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First gig with Chappa'ai has happened with Wormrot from Singapoure, as well as Maruta from Florida, in fuckin Budapest of course. Also, Youth Violence played, who I have extensively reviewed here, and also, I ahve their demos up here. They are recording new stuff, and are going to be putting some new shit out soon. When it happens, it shall be here first.

So I am extatic, and I am going to be posting some shit that is from outerspace, the place our shit is from. Some noise, some grind, some more ambient type shit. Also, I am going to be posting some death metal as well. Let's get to it, this time, in alphabetical order.

Arizmenda- Within The Vacuum Of Infinity
Spacy, depressing black metal. Th evocals are the highlight of this, plus the incredible atmosphere, this shit sounds raw and nasty, but at the same time spacy, full of reverb, and all that shit. The songs go on for way too long, however. You really don't need to play this shit for 8 minutes, bro. The blastbeats are pretty much constant, although not too fast, but ain't that always the case?

Black Dice
Some more noisecore, because I have not posted that shit in a while. Not just pure noise, except for Semen Of The Sun, there are sort of riffs and shit, super negative music this is, feels creepy, and Semen Of The Sun is the only one that is really spacy and noisy, but its not my favorite, but I've been dying to fuckin post this band for a while. I htink their self title takes the cake, but the rest is fun as well.
Black Dice- Self Title
Black Dice- Lambs Like Fruit
Black Dice- Semen Of The Sun
Black Dice- Verminscum

CSMD/Intumescence/Deche-Charge Split Double 8"
I do not own this, just to let you know, I am not sure even where I got it from. Drop me a line i it's yours. Total noisegrind, CSMD are the best on here, they are a really fucking good grind band, wiht funny shit happening all the time. Deche-Charge are mega primitive on here, and I wanna say a few words about Intumescence. This shit of theirs is not so impressive, although tis solid noisegrind, but sometimes this band absolutely nails it, like their split with Malignant Tumour, which I shall have to rip and post cuz its rare, although tis probably up on the net somewhere. So yeah, that band rules, although this is not so powerful, mostly worth it for the CSMD space shit, and the Deche-Charge being absolute idiots in the recording space bit.

Damage Digital/Kursk
Damage Digital I have posted before, they are absolutely killer, they took their notes from Discordance Axis int emrs of how to write riffs, and then added a bunch of fun and light spiritedness, for most fo the songs, and then every once in a hwile hit you with something a bit darker, a bit heavier, or just some noise. Both bands spacier than usual o here. The Kursk side I am not too familiar with, listened to it a couple of times, liked it enough, but nothing special. Not a single thing comes to mind from that side that is of any interest to me.

Deche-Charge/Space Grinder
Space grinder rule, here they play noisegrind, sometimes they just do harsh nosie sit, I can link them definitely to Niku Do Rei, and bands like that whom I have posted on here before, but, with more space shit going on. Deche-Charge remain barbaric animals who smash up their instruments and pretty much everything else. Funny, super primitive noisegrind form them, like Anal Cunt and these bands, if you are into that. The more interetsing side for me is clearly the Space infleunced side. Cuz I'm nerdy like that. I have posted them before, as they were on the Total Scum Noise Shit Attack compilation, with a long noise PE track. Aside form this I cannot find anything from them. If you can, hook shit up.

Mundo De Mierda demo 2
35 0000 00000000 songs in just 11 minutes, total noisegrind, lots of reverb, lost of feedback, really snotty voice. Thats this demo tape. Its fun to listen to, if you have the time, and if you like grind. Also, if you dont mind improvisation and people yelling a lot.

Reach Out- Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Reach Out were from Szolnok, if I am not mistaken, and were an average hardcore band form the 90s in the Hungarian sense, and then, they recorded this, fucking briliant piece of fastcore, but the best that the genre has to offer, in my opinion, with great lyrics (for the most part in Hungarian), awesome guitar work, fats as fuck drumming, catchy riffs, short songs, tons of shit going on, real busy like. And they never released it. I got this from Dr. Slayer, so all the thanks and respect in the world go to his faggot ass for hooking it up, cuz its just not available. Until now. I am sure members of this band now hate me for posting this, but this is too good to go unheard. Also, nothing to do with space.

One of the best death metal bands, their demo stuff is like total dungeon brutal shit, and their albums are nice crispy clean death metal, typical of the West Coast, where they are from. The best of American death metal is played to this day by Latinos for the most part, and almost always immigrants. This band is no exception, used to trad e-mails, they sent me one of their 1993 dmeo tapes, and I will ript hat for y'all, cuz it sounds awesome. Until then, here are some of the nicely recorded things, I htink you will find that this band is filthier and much more fucked up then your average death metal band.
Sepsism- Severe Carnal Butchery
Sepsism- Purulent Decomposition
Sepsism- To Prevail In Disgust

Harsh noise again, although Naplamed I think is unique in the genre. Saw them at Obscene Extreme this year, they fuckin ruled, it was absolutely great, you could almost dance to it. Here its more spacy, which is why I chose this one. SKLO also do their thing really hard, the whole record will fuck you up. Like ants crawling around in your brain, they like the high frequencies a lot.

So, as you could have guessed by now, I am including the CSMD stuff for the space likeness that they have. SMG are a band I have ranted about before on this blog, they are noisegrind, but leaning towards the old Raw Grind shit, some structutrs, the best in the genre is this type, where the song structures exist, but are left open. Here there is more structured shit than usually from them, they dont pull the 0.001 second songs on here either, they re almost like a normal grindcore band on this one. And CSMD are of course totally fucked up as usual.

The Solar Temple- Alone In Space
Ambient, deifnitely not noise, or grind, no blastbeats, no drums at all, just weird droning going on over space noise, but calm, nice, you might say idealized space noise. It has an interesting atmosphere. I like to listen to this when I am way too high. Its very soothing, and very calm. Not like the rest of this blog. So if your brains are oozing from too much grind, throw some of this on for good measure.

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