2011. szeptember 27., kedd


so, i decided to write a post already. i had been abused by mark to write something here, for my lack of motivation and my great assholeness. today im staying home, i have some illness, i dont know what, so fuck it. i have nothing to say of course, just some reviews, unlike mark, who is a fuckin genious in writing about his own thoughts (seggnyalás, geci!). before i post some shitty links about noise and music, i would like to apologize for not sharing a single letter with anyone who would be interested in my opinion (is there even such a person?). i have been through some highs and lows, thinking about why i should or should not continue posting. i decided to continue as you can see, and therefore i bring you some of my recent gems i found over the internet (i cant rip tapes for some while, but ill try to fix this problem.). soon we'll be able to rip vinyl too, and that means we'll have so much unheard shit here from our personal collection with mark, you couldn't even digest it.

GENESIS CLIMBER - live at minmei's 2112
i just got this rip recently from the always awesome TERMINAL ESCAPE blog. thank you terminal escape, you changed my life with this tape. GENESIS CLIMBER is a band from oakland, they play somekind of hard prog, like early man is the bastard, but with a heavy spacey atmosphere, dual bass guitars, no fucking electric guitars, which is my personal favorite in band set-ups. this tape has two tracks titled 'ruler of the mountain' and 'kosmos of the mind'. both were recorded in a rehearsal space or basement as it souds, although the title states it was recorded live in 2112 at minmei's.. cant hate this record. also, no blastbeats included. sorry.

my personal favorite record of all time. i cant stop listening to it since i found this fastcore/pop masterpiece for years now. think of romantic gorilla or threatner on coke, and on the mic is the cutest japanese girl screaming and singing tunes like the theme song of teen titans... it was a side project of a french music collective, so to say. members from monarch!, george bitch jr., gasmask terrör, tetsuo, year of no light, and a shit ton of other awesome french bands (also: mark told me french bands suck, ill make a post about that one soon...).

DEBT TRAP - songs
DEBT TRAP has the best band name in hungary, thats fo sho'. despite the shitty cover, the inside is pure awesome. its like iron lung but more noisy and raw, sloppy drumming, harsh noisy guitar sound, and the typical pv style grunty vocals and awesome lyrics. cant say more, download it, its recommended.

DEBT TRAP / PFA / VENTOLIN AND THE BASTARDS - 3 way mega lo-fi love split

this is some funny shit. DEBT TRAP is still the same since their previous shit above, maybe even more noisy and fucked up. which i like. PFA is at its finest on this recording in my opinion, really fucked up, shitty quality and fast songs, with exclusive spaced out synths this time. VATB is just a drugged out jam, recorded at my friend's summer house sometime this summer.

(got bored with inserting covers, sorry)

raw and noisy as shit grindcore. this one is from Ugur, thanks for this one bro. sounds a lot like noisecore/noisegrind, but its just in really bad quality (hurray!). blastbeat heaven!

one time i was talking to mark, and i showed him maybe ira einhorn or call me betty, i dont know which, and pointed out the ultra high pitched girly screams in it, which i adore so much. he told me theres a band doing nothing else then those ultra highs... gotta love it...

this is a record which has 20 ultra fast songs with individually their own structures, not noisegrind, each song was written fully. oh, and the last one song lasts for more than one and a half minutes, so it makes the other 19 songs less than 5 seconds.

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