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HAARP, Paranoia, Noise, Crust and Grindcore

The problem with conspiracy theories is their reliance on things we do not know. On the other hand, living in the kinds of economic and political systems that we live in, and seeing how much we are kept in the dark, and the fact that our governments have the right to not tell us what they are doing with out money, the average person is left with nothing else but the ability to speculate. We have certain facts, we know of certain actors on the international political stage, and we feel the effects. It is up to us to put these things together. But when there are powerful people who are powerful off of your money, doing things that you cannot understand and do not have access to, and mysterious deaths and illnesses happen, paranoia will run rampant.

In the Krupskaya post, I mentioned how the theme was the experiments that governments have done on their own, unwitting population, sometimes with disastrous results. Now, I present to you HAARP, an experimental facility that studies atmospheric conditions in the ionosphere, using EMP, and extra low frequency waves (known comically enough as ELFs). This facility is for research purposes only, but certain amounts of the research are off limits and we know that it is funded by the military industrial complex. Now whenever the military is involved in anything, especially if it's classified, after incidents like MK-Ultra, or the infecting of the Tuskegee townsfolk, mostly rural black people with syphilis, speculation is very much warranted. We know that a lot of the basis for this project is lifted from the work of Tesla, who had, among other things, an earthquake machine, that could indeed produce earthquakes. It was tested on mythbusters and shown to be real in Season 04, episode 17. I could not find a good link for that, sorry. But we know that the elements can be manipulated. It may have unforeseen consequences, and the fact that people who are more than willing, we might even say eager, to test on their own population are funding a potential giant weather manipulating site is again, the basis for paranoia.

The next band I am gonna talk about has a great interview where they talk about this, some nerdy shit, and also noisecore. Check it here.

If you want some scientific information on HAARP, not just my weak ass ramblings, go here.

So as I mentioned, Atrocious Madness, named after a Confuse EP, play noisy as fuck hardcore/crust shit, it's really good to listen to, and the lyrics are about war and animal rights, and also the stuff of conspiracy theories. The EP pictured above is about HAARP, but they have a bunch of songs about a bunch of shit. This is not a complete discography by far, for instance, I cannot find the tape I have pictured below. If any of you guys have it, please help me out, I really wanna hear it. I helped you, didn't I??? Of most interest to this blog is their split with Mass Seperation, a South East Asian grindcore band, playing tight as fuck, primitve grind/mince stuff. That CD is sheer genius, one side being them, and the other side just noise/crust shit, man, the stuff dreams are made of, I swear.

I left some shit off of the discography circuit, so here goes.

Apartment 213 are a powerviolence band of the most typical type, American, second wave, it is exactly what you would believe, except these guys kinda have a grind edge to them, which is awesome. Good band, had a split with Dahmer, really nail the genre, nothing too special, but this is a discography CD that I actually love listening to.

This band was totally off of my radar, because it has numbers in it. I don't like bands to have numbers in their names, except the band above, whose discography I just threw at you, and possibly D.S.-13. Other than that, they usually are not good. Then I saw this band play live, they whooped ass, and my bassist hooked me up with their demo. Since then I have been gathering their shit. Aesome is all of it, truly.

They play grindcore, pure and simple, with all of the things that make grindcore awesome, every second riff a balstbeat, super short songs, minute and a half songs, even two minutes sometimes, full of twists and turns, but either double time or blastbeat the whole time, or breakdowns. Not the metalcore kind, just riffage and pushing people around kind. Lots of double bass going on as well. Other than that it's not so metal influenced. Pure grind, in the vein of Insect Warfare and Cellgraft, PLF, and these bands.
DEMO 2008

Another addition to the things you guys should talk about more section, Enemy Soil were a weird and unique sounding American grindcore band. One of the members played in Pg. 99, which is an arch-screamo band, apparently, I would just call it weird emotional hardcore, but whatever. This band became Pig Destroyer, who, in my book, are not worth a half pence, even after seeing them live. The fact that this band turned into PD is fucking sad, I mean, just give this a listen. Their early shit is drum machine, which is a bummer, but the rest of it is awesome. Even those songs are good, but drum machine grind totally fucking kill it for me.

The riffage is dark and heavy, the band is totally a hardcore band, kinda like MK-Ultra, but with grind drums and grind licks galore. There are also half tempo and downtempo shit going on, plus grind, which is a fabulous combination. If you want some headfuck, come get it. Also not a complete discography, but pretty close.

Metal section coming up. This band I got from this blog, and if metal was still like this, I would have total interest in it. Not like the way it is now, is it? Like this, however, I will just keep posting things that I believe are good in the genre, and hope people will make shit like this perhaps in the future, and not let right wingers and corporate interest tear another genre to shreds.

The band is Black motherfucking Shepherd, don't know where they are form, I imagine from South America, cuz only they got thrash like this. Total Sarcofago worship, with funny voice, fastcore tempo thrash and some heavy/power riffs as well, dark as fuck, aggressive like crazy, solos going absolutely nowhere, but in the best of ways. The true metal experience is this album after a case of beer and like 2 spliffs.

The ladies of Nuclear Death played Doom/Death metal a million years ago, in its most sloppy, melancholic and hateful form. Chris Reifert of Autopsy had smoemthing or other to do with the band, they clearly worship his shit. They do end up sonding totally unique, and are fucking really, really creepy. The skoppiness is exceptional, but good, these folks had the right idea, metalheads just are not like this anymore. Some exceptions exist, I know, and I love them to death, but for the most part, I think I gave a fair assesment of the genre. Hollow bullshit is what its become. This is everything the band has ever done, as far as I know. These are rips of the re-issue CDs that Extremist records, the Drogheda guy's label, put out. My own rip, its old, aac format, convert it, you'll be better off.

The next two pieces of work are of the harsh noise variety, since you guys seemed to pick up on shit that sounds like it was made using that thing on the picture above. Krosot are from Malaysia, play power electronics, ro whatever you call earbleeding electronic noise nowadays. TGNM are from Japan, and are melancholy and all, but you would never know, harsh noise, PE attack, making you die.

So enjoy, till next time. Gonna try to keep things relatively constant, so beware.

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