong here. They are very prolific, always and continuously pressing records, almost exclusively releasing splits, and we released one with Chappa’Ai (thanks Seluar!!!). They ply noisegrind in the SMG vein, and it is fucking awesome. There are kinda riffs floating about, but kept so primitive and undefined it is essentially noise, super raw recording style, and a blastbeat that is insanely fast. It really is sonic torture, and our split is just like that too. People from this part of the world have an attitude that will make you humble, they are so positive, even while keeping very honest. We have a lot to learn from the Malaysian grind scene.


I just found out about Kasosquad, Slovakia’s premier old school death/grind madness, too. Again one of those bands that I don’t know how I could not have heard of, seeing as they have been around for a minute. I found out about them by playing a gig together with them, Agathocles, Alea Iacta Est, Jack and Sedem Minut Strachú, one of the bets gigs of my life. Their Repulsion/Xysma inspired old school as fuck grind is really inspiring, and played without any bullshit allure, owning up to being metalheads, but not falling for the metalhead clichés, and being completely blunt, honest and in your fucking face. There used to be bands like this all around the area, but they died out; this band represents a dying breed, and even if you don’t like it, they deserve your respect.


 That’s it for right now, I believe this will keep you guys busy until Marci decides to post his shit too, if that ever happens. If it does not, I will be here on the regular, and from September on, these posts are gonna come much more frequently. I will mostly be linking bancamp and youtube videos, if any of you wanna get the shit and download it, catch me on slsk, my nick is BLASTBEATWORSHIP, I have all the shit up from previous posts and a bunch more shit too. I will share if you have anything up at all, but if I see bullshit, or no sharing, you will be banned and your pitiful cries for mercy ignored. I will also be making a mediafire account and uploading rare shit in mega blocks, so tons of related albums in one package, and sharing those on here. The first one is being made courtesy of the dude from Re-charge De-charge, a now defunct noise grind band from the Czech republic, and it will feature old Hungarian death/grind bands. Enjoy motherfuckers. I am glad to be back.    


2014. április 23., szerda


a lot has gone by since we last shown any life sign. we decided to continue the war against music, society, normality and last but specially not least: bullshit grind and noise.
expect updates pretty soon...

2012. október 2., kedd


So Mediafire has fucked up our account. We could hold down the fort for this long, but in the end, blogging was dead, I am just glad we were one of the last ones with our heads above water. Again, fuck ACTA, fuck copyrights, fuck economically sanctioned censorship, fuck taking off a man's blog who has 99% DIY releases on his blog, and has explicit consent from the owners and makers of a good chunk of his music. Fuck all of that, blogging is dead, it's back to 2002, hit us up on soulseek, the account is not ready but will be. Honestly, I could continue with a new mediafire, but we had more than 650 albums up already, I am completely disheartened, I'm going to leave this up here, there will be an update with our slsk account on it, hit that up when you guys get it.

2012. június 5., kedd


They are here. Vinyl rips from my outdated and old, and not very numerous 7" collection. I have been waiting so much for this, it is incredible, but before I begin to showcase my own shit, I wanna tell you there will also be updates regarding some ongoing shit on this site. I will also post other people's shit, too, cuz its better than mine. In the next post.

But first to piss all of you off, and I know this is gonna be hard to handle, but guess what? Abortion and gay marriage are NOT political issues. Did you know this? They have been politicized, and they have polarized the political playing field, but first and foremost, there should not BE a political playing field. The aim of politics is for the governing of the subjects. There are numerous forms of this, but anything else cannot be considered politics. Now, we know about the ''body politic", and about the reproduction of the means of production, and why womens bodies are so highly politicized: its where the new workers come from. So you would understand why politicians would think this an asset, why they would be obsessed with them. Makes sense. Does not make it politics. A politicians personal or ideological inerests should have NOTHING to do wiht his governing, especially in a "democracy". That is why we should not care that Bush did coke, that Clinton fucked an intern, that Obama had a pastor that said some mildly anti-status quo shit, etc. It is none of our business. These people are civil servants, they are supposed to be serving us.
Now with that backdrop, let's see some of the most heated debates in politics right now: abortion, and gay marriage. If you live in a country recognized by the UN, than tehcnically there are rules that you must obey, and rights whihc are bestowed to you. Such rights include the right to medicine and to be left alone, pretty much, it alsos ays tat you are a legal entitiy and can make decisions about your earnigns and wealth. As such, these issues are not political. They are solved. You cannot tell what a person can and cannot do to their own body. Of course if you do not want to be in the UN, than you can make that a political issue. What these issues are, is simple: they are ideological issues. And everyone is free to have thier own views in this regard, again, according to the trivial and abritrary rulings of the United Nations, which you're country, where ever you're from, is a part of.
So why are politicians grabbing a hold of this mantle? Because they can talk about some shit that is already settled, that they cannot change, rile up the public, and sneak about and not talk about real political issues, like what youre taxes are being spent on, how much money companies are making off of you, job issues, environmental issues, war and the effect of the defense budget, whether or not the European Union is gonna fall apart, how much money does the US own China, etc, etc, etc.
The truth is politicians are making you vote on whether or not you have had enough ideological stimulus to vote your own rights away. Not saying you have to live with these rights, but would you rather have them or not? Hope this clears shit up for some of you, because so much dumb shit and misinformation is floating about, and its dividing people, for no reason, this is not politics.

Anyway, enough of that, now for some noise!!!!

This part ahs gotten deleted before, so Im gonna keep it simple. All of my vinyl rips are one track per side, no artwork, am working on getting a scanner to use, I will let you know, until then, this shit I just do not see on the internet, enjoy it.

ASHIAIP- Nothing Makes My Dick Harder Than The Screams Of A Dying American

This band has named themselves Hizbullah blast grind. They are way over the top with the Hizbullah imagery and anti-imperialism, namely anti-USA and anti-Israel stance. I lost the tracklisting, but all the tracks sound more or les sthe same, osme of the fast parts may have been improvised, but most of this is written. Also, it is clear there are no lyrics anyway. The most annoying vocals on the face of the planet, no one else pisses in your food like these guys. Some of the fastes grindcore out there, this is unbelievably quick, maybe even some gravity blasting going on from time to time, its just ridiculously up tempo.

Bureaucracy Ridiculed/Chupacabra/Hypo-Christians/Throat Leech
Four bands on a single sided split 7". The hallmark of awesome shit. The music on this is what people would consider raw grind, I guess, cuz its all rehearsal footage. In reality, although these bands quiet obviously love noise and fucked up shit, at least two of these bands should be considered early death/grind, and one of hem is clearly super influenced by metal. But they are all grind bands, and play fucking raw, so I will buy the label, anyhow, who gives a fuck.
Bureaucracy Ridiculed take the cake for me, straight up raw, nasty grind, with a ouch of psychosis, wish I knew anything at all about these guys, other than they are from the USA, possibly Texas, if I remember correctly, at least all the other bands are. If anyone has anythign else by these guys, let us know, cuz thes eguys rip. Sloppy, but fats enough, grinbd riffs galore, very unorthodox, almost noise shit. Really good. Chupacabra are early death/grind with an extra fucking touch of filth, its like a wall of semi-audible grind riffs, mysterious sounding, metal influenced, but noisy as fuck. Hypo-Christians are the only band I have heard of before from this split. They are sometimes on splits like this, with totally unknown bands. Texans, metal guys who like to play their own rehearsal footage. Not tghat great, but enjoyable, some of their other shit is way better, I will make sure to post that one day. hroat Leech play death/grind, old school, more grind than death, with a touch of NYHC thrown in there, but I might just be imagining that bit. There's like a hint of it in the music, int he riffs, in the slow parts. Very enjoyable shit, raw and filthy as all hell. This record used o be on every single Czech distro list, I dunno why, have never heard of any of hese cats before or since this. Thus the journey continues.

PFA/Dance Or Die!!!

Hungarian bands, kinda hard to write about as they are buddies. Both bands have similarities, they are both very emotional with eprsonal lyrics and that sort fo attitude, maybe even spilling into the emo sphere fomr time to time. And both of these band splay fucking fast as hell. Dance Or Die are a fastcore band with some like neo crust-ish riffs form time to time, hardly any slow parts, really good licks, really good fills, overall just a kick ass band. Have posted on them before, so go look into that.
PFA play like extremities of punk. Sometimes its way too melodic, sometimes its way too harsh, the vocals are always very nasty, the sound is always nice and raw. Some of my favorite youngins around. Anyway the split is where tis at, been all over he internet, if you aint hear about it, get yours.

Agathocles/Excruciating Terror

This split is up on e-bay for like 35 dollars. If you put this up for that amount of money, or if you are willing to pay that amount of money for this record, than fuck you. You are the reason we have these idiotic IP laws, you are a cop, an unpayed, unforced police officer, a fucking informant of the worst kind, a corporate upholder of the law. And I hope you die in agony. Also I did not mention these tags in the tags section, for fear of removal. Do you nderstand that? There is an Agathocles record that I cannot share for fear of backlash form the media. This absurd, it is a wholesale abduction of our culure, and then turning it against us, for profit, and nothing else. I know neither bands have anythign to do wiht this, I am not bad mouthing them, it is the fans who do this. To each other. Clearly this is Babylon.
The split is actually not that great, even. Excruciating Terror are better on here, the sound is grimmey, nice old school grind riffs, the song structures are also old school as fuck grindcore, where its like slow riff/grind/slow riff/grind/mosh riff/slow riff/grind. They sound more like Phobia on here than ever. The AG side is not that good, its super well recorded, and for some reason you cannot hear anything, tis a big mess. The vocals are super fucked up though on this one, I wonder what happened.

Melanocetus Murrayi/Psychotic Sufferance

This one has been up on here before, but this is my rip. And it sounds crappier, its quieter, which does a world of good for the Melano side, you cna hear the instruments, almost, it plays almost like a "real" band, with riffs and shit like that. Except it just winds into itself again and again, and again, its great. Psychotic Sufferance have nice industrial smaples and noises on tihs one, this is a really good noise EP.

Ultimate Blowup

The untimely death of ultimate blowup like a year ago has not gone unnoticed. Ever since then there has been a hole in my heart roughly 30 seconds in diameter, wiht the thickness of like 15 riffs, and in the jagged pattern of a good ass stop and go PV band, that noone else has been able to fill. Turkish guys these are, and good friends, I am honored to say. They have a new PV band, but this is a lot to live up to, and I am hoping tha the new band Neglected, will be good in its own way. There is a live set up on the website, so check it. Here is some of their shit I bought off of Can whole we met up in Finland. I know, man, its been some time since then, and it is time I pu these up. For the glory of all good bands who fell way before their time was due, this blog in part, is a commemoration to you. We do not forget, we do not lose interest, this is what sets us apart from the pop culture fans.


PLF/Disturbance Project

Both of these bands have like half their discography up here anyway, and this split has been taken down from a lot of places. PLF are not on their top game on this one, but are still better than 75% of all grindcore band alive, and maybe even, in general. Distrubance Project out do themselves, however, tighter than usual, just as fucking fast as always, and with funny samples from the movie Clerks, except in Spanish. Its the scene with Olaf. PLF do his thing I love when there are just like a million grind riffs after each toher, and from the fucked up mess eventually a nice riff that changes everything will rise out, and then they play that one for like 8 rounds. That is always great, and these guys are the masters of it. This EP is a split picture disk, and it weighs like half a ton.

More soon.

2012. május 22., kedd


So some of our links have been fucked with, but they are all back up. They simply cannot fuck with us, or hopefully, not enough people know about this for it to be on their radar. I would just like to say, if you play in a grindcore band, and you knew of your shit being removed orm the internet, or suspected ti and did not do anything about it, you are a fake, and you should go fuck yourself. If you believe in the idea of intellectual property, stop visiting this blog. And stop playing grind. I would also like to say, this removing of material due to idiotic ifnringement rights is also anti-social and excludes shit that you do not want to hear. That si the real problem with the mass media, its not that they are capitalists, and that sort of mentality has no place in music, period, its that by being this way they unintentionally promote shit that kilsl genres, and make and re-make bands, and shit like that. If you are like 12 right now, and wnat to get to know about grind, you are fed so much bulshit, just check ot blogs like this one. Its fucking sad. Also, to remind y'all of how grind should be, for real this time, and how it should be written about, here is JIGOKUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The chappa'ai stuff has been removed form the other blog, n fcat, all of the contents of the other blog have been deleted, but since all of the stuff on their is our own shit, I dont see why, must ahve eben an error. That shit is going up soon as well. Also, I may have cracked the vinyl ripping problem. If so, then FINALLY I will have the promised shit up already.
So to repeat ALL the links are fixed and back up. Stay tuned.