2011. december 25., vasárnap


With this post, I end a marvelous year. A lot of shit happened this year that made it well worth being alive. Tough fuckin year as well. Anyway, I wanted to do one last post before finishing another one that I will be posting thats gonna take some time, also, I wanna hit you guys with my rips already, which I am always talking about, some shit none of you have heard of. But that will also have to happen in 2012, so until then , there is this post, which also incidentally puts us over the 500 mark.

501 fucking albums on here, man. Fuck.

I wanted to post shit that was grimmy and nasty, and weird and memorable, but still just music that did not play too large a role in my life, for me at least.

Most of this is other peoples shit.

Death Dust Extractor are from Japan, and they are a great noise/crust band from where the fuck else, Japan, and they pwn in a big way. This is a demo of theirs that I swear I have posted before. This keeps happening to me. Anyway, it's from Damaging Noise, which you should always check out. It sounds like a fucking vacuum cleaner is hooked up to an amp at various pitches, screaming from a radio and people banging on shit, roughly to a d-beat. It is fucking filthy and raw as hell.

No Less are another one of those bands that I thought I fucking posted earlier, and shame on me if I did not. They are what Hardcore would sound like in a perfect world. Fucked up on weed, PCP and liqour, shit talking, tough as nails, psycho, noisy, fast, tons of weird shit, samples, ghetto ass attitude, man, this band had it all. I guess you could call it noisecore, or PV even, but I dunno, it's just really ghetto, psychotic hardcore. Filthy as well. Got most of it off of Pabst from Am I mean?, another great blog with tons of obscure shit, much better than this one.

By the way, if any of you know anything about any more releases form these guys, please let me know. I know of some other bands they were affiliated with, and they all pretty much rule, foremost being the band Plutocracy, who I will post of in greater detail elsewhere.

I am also gonna put up some compilations that don't suck. These are rare, mind you, I sometimes get the idea to make a compilation, but I am just too afraid that it will end up sucking, like 90% of all comps inevitably end up doing. But these comps are good. The Vivisection on the 3 way to the gore comp is not the Vivisection of song and legend from Japan, they are the less good, but still awesome, German, gore influenced Vivisection. Check them out.

Hip Cops are an elephant in the room band to me. They were at least, until that Archagathus post, when I got to hear them. They fucking rule, the stuff they do on that split is amazing, grindcore and hardcore, filth, etxra fucking filth, putrid atmosphere, just fucking everything up all the time a light speed.

This EP is less filthy, but still pretty goddamn nice, its got d-beats and a bunch of other shit on here that there is less of on the 4 way. Still, this shit also rules, good fucking solid grind/hardcore.

So there is Christian Goregrind. I bring this up for the sake of novelty, and also, to educate you of its existence. Christians, once again, are stealing our culture.

While the two bands mentioned here, Vomitorial Corpulence and Empty Grave, both fucking rule, and have the good attitude towards gore, which is the gore/noise approach, and are both filthier than a motherfucker, they are fucking Christians for crying out loud. These are the moments that are so upseting. Its like, after having been into Hate Forest for like 3-4 years, and having heard rumors of their being a Nazi band, I find out deifnitely that its true. I still like Hate Forest, and will probably post it even, although I dunno, but this is just crazier.

With these bands though, there is no doubt, they blast that hateful, idiotic, bigoted fucking Christian message loud and clear, talking about killing and maiming demons and shit, dissecting Satan and all that. I mean, besides being the most ridiculous thing in existence, I am sure that this is also a sin, according to most denominations of Christianity. I mean, nowhere does it say thou shalt not play grindcore, but it fucking oughta.

To finish it off, something Satainc must be posted, or else problems might occur. Blasphemophager are a fucking flithy, raw, and thermonuclear black metal band. Their drummer I think might have extra limbs. Hyperblast, war metal, shrieking, fuzz and filth all day long. This is their split with Necroholocaust, who are slower and more death metal influenced, but we shall not hold this against them,a s they too, bring the harsh filthy metal.

Thanks for sticking around, almost 2 years, 500 albums, 2012 is going to be full of crazy shit as well. Hope the world will in fact end, although I don't see much chance of that coming around. Here's to hoping.....

If that is the case, then maybe, just maybe, you will have enought ime in your life to finish listening to every single Agathocles split in this post. The guy who runs this Derivados website is a fucking maniac. 119 Agathocles related entries. Insanity.

2011. december 17., szombat

Crust, Metal, Blastbeats And Gabber Hardcore

After all that grind from last post, your ears are probably still ringing with some of the best music on earth. To counterbalance, I am gonna post a bunch of stuff that has blastbeats that is technical, and metal, and well played, and all that shit. I am also gonna post some fast, fast, hard electronic music that only people who use/used drugs are going to appreciate fully. The rest of you might like it, but there are a bunch of things you simply will not hear if you have spent most of your life sober.

Also, first and foremost, I would like to post some crust. Masskontrol I have talked of before, their Recycle Or Die flexi is up on this blog for download, good luck finding it. They are everything I love about crust, fast, fucked up, political, but very antisocial and anti-human, and every once in a while contain blastbeats, but more often, just those fastcore tempo, not quiet blastbeats, which I also love. Those, if they get fast enough, are true blue blastbeats. This band is a lot like Disrupt, who may well be the best crust band on earth. But these guys have a less distinctely American, particularly Oregon, feel to them, they are more like what Swedish expats who spent 20 years in an American ghetto would write, if they were imprisioned for blowing people up. It's that good.

Another thing that I love is when Japanese bands pretend to be Finnish, or Swedish bands. Kriegshög, who do not actually sound like Krigshot, which is weird, have a great name, great sound, and that one riff in that song "Zouo" is like the bets crust riff ever. It comes back on like evry second song of theirs, and is on every album. This is d-beat all the way, and it sounds great. Raw, but audible, noisy and screechy, but with discernible riffage, prime band for covering. Also, they have great fucking art work.

Another awesome band, this time from Germany, and employing no blastbeats what so ever, are Recharge. The reason I like them is because they are simply put, the best imitation of Discharge out there. A lot of the times dis-bands do not sound like Discharge at all, they sound like clone bands for sure, but of each other and not of Discharge. Which is fine and dandy, if you ask me. However, this band, they do sound so much like the original its amazing. They have their own "unique" things going on, but lets get real, its d-beat, its typical, it is exactly what you would expect, down to every last syllable and riff played. Just a great example of how to bite well.

This part of the post is going to be all about the life and times of Mr Helmkamp, who is a metal guy who did such amazing bands as Angelcorpse, Conqueror, Revenge, and a host of other ones. Aside from being a main force in the whole bestial balck/war metal thinggie, and providing the negative ideological basis for the genre itself, he is also a great fucking musician. His music is thick, dense and full of fucking blastbeats. He is a musical genius of our times. I don't know how much of his ideology I am willing to buy, however, it is very war oriented, and smells a little like the extreme right wing, although he could not be said to be a part of that movement. However, most of it has to do with reevaluating the worth of humanity in general, which I am all for, and also of destroying religious folks which I also give the thumbs up for. As for the warlike-ness and the whole thing, I truly believe that that is all shinnanigans, although I saw Revenge live in Brooklyn in like, fuckin, when was that, 2002?? I think it must have been, he seemed pretty fucking serious about whatever it is that he writes songs about. The lyrics don't make much sense to be real with you. At least, not to me, because I am not a part of the 'iron goat command'. I do not have command of the Iron Baphomet. In fact, there is very little I have command over. Thats why I keep cats. Plus, they eat vermin. Can't go wrong with cats.The first band I know of that is his is Conqueror, which is the precursor to Revenge, its the same, except not played as well. I have already posted their split with Black Witchery, and now, here is their demo, its very much like all their other stuff.

His best band by far is Angelcorpse. They are technical, and awesome, and also somehow, remaining old school. Possibly one of the fastest death metal bands out there, which is saying a lot. Tons of speed, the guy must be like some sort of machine, really, super on point, super fast, super hard all the time. Making me look bad.Their best one, in my opinion, although they are all excellent, would have to be The Inexorable. Iron, Blood and Blasphemy is a collection of demos and EPs and shit, where they play classic heavy metal and black/thrash songs, and old school shit as well, first demo, that sort of thing, and also, it includes a live as well. It is a little bit less uncompromising and non-stop onslaught like as the rest of their stuff. Their new one, Of Lucifer And Lightning, has gotten a lot of flack, but I think that one is also awesome, but you can defiinitely hear that they all have a million side-projects by this point. Its not as good as some of their other stuff, but its still some of the best death metal out there period.

The band that he recently did was called Kerasphorus, and its very much like Angelcorpse, except its got this weird-o, mystical, black metalish thing going on with it. Its super good though, you need to listen to it at least twice just to remember the riffs. Fucking really, really good. Dense, intertwining, frothing and bubling cauldron of blasphemy and hate. Pure awesome.

Revenge is like his most relentless band ever. Its got shrieking and shitty sounds and just blastbeats the whole time, and nothing else but, except sometimes there is a guy screaming into a pitch shifter. 2-3 minutes of just blasting and menial riffage, and screaming about hate and death. It is war metal to the fullest. I would hate to play this music live, it must be tiresome. Fucking good to listen to, if you are trying to kill someone though. They have a bunch more, but they are all like this.

Another great band who Mr Helmkamp was NOT invovled in,as far as I know, but sounds like he might have been, is Diocletian. Named after the last Roman Emperor to persecute Christians, the band plays war metal with a balckened, mystical edge that wil make you fucking freak out. Relentless in its brutality and non-stop onslaught, the riffs are hardly memorable, but fuck em, its about the sheer trudging, slaughtering power of this band. Also, they are from New Zealand. What the fuck?

Unfortunately, mediafire will not allow me to upload anything over 200 MB. So, I cannot post the awesomeness that is Terorrdrome. Suffice to say, in the world of dance music, Gabber is the equivalent of what Grindcore is in Punk. It is fast, relentless, hardcore as fuck, noisy, and evil. If noisy, evil, fast shit is what you like, then you will like this shit as well. I wanted to upload all of them, but here is a post where you can find them, they are compilation CDs, ten of them, and they are super fucked up.

And to keep the tradition going, Im going to leave you with some classics.

This is Tumor, from Germany, and they are an old school as fuck noise/grind band, playing the genre in the way that I like it to be played. Semi-written, semi-composed, short songs, blastbeats the whole time, super fucking fast and sloppy as well, plenty of improvisation, grimmy but audible sound, distortion to fucking deafness. Got it off of the Damaging Noise blog, so props to Shawn for always keeping shit as real as he keeps it, rant wise and music wise as well. Grimy little piece of shit of an album.


And one more, just for the road. Y'all know I love Regurgitate, this one specific time of theirs, when they absolutely nailed the genre. Nailed it. This is a record smack dab in the middle of that time frame, when Rgte were the best grindcore band on the planet. Well, maybe thats a little bit much, but seriously, they were great. This is their split with Psychotic Noise, and it fucking rules, everything that is good about grind, lo-fi, mysterious sound, plenty of noise, great riffs, blast beats, double times, sick vocals, great primitive riffs, more noise, gore, hatred and a high snare sound.


Till next time.

2011. november 17., csütörtök


There has been too much weird shit on the blog lately. I got away from the real grind since that mincecore post, I have been boring you with black noise, metal stuff, spacey noise shit, and what not. So I decided to be good to y'all, and bring back albums that are typical for this blog. Aside from that, there will be a short rant and then some shit I will post that will catch you of guard. You know it's true. I like some shit that will very much surprise the shit out of all of you. So let's start with the unsurprising stuff first.

Syntax are a band I picked up off of Cephalochromoscope, still one of the best blogs ever. Not kissing ass, just stating facts. They sound a lot like Discordance Axis, who are godlike and to be emulated always, except a little bit more breakdownish, and with more of these weird drum fills. Otherwise, total clone band. Which I don't mind even for a split second. I guess we don't have a name for oursleves, but I definitely see this sort of pot head, grind freak whose life has totally been changed, for the better, by Discordance Axis, and a host of other bands, closely realted to them. Maybe we need to start thinking about our own sub-culture, make it into a trend, get rich off of stupid American suburb kids, then 10 years down the line complain about how it was only true when it was unknown, beat up on new comers, come up with our own piercings, and look down on everyone else, before quiting and getting a day job at Sunoco Oil.

Or just go nameless and unknown, but know that we exist. And no other mention shall go of this, except for these few words, on this unknown blog.

You know there are like 5-10 good grindcore bands around the earth in any given minute. It's true, so if your band starts to suck, know that the internet is winning the cultural war in China. Hey, I would sacrifice your shitty band for a good chinese grindcore band. But if that band starts to exist, you know what they are going to need on their hard journey to victory? Agathocles. You can never have enough Agathocles, all of you are starting to forget that, or trying to pretend like that's not the case. So here is some classic Agathocles.

Also, while on the subject of Agathocles, I would like to mention, in an attempt to not let cool things die out, the existence of Mitten Spider split records, two of them. One with, of course, AG, and one with their japanese counter parts, Unholy Grave.I have one of their splits, the one with AG of course, but I have not ripped it yet. So this is someone else's rip. Whatevs. Mitten Spider are noisy, fucked up, and play like, grind/hardcore I guess. Really its well into the noise category. So yeah. They are also super ghetto.

Tizedes És A Többiek is an old school Hungarian hardcore/punk band, and I am posting this, lacking blastbeats and all that shit, because of a conversation I had with my guitarist. Guys, Hungarian old school punk is not like any other sort of music, it has its own little elements that are not present in anything else, yet it is for sure early hardcore influenced. Its very interetsing, people outside of Hungary dont know of its existence, so, here is a classic of the genre. Raw, melancholic, old school and punker than a hedgehog in a leather coat.

You know how I was all butt hurt about not having anything from Grudge, other than their split with Regurgitate, right? Well, thanks to this awesome blog, I found another EP from these guys, entitled Raw Grind. That is precisely what it is, raw, old school, filthy japanese grindcore. They sound a bit like Gore Beyond Necropsy on this one, three miles of distortion, but everything so downtuned that the fuzz has this aggresive quality even before they start playing, and everything is constantly feeding back. The vocals are really weird, too. Not what you would expect at all. Lot's of rock and rollish shit in there. What's with Japanese noise/grind stuff always going for that rock n rollish quality?

Another old band, this is Denak, with a 10 inch ingeniously entitled "Grindcore". This band rules for a number of different reasons, one of them being the vocals sounding like they are coming from a megaphone being yelled into a tape deck some 150 miles off. The other is the sick ass blast beats these guys deliver. Also, there are slow riffs in basically all of the songs, and they are always awesome. These guys know what to put into a song, keeping it orthodox, but extremely enjoyable. No surprises on here, the sound is classic Denak, in one word, pure awesomeness.

Next up I wanna post some shit from PLF, an American grindcore band that kicks ass. Other than having a split with Disturbance Project, Massgrave and Uzi Suicide, whose name is better than its music, but it would beh ard to live up to that one, anyway, PLF totally fucking slays, and always plays an awesome cover, too. Very typical fo the American, West Coast sort of grind, they play awesome riffs with fuking fast ass blastbeats the whole way through, songs hardly ever over one minute, almost never reaching two. The acronym stands for Pretty Little Flower. I always thought that was hillarious as well.


Disturbance Project are the band that came after Denak, with a singer from Ohio. They are an awesome band, more of the old school, really fast type of grindcore. They are really good peoples as well.

I could have sworn that I put this shit up before, but if I have not, then now is the time. Also mentioned here is Terrorismo Musical, who I could swear I posted already too, but it's not in my Mediafire files, so I guess I didn't. It's made by the same guys who make Go Filth Go and Melanocetus Murrayi, and this is their gored out grindcore band, although its not very gore, its fucking intense grind, with some great vocals. Awesome band, great riffs, true grindcore.

Also long overdue is the promise of my giving you guys all of the Archagathus I can find. I already put their split with DT80K up here, but it was mentioned that it is not enough. So Ima hook it up for you guys. Great band live as well, mincecore to the fullest. Most of this shit came from this blog. If you are into old school sick grindcore, you will do yourself a favor and check this out.

Also, there is some music which has blastbeats, but also a lot of really gay stuff as well. I want to post some of it, because it has not been posted, and I love some of it. Usually it's this ime of year only that I can listen to this shit, but then it feels real good. Real good.

It's this kind of music that cannot be called grind in reality, but for lack of a better description, it has been lumped in with the grind category. Its technical, nice sounding, and involves blast beats. By current standards these are supposed to be representatives of different genres, but realistically, they sound similar enough to me.
Alienation Mentale are a good example of this. A lot of avant-garde shit going on, but definitely death/grind roots, strange vocals, riffs all over the pace, intense blast beats as well. I believe they are Czech. Not entirely sure, though.


Bucket full of teeth are made by a bunch of screamo guys, its American, it involves noise, and it was supposed to be a grindcore project. Needless to say, its not grindcore at all, but its fast, its short, its aggressive, it involves screaming and feedback, so I like it. It does give the format a very interesting twist. Pretty harsh, pretty hard to listen to, but well worth it.


Also kind of like this, too smart for its own good type of musci with blastbeats is a band that is definitely grindcore, except with hardly any distortion,a weird thin sound, technique, weird artsy shit and a bunch of noise. They are Asterisk, and this is their discography CD.


Back to the full on grind. I have finally found the much anticipated Ulcerrhoea/Academic Worms/Warsore/Feculent Goretomb 4 way split tape, on the aorementoned blog, which by the way totally fucking rules. It might be the isngle bets blog on the internet. This guy has shit I have been looking for forever. This shit is basically noise, if you really like old school sick disgusting grindcore, this is the tape for you. Split tapes are the format for this musical genre.


Also psyched to tell y'all, Chappa'ai stuff is now oficially done and mastered, and the production of the physical tapes themselves has begun. 13 minutes of fucked up space/noise grind. Just recorded the last track o harsh noise on to it, its a really good space grind/harsh noise combination thinggie. First time I post any of my own shit, other than that Human Error split I linked a while back. Anyways, lots of fun, you guys will love it, for fans of 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Gore Beyond Necropsy and MSBR, and only if you like all three of these. Otherwise, probably you will hate it.
Okay, over and out.

2011. november 7., hétfő


Back from tour, and I am going to share all the shit that I collected on my way. Totally awesome junk for you, mostly from Finland, as we played alone in the Baltics for the most part. The Baltic region of the world fucking rules, though, if you get a chance to go up there, by all means do so, shit is insane, thhose people know how to treat a guest. I dunno about living there, but visiting there is fucking awesome. I also wanna use this space here to give a big up to the Feastem boys and to all the bands we played with, and all of the motherfuckers who let us crash in their house, Human Error loves you, most of them will have a little something-something here so I can spread the word about their existence and or awesomeness. I am also gonna devulge a bunch of CD rips that I have made recently. I think we are looking at 20+ obscure fucking albums, so should be fun for you guys. Guarantee I got shit none of y'all do, which is rare for this blog. So roll up a fatty, sit back, relax, and let the noise enter your blood stream like a narcotic, poisoning your mind.
I also wanna say a few words about the comments section. Shit is getting out of hand. This one dude threw up this band Numb, to listen to. This is for you buddy, I am gonna post that shit. Fair is fair. Also Shanetera, yo, I told you I don't care about comments, dawg. However, since you asked, no, I did not add Archagathus, I meant to, but I had just recently added their split with dt80k, so I figured, fuck it. Also, SMG are not a mincecore band, in my opinion. They are awesome, and I plan on posting all of their shit soon. Cuz I have it, however, eventhough the genres are quiet fluid and the differences are not always easy to spot, I will say that they are not mince, they are noise/grind. So there. And yes, there will be mince part 2. With Archagathus. I guess what I am trying to say is, thanks for the interest, amn, I really appreciate it.
Let's fucking go.

Numb are (were) a band from Seattle who I picked up in the comments section of this fucking blog. Big up to the motherfucler who posted it. They are sorta melodic and melancholy like Majority Rule, but are a grind/pv band. They remind me of like, a balck metal version of Enemy Soil. The LP is cleaner sounding, the tape is grimmier than a motherfucker. The music itself is nice and clean though. Coulda used a page outta the AG book of writing songs. But still, its fucking fun to listen to, great band.


Niistykko are a band of my homie Eetu from fucking Finland, the boy is from Oulu province, but he is doing his backwards ass Finnish mandatory military shit in Helsinki, so that is where I met him. We kidnapped him to Lahti with us. He might go to jail for missing like a day of military junta bullshit. Anyway, the band is fucking rad, d-beats versus blasbeats all day ling, this is their only recording, no physical copies were made. I hope they keep this shit up. Lyrics are about drinking and murder and Olaf Palme exclusively.


Feastem are a great Nasum-esque, metalled out grind band form Finnland, who we might have a split with soon. They lack filth, but make up for it in fucking absolute precision grind, their drummer is like a goddamn machine, the boy doesn't know how to fuck up. I could give him lessons on that much at least. Seriously though, fucking rad drummer. Here are two albums, the first sounds a little bit grainier, but they both sound like death metal albums. If you like that sort of grind, and we all do sometimes, than this is for you. It gets fairly technical at times, but never gets boring, though. They know how to keep it interesting. Bomb track off of the first one is "Worthless", live they do this awesome noise solo in the middle, also "Left For The Vermin To Feast On", cuz Im a sucker for vocal stops. The second one, gotta be "Workingman Blues", or "Nalka". Whatevs, fucking great shit.


Sociasylum are a band from Tallin, Estonia, and this recording does not do them justice. They play Power Violence, and they are really good at it, they fucking flew with it live, the slow parts are cool too, but the fats parts are like the fuckign bomb. Their drummer is this super talented young kid, too, the kid is off the fucking chain. They are gonna record some more shit so keep an eye out, cuz their live is like 80 million times better than this recording.


This is the drummer guys other band, but its not him playing on this one. He just helps out with the drums, this is true Estonian beatdown/tuff guy hardcore, but its fairly good. Im not a fan of the genre and even I like this one a lot. The recording sounds a bit thin to me, other than that, awesome record, classic shit.


This is another crazy fucking Finnish band called Psykoanalyysi, they have super short songs, they are a bunch of young ass Motörhead fans, shit tons of d-beat on here, also, quiet a bit of grind going on as well. The songs are written well, its fun to listen to, live they are really the bomb, they carry the old Finnish hardcore vein of singing on, which is great. Metal kids. Anyhoo, good CD, grab it if you like filthy d-beaty northern grind.


PKIK are from Vilnius, Lithuania, they have played in budapest before, so we knew 'em. Mix up Carcass with a bunch of newer school gore stuff, and you get this band. They are also female fronted, and the lady is fucking hot as hell. Really nice as well, we got drunk together, lots of fun. Also, I tried to locate this hardcore band form Lithuania called Zhurkes, but the link was not working. If you guys can hook it up, I will be very happy indeed. The gurgly voclas are sickening on this one, the high end is pretty good too, lots of groove, not that many blastbeats, though. The ratio needs more work, but a good band, if you have the patience. The first one is more of your standard gore stuff, but way more groove, and the second one is more in the vein of Carcass worship. The second one is better as well, in my humble opinion.


Next up are some CD rips. This metal kid I know had a distro, or maybe just a masisve personal colelction, he is selling most of it, so I managed to get all of his Slugathor off of him. I already had some, but now I own the rest. In case you don't know them, Slugathor are a fucking genius band from none other than Finland, and they have released a cover of an old Hungarian band, and they also have a split with a Hungarian band. Those will not be included in this. I don't have them, and frankly, I am not interested in having them either. Slugathor play primitive death metal, dungeon style, true fucking grimmy, nasty shit. Here is three of their albums, the last one is a compilation of their old demos and shit.





There was this zine in Hungary called post-human, what an awesome name it had. Sadly, it dealt mostly with sub-par black metal and humorous grindcore bands, instead of focusing on music that is actually good. But their attitude was what it needed to be, only the underground, only struggling musicians, only for fanatics. I like that sort of elitism that you see in metal. But it has no place in grind. Anyways, great zine, they had these CDs, some of them good, some of them bad, most of them sort of mediocre. I put it up here for the fans. I got them for free. My band, Human Error, is also on one fo these with a song that I did not play drums on. Good bands on these comps would be Industrial Noise, Gorgonized Dorks, See You In Hell, Barbatos, Massgrave Symphonies, Art Of Massacre, Daily Life Sucks, Gyalázat, Mizar, Another Way, Neuropathia and Unfit Ass. So worth listening to.




And yes, I am gonna go there. Profanatica rule. Here is a smidgen of their discography, not full by any definition fo the word. Two full elngths and a split from their early days, as well as a demo. They are all obscure, fucked up, and weird. Not a fan of American black metal, but this band, Demoncy and Judas Iscariot are worth a mention. Also, in the land with the most christian fudementalists, it would make sense that these folk concentrate only on blasphemy and hatred of christians, and that is why I love these bands so much. Just one way hate, absolute fuming and boiling. Great shit. This band makes a serious attempt at being the most blasphemous out there, it gets silly from time to time, but they are great, good at writing riffs, bits of chaos in there as well, doomy, slow, end of the world riffs here and there for good measure, its got a good feel. There is a drum machine no some of this shit, though, just to be up front about it. I know, lame. But still good because of the fucked up hateful atmosphere.





Also, it's been a while since I have posted other people's shit, so here si some stuff I got from KTGA! that absolutely fucking rule, and I have never heard of.

Razor Sharp Daggar, mispelled, I dunno if it is intentional, are an Agathocles rip off band, but with more d-beats. It is fucking great to hear a mincecore band I don't laready know of. I have no idea where they are from or what they do, but I am on it, and sooner or later I will ahve more material form them, if indeed there is more to be had. Good sound, but I am willing to bet it's done with a drum machine, so minus points for that.


Ptomaina are a Polish band who sound almost excatly like the demo/first album era Dead Infection, and in my book, that is a recipe for success. A little bit more death metal than the classic DI, they are what I would call a death/grind band. Songs in between the length of a death metal and a grindcore song, subject matter being in Polish, but I guess is gory as fuck, sounds like a punk band, plenty of d-beat-esque shit going on, blast beats as well, but mostly that good old thrashy, frantic beating the crap out of your drums that I am very fond of indeed. Great band, I dunno anything about them, save this demo.


So, that's all folks, hope you enjoy, next time, back to the true grind.

2011. október 25., kedd

300 + BABY

I will be on tour for a while, like 10 days, and afterwards, Im probably not gonna wanna deal with this blog for liek a week, but I can't let you go hungry, man. This is basically a non-blastbeat post, except Rottrevore save the day, with slow, sparce, and rare as fuck blastbeats. All other things are basically noise. But wait, there's more....
First off, Rottrevore are an early 90s, politically inspired, paranoid, downtuned, dungeony, lo-fi wreck of a band, with long winded song titles and lyrics, using many many SAT words, like pantalgia. Or their full length which is entitled Iniquitous. That one sounds a little less sludgy than all of the other ones. They sometimes have blastbeats, their songs are like 3-6 minutes, with one million riffs in each, it's also a bit sloppy, adding to the general sludgy, tense chaos that is their sound. I sort of think that drugs played a part in this band, but seeing as I know next to nothing about the people involved in it, it's hard to say. I obsess over this band as well, but given their limited discography, it's a fairly easy addicition to satisfy. If ever any band plays a cover of any songs of theirs, please send me links. I will not be ungrateful.


Goat Vulva is made by the same dude who does Beherit, this was his noise sound project, it was much better than Beherit ever was, because of the fact that he did not waste his time doing things he does not know how to do, like write riffs. Some of this stuff has instruments and riffs and stuff, some of it is monotonous, some of it is just plain disturbing and weird, but all of it is about sex. Also, Satan. There are blastbeats in there sometimes, but I will give you a reward if you can find them. It is just soooooo lo-fi and grimmy sounding, you'll be damned if you can find it, although, it is technically audible.

I am also gonna hit you up with a newer piece of blackened noise, from the Music Stinks guys, which sounds a lot like a mix between Goat Vulva and an ambient band. It's good, it's short, it does not have instruments.

See you in November. Also, we now have 300+ downloads, albums and shit on this blog. If you don't fond something you like, you must not be looking very hard.

2011. október 5., szerda


We have been giving a lot of space for the grind and noise stuff recently, so it's time to get another installment of PV, fastcore and crust. Just to keep shit even steven. No rant, I'm hung over, gig last night, fuck all. Let's go!

Amazing fucking band, they have alot more than what I have listed over here, but thems the breaks. The music is super noisy and airy like, with some almost ambientish breaks in it, but the music is solid fast fucking hardcore, with twists and turns that put it well within the american hardcore category. I guess you could call this a pv band, what with the slow breaks, but there is nothing typical about this band at all. The vocals are very human and touching, shouting and yelling and being pissed off and desperate, for the most part. Good fucking band.

Another great American band, I feel like the label of power violence sticks with theis band the most. Fast parts sound like Hellnation, slow parts sound like a fucking mean ass sludge band. This band is truly awesome, with lyrics that fucking kick the shit out of you as well. The riffs in the fats parts have this tone or some shit to them, anyhow, the moment this band goes into a fast riff there si this sound that is totally and utterly them and no one else. I could pick it out from a million different bands. Also, the music is fucking dirty as all hell. Also not a complete discography, just some shit that I have had time to fuck around with.

This is not an attempt at a discgoraphy. I have posted these guys before, and it's getting kinda hard to keep track of everything that is up on here, so Im just gonna post shit I know I didn't throw up on here yet. Anti-social, shrieking, negi, blastbeat ridden hardcore, fastcore or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. The best in the genre.

While we are still talking about unique and negative bands, here is one that can be a beautiful addition to our ever growing blastbeat crust sections. A Polish band, somehow connected to the band Evil, who are a metal/crust, double bass pumping, fuckin long as song wiritng rager of a punk band. Ima throw their shit up here as well. Infekcja have amazign artwork on all of their shit, their shirts look great as well, someone massively talented is working with them. The weird thing about this band is how it just doesn't sound like other crust bands, how the songs are fucking long as hell, with a million riffs, but somehow it is still kept chaotic, thick and fucking heavy. A lot of mid-tempo shit going on, but also some blastbeats. They also have a huge discography, and these are just the ones I have had time to familiarize myself with.

A little update as well. See, back in 2010, Vaccine released a full length. I posted their other shit on here as well, so it is only fitting that I take the time to post this newer one here too. It is a 10 song thingy, running 4 minutes long. This is old news for all of you guys, but news to me.

The last thing I wanna share with you is what I believe to be the complete discography of an awesome New York hardcore band that I managed to see live int heir hometown called Tear It Up. Not quiet blastbeat tempo, but almost. Really fucking fast, to the point, negative, suicidal hardcore. It's music to fuck your life up to, for certain. When I saw them live, in like 2002, they absolutely fucking owned the gig, they played with Cholgoss and Molotov Cocktail, both bands who were not bad, but subpar in comparisson in my opinion, and this band like kicked the shit out of them.

2011. október 3., hétfő


Back to the oldschool way of posting, I got 30 albums, mostly split 7"s, mostly grindcore, mostly super lo-fi, mostly classics. Nothing new on this post, if you have been listening to grindcore for the past 10 years, just scroll down, there might be some discography filler material for you, otherwise, this is not gonna be interetsing for you. But a lot of you think that grindcore is the fucking locust, and this post is for all of you assholes. Not hating on 'em, but come on. Give me a break. Plus, the internet needs more rainbow puking and also, grindcore.
What it needs even more is for all of you shit talkers to realize, mincecore is real, it's a subset of grind, but it is as different from the old, raw grind, as goregrind is, and Agathocles are not the only band playing it. It has somehow stayed very little, an underground within the underground, staying true to the original precepts of grind, and nto deviating, until grindcore became so different from it, and until it got its own little delicacies going, to the point of, yes, being a different genre. So here is some mince, also, some of it is indistinguishable from raw, oldschool grind, so I'm gonna post some of that as well, but first, some obviously mincecore records.

Instead of talk about each of them, I am just gonna put a list up here, you can download which ever one you feel comfortable with. I am gonna mention though, that Rot are from Brazil, as if you didn't know, and they fucking rule, sloppy, fast, mince vocals, sorta like PV vocals, but more grind. Also, the Cornucopia/Agathocles split tape is like one of the best things ever, it's rare as well, I think that it gives a really good idea of what mincecore is, where it stands in the grind spectrum, and what it does. Also, Abstain do not call themselves a mincecore band, neither does Carcass Grinder, but I think that the label does in fact apply. Also, the Violent Headache guys also do not subscribe to the label, but in reality, come on, that is what it is. Also, I tried to avoid Agathocles,a lthough I fucking love them, because everybody knows them, and thinks they are the only people, since they created the genre. BUt of course, it was impossible, neverheless, this did not turn into an Agathocles post. Which will happen, soon.

Abstain/Unholy Grave
Carcass Grinder/Intestinal Disease
Denak/Carcass Grinder
Intestinal Disease/Rot
Rot/2 Minutos De Odio
Rot/Iron Butter
Violent Headache/Agathocles
Violent Headache/Carcass Grinder
Violent Headache/Psychoneurosis

The rest of this stuff is grind, some of it is sorta mince, but the label does not reall apply, couple of gore relics in here as well, as well as some good ol' japanese hardcore. Gonna hit you with descriptions, or at least some of them, cuz I just cannot contain myself. It will be easy to skip. Don't worry.

First up is two split tapes of Carcass Grinder with bands that I have never heard of, who play noise. These two tapes are simmilar in that Carcass Grinder has some rehearsal footage quality grind with the same songs they always play, and the other side is a harsh noise band. Got these tapes from Music Stinks!, and that label is awesome if you like noise and also grind. CxGx are from Japan, mind you, and the music they play is like mincecore and grind, so they just hit you with their own shit even harder, they have moments when they sound like a 90s hardcore band, except not on these tapes.
Carcass Grinder/ Teratism In The Formalintank
Carcass Grinder/ Smite The Process

Next up is some shit from Discordance Axis. I really have a soft spot for this band, even though their drummer now plays in Municipal Waste. This band absolutely fucking rules, every second of every record is sheer genius. I tend not to post so much of it, because Cephalochromoscope has them so covered, it would be embarassing to fuck with them after that. One of these is my own rip, one of them is theirs. Discordant, semi-technical, super tight grindcore. Plutocracy is the same crew as No Less, but this band was their best by far. Capitalist Casualties you should know, but I am gonna post more of them later. They also rule.

Discordance Axis/Capitalist Casualties
Discordance Axis/Plutocracy

Some gore stuff for you guys as well. I have been neglecting the gore, it's sad. This is Regurgitate playing a demo that rules, and a split with a noise/gore/grind band. Cannot go wrong. This is the way gore should sound. Also, here is some Ulcerrhoea, possibly my favorite band of all time doing a split with a gore band. Also, here si this band, Tumor Ganas, playing fuckng awesome grind that has it's little tendrils into gore and also mincecore, they represent all of grind. They are sloppy as fuck, too.

Regurgitate- Concrete Human Torture
Regurgitate/Vaginal Massaker
Ulcerrhoea/Carnal Diafragma
Tumor Ganas- Fucking Harsh

The next block is some awesome 'muhrican grind, who sound like 'muhricans. PLF bring the pain real hard, turbo speed grind, none stop, they only play what's necessarry, nothing else. Awesome band, they played live last saturday in Slovakia, and I fucking missed it. I am ashamed of myself, it was a gig with Alea Iacta Est, whom I love. Also got some Massgrave shit on here, who sound too much like my own band Human Error for me to be comfortable with writing anything else about them-they rule. Also In Disgust, but you should know them by now.

Massgrave/In Disgust
PLF- Swarming Industrial Cancer

Now for the odd ends. Mesrine's split with Glaucoma is very, very good. The Mesrine side is exactly what you would expect, nothing more, nothing less. The Glaucom side is very weird however, lots of noise and weird samples, blastbeats, double times, kinda quiet vocals, it's a fucking trip. I am also gonna post two japanese hardcore bands stuff on here, one is the almighty Chainsaw, and all I have of them is this EP, noisy as fuck japanese style hardcore. The second one is some crasher crust in the form of Rabid, really sloppy and all over the place, but the sound is so awesome. Prostethic Cunt are an update of my space series. Alien abduction themed porn/cyber-gore by members of Mortician. Great fun, takes like 1.5 minutes to listen to this. Vomit For Breakfast have the coolest name in the scene ever, and they play noisy hardcore/grind/pv on here, this record is great. The feedback is instrumental to the music. It facilitates. For real. Emma-ho are also noisy, also hardcore, also fucking fast.

Chainsaw- Monopolized EP
Rabid- Total Chaotic Attack
Prostethic Cunt- Fucking Your Daughter With A Frozen Vomit Fuck Stick
Vomit For Breakfast/ Emma-Ho

I hope you enjoy it as much as this guy.

2011. szeptember 28., szerda


Marci finally posted, shit is picking up, I am very happy about the shit that goes on on this blog. I am so stuck on space, though, I had to have another post of shit that I left out, and some new shit as well, well, new for me. I got some updates as well, so let's start with that.

Cellgraft/Drainland split
Cellgraft, again raise the bar with todays grindcore. This time its a split, but the other side fo it is not out yet, or wasn't at the time that I downloaded this. That might ahve changed, the cover is also awesome, if you want it, go to their blog, you can get all of their shit for free.

As you can guess, mean sounding frantic, odd timed grindcore, this time sounding crispy clean, and the guitars seem to still bring the filth, its like laminated dirt. Shit is fucking awesome, starts out with a doomish track, goes on for 2 and a half (!!) minutes, which by Cellgraft standards is their first demo tape, and then some. Blastbeats galore.

Praia De Vomito

They have been on here before, they had a split with Melanocetus Murrayi and Noituus, if you remember that one. They play noisegrind, or raw grind, I guess, the trax are sort of written, but kept loose, which you guys probably already know that I love, with an exteremely depressive political message, its ghetto grind, I guess, their shit on that split was so good I had to look into what they were up to. Of course, they split up. On their blog, youu can find all of their shit up for grabs. Awesome artwork as well, which is all included. Their split with Melanocetus Murrayi is included as the 1. 984 EP.

Now back to the void......

Great spacy noise shit. Two masters of the genre kicking each others ass. Haven't listened to it in a while, but now that I've busted it out again, I have to say, the Bastard Noise side wins by just an inch.

This is a solar, spaced out drone album, one of those goes-nice-with-a-spliff types. The cover is amazing, I might get it tatooed, not cuz of the music, but because it looks so awesome. This is pretty much the soundtrack to holding your breath because you something just so beautiful. Its fun, downers need to be taken to listen to the whole thing though, like I cannot just chill for this long. Lethargic to say the least.

Awesome spacy death/grind from Malta. They started out with the pretensious long winded, but still pointless typical gorey death/grind shit lyrics. I guess after smoking enough weed and playing enough shows, they wrote a concept album about some virulent plant like things taking over the earth and killing humanity. The best track on here is the second and the sixth, in my opinion, but all the songs have tons of blast beats, insane, unmemorizable amounts of riffage, nice gruff vocals, and a super clean production, which to me takes away a little bit from the over all thing, but it sounds nice. The studio guy/sound engineer mus ahve worked his ass off, and I appreciate that, even though I think it was for naught. Also, this has the coolest cover ever, ti was my desktop wallpaper for like 3 years.

This is supposed to be woodsy and medieval sounding, but to me it screams space noise. Somewhere on the sidelines between ambient and noise, it has an annoying, harsh sort of droning, while remaining just barely below the level thats harsh enough to be noise. Really weird, sort of like the Vodka Soap stuff posted earlier.

So d.h.i.b.a.c are supposed to be grindcore from outer space, which is why I posted this, but to me, they just plain suck. Sorry, gotta keep it real. The only reason I am posting this is because the Saywhy guys have helped us out a million times, their side rules, and I have been waiting to post something of theirs finally, these guys play like fastcore/grind/pv. Totally unique, totally insane, really fucking fast paced, live shows are off the chain as well. Really artsy guys, but you couldn't tell from this band, except that it's executed flawlessly.

Really weird, japanese noisy shit, I dunno what to call this, really bizarre shit, kinda noise rock-ish, I guess, but spacy and alien that much is for sure. I don't know what to make of it, tis still new for me, so many things happening, so many people screaming, and so much just weird shit, it blew my little mind. Some blastbeats would have made this record 100% better, though. Lot's of changes in dynamic sound quality and volume, which a lot of noise is lacking nowadays, which I think it's really cool though.


Been meaning to post this. Alien death/grind, the people playing it, I have a hard time believeing that they are humans. Their odl drummer, who sadly quit, but is on these recordings, is the grand master of freaky death/grind, with ghost notes, cool fills and rolls, awesome, super fast blast beats, etc...The vocals are inhuman. Not made by people. At all. Nothing in it is human at all. Awesome song structures, hardly anything is played twice, but if something comes back, it is meant to. On top of all of that its catchy and memorable in an absolute way. The Planeispharum album is better than the EP, but both fucking rule. They have a new album out, or it's in production, I know they recorded it already. Another major obsession of mine.

For the first time since I started this blog, you will get to know that I fucking love speed/power metal, but only the old filthy kind. None of this Dragonforce fucking bullshit, only old, fucked up, nasty, childish fantasies of like knights, and mad max and shit like that. This band is like that, except they sing about aliens and conspiracy theories, which is awesome, with a voice so high pitched it can raise the dead and bring them out to mosh, or headbang, as the case may be. Drums are fucking fast for the genre, the double bass parts would be fairly hard to play, if it got down to it. The guitar work, of course, is the stand out, millions of solos and all that shit. This is the only album I like by them, if you are interested in anything else by them, you will have an easy time finding them, super prolific band.

Big thanks to Ben Bontempo of DAD and a million noise projects for hooking me up with this CD, it was a parting gift, and I have held it in ultra high esteem since then. It is creepy, I swore I wouldn't post it, because it's fucking creepy. Power electronics shit mixed with some guy singing in his bathtub, drunk, alone and possibly contemplating suicide. The CD is said to be the "dark side of karaoke", and there are moments when I hear it and I think, truly, this is the armpit of humanity, the underbelly of all of those nights you went out and had a good time. All those things you wanted to forget are on this CD, in noise format. It's similar to the UFO Or Die shit, in the sense that there are many different types of volume, and texture or whatever on here, it changes, like listening to many recordings, all of them super fucked up. Old rip, so it's in AAC format. Convert it. It's worth it.

Next post we are gonna get right back into the thick of it,w ith only grindcore for a good while, too much weird shit, but I just had to do it. Until then, take care of yourselves, it's a crazy world out there.

2011. szeptember 27., kedd


so, i decided to write a post already. i had been abused by mark to write something here, for my lack of motivation and my great assholeness. today im staying home, i have some illness, i dont know what, so fuck it. i have nothing to say of course, just some reviews, unlike mark, who is a fuckin genious in writing about his own thoughts (seggnyalás, geci!). before i post some shitty links about noise and music, i would like to apologize for not sharing a single letter with anyone who would be interested in my opinion (is there even such a person?). i have been through some highs and lows, thinking about why i should or should not continue posting. i decided to continue as you can see, and therefore i bring you some of my recent gems i found over the internet (i cant rip tapes for some while, but ill try to fix this problem.). soon we'll be able to rip vinyl too, and that means we'll have so much unheard shit here from our personal collection with mark, you couldn't even digest it.

GENESIS CLIMBER - live at minmei's 2112
i just got this rip recently from the always awesome TERMINAL ESCAPE blog. thank you terminal escape, you changed my life with this tape. GENESIS CLIMBER is a band from oakland, they play somekind of hard prog, like early man is the bastard, but with a heavy spacey atmosphere, dual bass guitars, no fucking electric guitars, which is my personal favorite in band set-ups. this tape has two tracks titled 'ruler of the mountain' and 'kosmos of the mind'. both were recorded in a rehearsal space or basement as it souds, although the title states it was recorded live in 2112 at minmei's.. cant hate this record. also, no blastbeats included. sorry.

my personal favorite record of all time. i cant stop listening to it since i found this fastcore/pop masterpiece for years now. think of romantic gorilla or threatner on coke, and on the mic is the cutest japanese girl screaming and singing tunes like the theme song of teen titans... it was a side project of a french music collective, so to say. members from monarch!, george bitch jr., gasmask terrör, tetsuo, year of no light, and a shit ton of other awesome french bands (also: mark told me french bands suck, ill make a post about that one soon...).

DEBT TRAP - songs
DEBT TRAP has the best band name in hungary, thats fo sho'. despite the shitty cover, the inside is pure awesome. its like iron lung but more noisy and raw, sloppy drumming, harsh noisy guitar sound, and the typical pv style grunty vocals and awesome lyrics. cant say more, download it, its recommended.

DEBT TRAP / PFA / VENTOLIN AND THE BASTARDS - 3 way mega lo-fi love split

this is some funny shit. DEBT TRAP is still the same since their previous shit above, maybe even more noisy and fucked up. which i like. PFA is at its finest on this recording in my opinion, really fucked up, shitty quality and fast songs, with exclusive spaced out synths this time. VATB is just a drugged out jam, recorded at my friend's summer house sometime this summer.

(got bored with inserting covers, sorry)

raw and noisy as shit grindcore. this one is from Ugur, thanks for this one bro. sounds a lot like noisecore/noisegrind, but its just in really bad quality (hurray!). blastbeat heaven!

one time i was talking to mark, and i showed him maybe ira einhorn or call me betty, i dont know which, and pointed out the ultra high pitched girly screams in it, which i adore so much. he told me theres a band doing nothing else then those ultra highs... gotta love it...

this is a record which has 20 ultra fast songs with individually their own structures, not noisegrind, each song was written fully. oh, and the last one song lasts for more than one and a half minutes, so it makes the other 19 songs less than 5 seconds.

2011. szeptember 24., szombat


First gig with Chappa'ai has happened with Wormrot from Singapoure, as well as Maruta from Florida, in fuckin Budapest of course. Also, Youth Violence played, who I have extensively reviewed here, and also, I ahve their demos up here. They are recording new stuff, and are going to be putting some new shit out soon. When it happens, it shall be here first.

So I am extatic, and I am going to be posting some shit that is from outerspace, the place our shit is from. Some noise, some grind, some more ambient type shit. Also, I am going to be posting some death metal as well. Let's get to it, this time, in alphabetical order.

Arizmenda- Within The Vacuum Of Infinity
Spacy, depressing black metal. Th evocals are the highlight of this, plus the incredible atmosphere, this shit sounds raw and nasty, but at the same time spacy, full of reverb, and all that shit. The songs go on for way too long, however. You really don't need to play this shit for 8 minutes, bro. The blastbeats are pretty much constant, although not too fast, but ain't that always the case?

Black Dice
Some more noisecore, because I have not posted that shit in a while. Not just pure noise, except for Semen Of The Sun, there are sort of riffs and shit, super negative music this is, feels creepy, and Semen Of The Sun is the only one that is really spacy and noisy, but its not my favorite, but I've been dying to fuckin post this band for a while. I htink their self title takes the cake, but the rest is fun as well.
Black Dice- Self Title
Black Dice- Lambs Like Fruit
Black Dice- Semen Of The Sun
Black Dice- Verminscum

CSMD/Intumescence/Deche-Charge Split Double 8"
I do not own this, just to let you know, I am not sure even where I got it from. Drop me a line i it's yours. Total noisegrind, CSMD are the best on here, they are a really fucking good grind band, wiht funny shit happening all the time. Deche-Charge are mega primitive on here, and I wanna say a few words about Intumescence. This shit of theirs is not so impressive, although tis solid noisegrind, but sometimes this band absolutely nails it, like their split with Malignant Tumour, which I shall have to rip and post cuz its rare, although tis probably up on the net somewhere. So yeah, that band rules, although this is not so powerful, mostly worth it for the CSMD space shit, and the Deche-Charge being absolute idiots in the recording space bit.

Damage Digital/Kursk
Damage Digital I have posted before, they are absolutely killer, they took their notes from Discordance Axis int emrs of how to write riffs, and then added a bunch of fun and light spiritedness, for most fo the songs, and then every once in a hwile hit you with something a bit darker, a bit heavier, or just some noise. Both bands spacier than usual o here. The Kursk side I am not too familiar with, listened to it a couple of times, liked it enough, but nothing special. Not a single thing comes to mind from that side that is of any interest to me.

Deche-Charge/Space Grinder
Space grinder rule, here they play noisegrind, sometimes they just do harsh nosie sit, I can link them definitely to Niku Do Rei, and bands like that whom I have posted on here before, but, with more space shit going on. Deche-Charge remain barbaric animals who smash up their instruments and pretty much everything else. Funny, super primitive noisegrind form them, like Anal Cunt and these bands, if you are into that. The more interetsing side for me is clearly the Space infleunced side. Cuz I'm nerdy like that. I have posted them before, as they were on the Total Scum Noise Shit Attack compilation, with a long noise PE track. Aside form this I cannot find anything from them. If you can, hook shit up.

Mundo De Mierda demo 2
35 0000 00000000 songs in just 11 minutes, total noisegrind, lots of reverb, lost of feedback, really snotty voice. Thats this demo tape. Its fun to listen to, if you have the time, and if you like grind. Also, if you dont mind improvisation and people yelling a lot.

Reach Out- Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Reach Out were from Szolnok, if I am not mistaken, and were an average hardcore band form the 90s in the Hungarian sense, and then, they recorded this, fucking briliant piece of fastcore, but the best that the genre has to offer, in my opinion, with great lyrics (for the most part in Hungarian), awesome guitar work, fats as fuck drumming, catchy riffs, short songs, tons of shit going on, real busy like. And they never released it. I got this from Dr. Slayer, so all the thanks and respect in the world go to his faggot ass for hooking it up, cuz its just not available. Until now. I am sure members of this band now hate me for posting this, but this is too good to go unheard. Also, nothing to do with space.

One of the best death metal bands, their demo stuff is like total dungeon brutal shit, and their albums are nice crispy clean death metal, typical of the West Coast, where they are from. The best of American death metal is played to this day by Latinos for the most part, and almost always immigrants. This band is no exception, used to trad e-mails, they sent me one of their 1993 dmeo tapes, and I will ript hat for y'all, cuz it sounds awesome. Until then, here are some of the nicely recorded things, I htink you will find that this band is filthier and much more fucked up then your average death metal band.
Sepsism- Severe Carnal Butchery
Sepsism- Purulent Decomposition
Sepsism- To Prevail In Disgust

Harsh noise again, although Naplamed I think is unique in the genre. Saw them at Obscene Extreme this year, they fuckin ruled, it was absolutely great, you could almost dance to it. Here its more spacy, which is why I chose this one. SKLO also do their thing really hard, the whole record will fuck you up. Like ants crawling around in your brain, they like the high frequencies a lot.

So, as you could have guessed by now, I am including the CSMD stuff for the space likeness that they have. SMG are a band I have ranted about before on this blog, they are noisegrind, but leaning towards the old Raw Grind shit, some structutrs, the best in the genre is this type, where the song structures exist, but are left open. Here there is more structured shit than usually from them, they dont pull the 0.001 second songs on here either, they re almost like a normal grindcore band on this one. And CSMD are of course totally fucked up as usual.

The Solar Temple- Alone In Space
Ambient, deifnitely not noise, or grind, no blastbeats, no drums at all, just weird droning going on over space noise, but calm, nice, you might say idealized space noise. It has an interesting atmosphere. I like to listen to this when I am way too high. Its very soothing, and very calm. Not like the rest of this blog. So if your brains are oozing from too much grind, throw some of this on for good measure.

2011. szeptember 14., szerda

HAARP, Paranoia, Noise, Crust and Grindcore

The problem with conspiracy theories is their reliance on things we do not know. On the other hand, living in the kinds of economic and political systems that we live in, and seeing how much we are kept in the dark, and the fact that our governments have the right to not tell us what they are doing with out money, the average person is left with nothing else but the ability to speculate. We have certain facts, we know of certain actors on the international political stage, and we feel the effects. It is up to us to put these things together. But when there are powerful people who are powerful off of your money, doing things that you cannot understand and do not have access to, and mysterious deaths and illnesses happen, paranoia will run rampant.

In the Krupskaya post, I mentioned how the theme was the experiments that governments have done on their own, unwitting population, sometimes with disastrous results. Now, I present to you HAARP, an experimental facility that studies atmospheric conditions in the ionosphere, using EMP, and extra low frequency waves (known comically enough as ELFs). This facility is for research purposes only, but certain amounts of the research are off limits and we know that it is funded by the military industrial complex. Now whenever the military is involved in anything, especially if it's classified, after incidents like MK-Ultra, or the infecting of the Tuskegee townsfolk, mostly rural black people with syphilis, speculation is very much warranted. We know that a lot of the basis for this project is lifted from the work of Tesla, who had, among other things, an earthquake machine, that could indeed produce earthquakes. It was tested on mythbusters and shown to be real in Season 04, episode 17. I could not find a good link for that, sorry. But we know that the elements can be manipulated. It may have unforeseen consequences, and the fact that people who are more than willing, we might even say eager, to test on their own population are funding a potential giant weather manipulating site is again, the basis for paranoia.

The next band I am gonna talk about has a great interview where they talk about this, some nerdy shit, and also noisecore. Check it here.

If you want some scientific information on HAARP, not just my weak ass ramblings, go here.

So as I mentioned, Atrocious Madness, named after a Confuse EP, play noisy as fuck hardcore/crust shit, it's really good to listen to, and the lyrics are about war and animal rights, and also the stuff of conspiracy theories. The EP pictured above is about HAARP, but they have a bunch of songs about a bunch of shit. This is not a complete discography by far, for instance, I cannot find the tape I have pictured below. If any of you guys have it, please help me out, I really wanna hear it. I helped you, didn't I??? Of most interest to this blog is their split with Mass Seperation, a South East Asian grindcore band, playing tight as fuck, primitve grind/mince stuff. That CD is sheer genius, one side being them, and the other side just noise/crust shit, man, the stuff dreams are made of, I swear.

I left some shit off of the discography circuit, so here goes.

Apartment 213 are a powerviolence band of the most typical type, American, second wave, it is exactly what you would believe, except these guys kinda have a grind edge to them, which is awesome. Good band, had a split with Dahmer, really nail the genre, nothing too special, but this is a discography CD that I actually love listening to.

This band was totally off of my radar, because it has numbers in it. I don't like bands to have numbers in their names, except the band above, whose discography I just threw at you, and possibly D.S.-13. Other than that, they usually are not good. Then I saw this band play live, they whooped ass, and my bassist hooked me up with their demo. Since then I have been gathering their shit. Aesome is all of it, truly.

They play grindcore, pure and simple, with all of the things that make grindcore awesome, every second riff a balstbeat, super short songs, minute and a half songs, even two minutes sometimes, full of twists and turns, but either double time or blastbeat the whole time, or breakdowns. Not the metalcore kind, just riffage and pushing people around kind. Lots of double bass going on as well. Other than that it's not so metal influenced. Pure grind, in the vein of Insect Warfare and Cellgraft, PLF, and these bands.
DEMO 2008

Another addition to the things you guys should talk about more section, Enemy Soil were a weird and unique sounding American grindcore band. One of the members played in Pg. 99, which is an arch-screamo band, apparently, I would just call it weird emotional hardcore, but whatever. This band became Pig Destroyer, who, in my book, are not worth a half pence, even after seeing them live. The fact that this band turned into PD is fucking sad, I mean, just give this a listen. Their early shit is drum machine, which is a bummer, but the rest of it is awesome. Even those songs are good, but drum machine grind totally fucking kill it for me.

The riffage is dark and heavy, the band is totally a hardcore band, kinda like MK-Ultra, but with grind drums and grind licks galore. There are also half tempo and downtempo shit going on, plus grind, which is a fabulous combination. If you want some headfuck, come get it. Also not a complete discography, but pretty close.

Metal section coming up. This band I got from this blog, and if metal was still like this, I would have total interest in it. Not like the way it is now, is it? Like this, however, I will just keep posting things that I believe are good in the genre, and hope people will make shit like this perhaps in the future, and not let right wingers and corporate interest tear another genre to shreds.

The band is Black motherfucking Shepherd, don't know where they are form, I imagine from South America, cuz only they got thrash like this. Total Sarcofago worship, with funny voice, fastcore tempo thrash and some heavy/power riffs as well, dark as fuck, aggressive like crazy, solos going absolutely nowhere, but in the best of ways. The true metal experience is this album after a case of beer and like 2 spliffs.

The ladies of Nuclear Death played Doom/Death metal a million years ago, in its most sloppy, melancholic and hateful form. Chris Reifert of Autopsy had smoemthing or other to do with the band, they clearly worship his shit. They do end up sonding totally unique, and are fucking really, really creepy. The skoppiness is exceptional, but good, these folks had the right idea, metalheads just are not like this anymore. Some exceptions exist, I know, and I love them to death, but for the most part, I think I gave a fair assesment of the genre. Hollow bullshit is what its become. This is everything the band has ever done, as far as I know. These are rips of the re-issue CDs that Extremist records, the Drogheda guy's label, put out. My own rip, its old, aac format, convert it, you'll be better off.

The next two pieces of work are of the harsh noise variety, since you guys seemed to pick up on shit that sounds like it was made using that thing on the picture above. Krosot are from Malaysia, play power electronics, ro whatever you call earbleeding electronic noise nowadays. TGNM are from Japan, and are melancholy and all, but you would never know, harsh noise, PE attack, making you die.

So enjoy, till next time. Gonna try to keep things relatively constant, so beware.