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Marci finally posted, shit is picking up, I am very happy about the shit that goes on on this blog. I am so stuck on space, though, I had to have another post of shit that I left out, and some new shit as well, well, new for me. I got some updates as well, so let's start with that.

Cellgraft/Drainland split
Cellgraft, again raise the bar with todays grindcore. This time its a split, but the other side fo it is not out yet, or wasn't at the time that I downloaded this. That might ahve changed, the cover is also awesome, if you want it, go to their blog, you can get all of their shit for free.

As you can guess, mean sounding frantic, odd timed grindcore, this time sounding crispy clean, and the guitars seem to still bring the filth, its like laminated dirt. Shit is fucking awesome, starts out with a doomish track, goes on for 2 and a half (!!) minutes, which by Cellgraft standards is their first demo tape, and then some. Blastbeats galore.

Praia De Vomito

They have been on here before, they had a split with Melanocetus Murrayi and Noituus, if you remember that one. They play noisegrind, or raw grind, I guess, the trax are sort of written, but kept loose, which you guys probably already know that I love, with an exteremely depressive political message, its ghetto grind, I guess, their shit on that split was so good I had to look into what they were up to. Of course, they split up. On their blog, youu can find all of their shit up for grabs. Awesome artwork as well, which is all included. Their split with Melanocetus Murrayi is included as the 1. 984 EP.

Now back to the void......

Great spacy noise shit. Two masters of the genre kicking each others ass. Haven't listened to it in a while, but now that I've busted it out again, I have to say, the Bastard Noise side wins by just an inch.

This is a solar, spaced out drone album, one of those goes-nice-with-a-spliff types. The cover is amazing, I might get it tatooed, not cuz of the music, but because it looks so awesome. This is pretty much the soundtrack to holding your breath because you something just so beautiful. Its fun, downers need to be taken to listen to the whole thing though, like I cannot just chill for this long. Lethargic to say the least.

Awesome spacy death/grind from Malta. They started out with the pretensious long winded, but still pointless typical gorey death/grind shit lyrics. I guess after smoking enough weed and playing enough shows, they wrote a concept album about some virulent plant like things taking over the earth and killing humanity. The best track on here is the second and the sixth, in my opinion, but all the songs have tons of blast beats, insane, unmemorizable amounts of riffage, nice gruff vocals, and a super clean production, which to me takes away a little bit from the over all thing, but it sounds nice. The studio guy/sound engineer mus ahve worked his ass off, and I appreciate that, even though I think it was for naught. Also, this has the coolest cover ever, ti was my desktop wallpaper for like 3 years.

This is supposed to be woodsy and medieval sounding, but to me it screams space noise. Somewhere on the sidelines between ambient and noise, it has an annoying, harsh sort of droning, while remaining just barely below the level thats harsh enough to be noise. Really weird, sort of like the Vodka Soap stuff posted earlier.

So d.h.i.b.a.c are supposed to be grindcore from outer space, which is why I posted this, but to me, they just plain suck. Sorry, gotta keep it real. The only reason I am posting this is because the Saywhy guys have helped us out a million times, their side rules, and I have been waiting to post something of theirs finally, these guys play like fastcore/grind/pv. Totally unique, totally insane, really fucking fast paced, live shows are off the chain as well. Really artsy guys, but you couldn't tell from this band, except that it's executed flawlessly.

Really weird, japanese noisy shit, I dunno what to call this, really bizarre shit, kinda noise rock-ish, I guess, but spacy and alien that much is for sure. I don't know what to make of it, tis still new for me, so many things happening, so many people screaming, and so much just weird shit, it blew my little mind. Some blastbeats would have made this record 100% better, though. Lot's of changes in dynamic sound quality and volume, which a lot of noise is lacking nowadays, which I think it's really cool though.


Been meaning to post this. Alien death/grind, the people playing it, I have a hard time believeing that they are humans. Their odl drummer, who sadly quit, but is on these recordings, is the grand master of freaky death/grind, with ghost notes, cool fills and rolls, awesome, super fast blast beats, etc...The vocals are inhuman. Not made by people. At all. Nothing in it is human at all. Awesome song structures, hardly anything is played twice, but if something comes back, it is meant to. On top of all of that its catchy and memorable in an absolute way. The Planeispharum album is better than the EP, but both fucking rule. They have a new album out, or it's in production, I know they recorded it already. Another major obsession of mine.

For the first time since I started this blog, you will get to know that I fucking love speed/power metal, but only the old filthy kind. None of this Dragonforce fucking bullshit, only old, fucked up, nasty, childish fantasies of like knights, and mad max and shit like that. This band is like that, except they sing about aliens and conspiracy theories, which is awesome, with a voice so high pitched it can raise the dead and bring them out to mosh, or headbang, as the case may be. Drums are fucking fast for the genre, the double bass parts would be fairly hard to play, if it got down to it. The guitar work, of course, is the stand out, millions of solos and all that shit. This is the only album I like by them, if you are interested in anything else by them, you will have an easy time finding them, super prolific band.

Big thanks to Ben Bontempo of DAD and a million noise projects for hooking me up with this CD, it was a parting gift, and I have held it in ultra high esteem since then. It is creepy, I swore I wouldn't post it, because it's fucking creepy. Power electronics shit mixed with some guy singing in his bathtub, drunk, alone and possibly contemplating suicide. The CD is said to be the "dark side of karaoke", and there are moments when I hear it and I think, truly, this is the armpit of humanity, the underbelly of all of those nights you went out and had a good time. All those things you wanted to forget are on this CD, in noise format. It's similar to the UFO Or Die shit, in the sense that there are many different types of volume, and texture or whatever on here, it changes, like listening to many recordings, all of them super fucked up. Old rip, so it's in AAC format. Convert it. It's worth it.

Next post we are gonna get right back into the thick of it,w ith only grindcore for a good while, too much weird shit, but I just had to do it. Until then, take care of yourselves, it's a crazy world out there.

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  1. im sure you will like this good 'ol seattle grind, even if you don't post it.


    either way thanks for the tunes and rants.