2012. május 22., kedd


So some of our links have been fucked with, but they are all back up. They simply cannot fuck with us, or hopefully, not enough people know about this for it to be on their radar. I would just like to say, if you play in a grindcore band, and you knew of your shit being removed orm the internet, or suspected ti and did not do anything about it, you are a fake, and you should go fuck yourself. If you believe in the idea of intellectual property, stop visiting this blog. And stop playing grind. I would also like to say, this removing of material due to idiotic ifnringement rights is also anti-social and excludes shit that you do not want to hear. That si the real problem with the mass media, its not that they are capitalists, and that sort of mentality has no place in music, period, its that by being this way they unintentionally promote shit that kilsl genres, and make and re-make bands, and shit like that. If you are like 12 right now, and wnat to get to know about grind, you are fed so much bulshit, just check ot blogs like this one. Its fucking sad. Also, to remind y'all of how grind should be, for real this time, and how it should be written about, here is JIGOKUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The chappa'ai stuff has been removed form the other blog, n fcat, all of the contents of the other blog have been deleted, but since all of the stuff on their is our own shit, I dont see why, must ahve eben an error. That shit is going up soon as well. Also, I may have cracked the vinyl ripping problem. If so, then FINALLY I will have the promised shit up already.
So to repeat ALL the links are fixed and back up. Stay tuned. 

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