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Okay, short rant, then we are gonna do this quick like. People talk shit about discography CDs, but man, fuck all y'all, you guys are just sore cuz you bought the records, which is cool, so did I, for the most part, but then when they release something, other people can hear it too. If you own it on vinyl, don't buy the CD. The only reason your hating is because now other people get to hear it, who you do not deem worthy. And that is malicious. And malice is whack as fuck.

So Ima hit you with discography CDs, some old shit, some shit I ahve been listening to again recently, and some updates. Sounds good? Let's do it....

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISCOGRAPHY CDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Bronson Discography
This is a pretty good double CD, Ima just put one of the CDs up, though, because its the better one. Its long, like 94 songs or some shit, but it does not have their split with Ice Nine on it, or I am just way too retarded, but I coulda sworn that one was missing. So Ima hit you with that seperately. By the way, I am sure you all own this, but if you dont, just get it, man, its good for you.


Another discography that lacks a bunch of shit, mostly early stuff, really good, I am sure you all own this as well. If not, get it. Classic, lives up to every inch of hype in my opinion, and that is a rare, rare thing indeed. Also gonna give you their best early work, the Rid The Cancer 7". Don't think it's on the discography, although I oculd be wrong, I never listen to it. I have all their shit separately, you see. Ain't I cool? Do you like me now?


E 150
Great Spanish screaming fastcore shit for you guys. Put up the split with Zanussi already, so you should have an idea of how awesome this band is. Aside from bringing the real real hurt with the fast hardcore, they employ a fair bit of noise and negative shrieking, for your listening pleasure. E150 DISCOGRAPHY

Code 13

Since you guys know Destroy! is my all time favorite crust band, it should come as no surprise that I also like Code 13. They are the band that Felix Havoc did after Destroy!, and then he quit, or they threw him out, something happened, ways were parted, and while he was in it it was more crust, than later just old school 'Merican hardcore. A god bit of both, really, really fast. The other vocalist guy also fucking kicks ass. Everything thats good about hardcore is on this Cd somewhere, mostly sloppy as fuck.


Dahmer Studio Sessions

This CD has some of the greatest Dahmer material on it. It does lack some of my favorites, but I have posted some of them, plus, I don't wanna post too much fo them, I wanna focus on new shit, and shit that was neglected, mostly. But, I mean, they are awesome. This one is available like fucking everywhere. Also, Ima put the splti with Fran and the Bitches on here. Two reasons, one, its long, two its not on the discography CD. Also, I really like it. Also, tis hard to find.


Fear Of God Discography

I don't know if this was just compiled, or if it is an existing CD, it might be like that Kuolema discography that was floating around, which was just one very generous dude's attempt to put all of their shit together. Anyhow, seems to have everything. Also, I hate to admit it, but this band has been out of my radar for a long time. I always heard of it, but I was always too busy with other bands. I feel ashamed, ths band fucking rules, real noisy and really fucking fast, somewhere in between old Napalm Death and Agathocles. Fucking everyone has played a cover of them, too. Also, there are like 90 tracks on here, but only like 35 songs. Each one is played at least 3 times, but often more.


MK-Ultra Discography

I promised to put it up if Youth Attack ran out of copies, and I do believe that has happened. I own this one, its a beautiful record, seriously, it's fucking creepy, poignant, politically motivated, gritty and sad, what a small town American hardcore record should look like, not gonna put up pictures, go buy it. This band has some members of Charles Bronson, but are better than them. Some oof their early stuff is really a miss for me, but Melt, which I also have put on here, is genious, as all of their later stuff, and their split with Los Crudos as well. Plus they have a live set on here, which is fucking cool, they sound like no bullsiht solid ass people on the parts in between the songs.


Psychoneurosis- Ten Years On The Frontline

Great mincecore, sometimes thrash/hardcore band from Poland. The eary shit is unimpressive thrashy, grindy hardcore, still solid though, but the latter shit, when they come into their own is straight up amazing. Their split with Brutal Insanity is sheer genious, this is how mince/grind stuff should be, relentless, the sound is just grimmy enough, but you can hear everything, some pitch shifters, but not much, some crazy high end stuff, and the 7" inlay says there is a person called Sonja involved, so I guess, maybe female vocals there as well. Just great shit. ON here tis the last couple of tracks, but the whole thing is great, although the latter shit is much better than the earlier shit.


Proyecto Terror- Shitgraphy

Ah, yes. Grind/noise/mince, sounds a lot like Violent Headache, whom I have a crush on, did a split with them, cover some of their songs. A bit like them also in that they have humorous, themed noisecore tracks, really short ones, of course. Lots fo fun this band is, their crusty-grind stuff is also really good, poor musicianship, but hey? Who the fuck cares. This band will etar your face off.


Corpse Molestation- Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse

So I have posted their one listenable and somewhat nicely recorded demo of fucked up, staanic dungeon death metal on here. If you are interested in the rest of their stuff, which is rawer than 80% of crust bands, noisier than a lot of so-called noise bands, and more fucked up than pretty much anyone else in the genre, than I recommend you get this. No one has ever written music like these people. Ever.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOISY METAL GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you guys might know I love garage, shitty sounding, lo-fi death metal, and the above posted Corpse Molestation shit led me to realize, I have been neglecting the super fast, garbage death metal that got me into blast beats in the first place. Shame on me. Here are three little things to make you think.

Lier In Wait- Equinox, Twilight of the Gods

A litle bit melodic and sad, which I hate, the reason I put this up here is because of the blast beats. This shit is amazing. Also from 1992, if I remember correctly, so super amazing. As for the vocals, you can hardly hear them, but they are weak ass growls, the guitars play melodies for the most part, the slow parts are hard to get through, lots of melody. Super rare though. MOst fo you would hate this shit.

Liers In Wait- Spiritually Uncontrolled Art

This shit is Swedish Death Metal at its best. No to be confused with the above mentioned band. Obscure, fucked up, no thrills or frills, their logo is really cool looking, too. Not the fastest music out there, but its written in a way as to not give you too much time to think, its up tempo, I'll say that much.

Invocator demos

So Invocator are a teched out thrash metal band form the late 80s early 90s Danish scene, they fucking slay, these are all of the demos that are available from them in one neat little format. Like every song on here is a classic, much better than their albums, sad to say. Their first wasn't bad, but the second is just bullshit. Anyhow, the demos rule. Kind of lo-fi, dungeon sounding, tape hiss tio high heaven, kinda teched out, lots of riffage, the drummer is so on point its painful. Also, no blast beats on this one. Getting soft, I know.

Autopsy- Retribution For The Dead

Autopsy- Ridden With Disease CD

Slow death metal from the fucking depths of hell. Insane, neurotic, truly obsessed with death and disease, this band is awesome, they play music that is death/doom, like a funeral dirge made by people who think your death is a joyous occasion. The Ridden With Disease CD has their I think 3 demos, it's my own rip, so it might be crappy, and it has some rare live stuff, and a nasty ass cover of a childs drawing of some woman with worms and sores and shit. Naaaaasty shit. Retribution for The Dead is more like the Autopsy everybody knows and loves, not as thrashy as on the earlier demos. Both are great. If you don't happen to know this band, its old ass death metal, do yourself a favor and get to know them. It doesn't matter what kinda music you like, they fucking rule, and in your heart of hearts, you will know this.


Struggle 7"

What with all of the Charles Bronson shit going around, here is the Struggle 7", super political, sXe sounding band, kinda slow, really really 90s. But it's fucking cool to listen to, head bobbin the whole time, really obnoxious, explaining shit to you vocals. This is sort of a European band in their mentality, but the music and lyrics are distinctly American. It's a good listen, heady topics, nice sound, a bit too clean for me, but fuckin nice none the less.

Skitslakt- Victim

Got this form Sean's blog called Damaging Noise, you can see the link on the side there, one of the bets blogs out there. So this would be an update of the blastbeat crusts topic, this band is Swedish, they kick ass, they are like a stereotypical crust band, with songs being exactly what you would imgine, plus blastbeats. Its raw, its dirty as fuck, its sloppy, its fast, and in your fucking face. Vocals are really good on here as well.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Harsh Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have not done anything no harsh noise on here. As you can guess, with all f the noise grind I post, I fucking love just straight up harsh noise as well. I don't like it nearly as much as grind, but I like it. And the masters of it to me are clearly Guilty Connector, and his mighty Utsu Tapes. Some of this other shit is good too, but with something as subjective as this type of crap, of course, there's not much to write about.

Guilty Connector/Facialmess- Nothing Left Inside
The title says it all. Both fo these cats are good at making harsh, loud, fucked up shit happen with objects that screech. This shit is long. The facialmess side is just one continous, fucked up, agonizing screeching bit of harsh ass noise. The Guilty Connector side is like, more than one track, and its a bit more endearing, but still super fucked up, and still just noise.

Guilty Connector/Bastard Noise/MSBR
Of the three, Guilty Connector take the cake, this one is harsh from beggining to end, and at the end, there is a weird techno beat for a while as well. Bastard Noise is what you would expect, the vocals always kill me on his shit, I like his ambient stuff more than is harsh shit, though, he just does that better, this one is fairly good, though. And MSBR is your typical harsh as fuck performer, total noise devastation, screeching, feed back loops, just layers and layers of fucked up mess.

Guilty Connector- Sabbath, Connector Sabbath
Low end noise, loud as fuck bass stuff on here. Good, not as harsh perhaps as the rest. Nice and short though, for when you only want a little bit of noise, not 25 minutes of harsh feed backed shit.

Nautical Almanac- Rooting For Microbes
So this one is unfinished, I got it from a girl a million years ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Its super harsh, American, I would believe, dont know anythgin about them. They have this one and a track on a compilation I have, and nothing more can I find from them. Probably not looking in the right places, but these artsy noise dudes fucking piss me off, so I tend to stay away, except, well, the love of feedback and fucked up things sometimes makes for strange bedfellows.

I will have more shit soon. Relax.

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Haven't written here in over a month. Sorry about that, just did not find the time. Also, my tape rips just aren't coming along, which sucks hardily, but thems the breaks.

Just went to a noise show last night, lots of fun, got trashed and am still hanging from last night. And I picked up a CD of my mate's solo project, who also sings in Karak, its called UTX, im going to write about it, its bass dirven, its messed up, its space oriented, could use some grind though. Im also gonna hit you with updates, to try and save my sorry ass. But first....

.....you know what I really fucking hate? The term progressive. I absolutley despise it, and I'm gonna try to explain why. Not only do I hate it in music and art, which I do, because it makes no sense, but also, I hate it in politics as well. The only place I think the term progressive can be used is in scientific affairs. The reason for this is because science has set goals and aims, and as it achieves more and more of those aims, the more it has progressed. The methodology and principles are constant, if the techniques and the outcomes do vary greatly. Can you say this about music? The aims and goals fo musicians, and of musical genres, music in general is not constant, it does not have a set aim that it is going towards. That would involve projecting youre ridiculous ideology or ideologies on the whole of all music ever, which is absurd. People like to use it to mean music that is a little bit more technical, or has more sounds or instruments, or riffs, or complexity than before. But that is also dumb. It's saying that music necessarilly progresses from a state of less complexity to a state of more. This is not true. Plain and simple, its flat out wrong.

Now when it comes to politics, the term progressive is again misleading. It says that political affairs, the affairs fo human socieities, are in a set pattern and they are going towards some kind of end result. It strips you of your power to act and to make your own decisions. So this is the sort of slavish mentality behind using words like this. Th erest of this post I want to dedicate to music that makes this term look ridiculous.


Krupskaya are a band from Stoke, England. I have had the pleasure of meeting them a bunch fo times, touring with them, having a grand old time. They are a good example of why the term progress is dumb. Many people would call this music ambient, or noise/grind, or progresisve or avant garde, or whatever. Really, its just a weird grindcore band. They play grind, they are not so much focused on using rifs as they are on atmosphere, but at the same time they have complicated rhythm structures, and plenty of noise shit as well. The songs and song titles are abotu chemical and biological warfare, oppression and death in general, its a very specific sort of feel to it, that I can't quiet put my finger on. They are a great band, but is this progress? I don't think they would like the term, anyhow.....

This is their full-length, Clouds Over Pripyat, and it is difficult tog et through, because of the complexity and millions of minutia that are in it. But its well worth it, it will fuck you right up.

This is their split with Sandokhan, who are alright, but negligible. This is some awesome work of theirs, I really, really am a fan of this recording. A little bit more accessible than their full length, also shorter, but still extremely weird and grotesque.

This is a compilation that they are on, this song in partiular kicks major ass, so I wanted to include it. Also, tons of fastcore and PV stuff on this compilation, really noisy shit as well, its a good listen. Highlights to me where the Negative Approach cover, done by AOA, and also the Yattai and American Ghost Band bits.


So I am also gonan give you guys some tape rips, and some CD rips of some shit. First up, here si a band called No Humans Involved, who are a super political, feminist, all girl anarchopunk band. Thier message would be what you could call progressive, but listen to the music, it is some of the most primitive shit you can find. I also really like the vocals, they are annoying as fuck, but in the best of ways. Songs are a bit long for my taste, no reason to drag this out for 2 minutes, in my opinion. Still, fun to listen to, interesting lyrics, all in danish, but english translations are provided.

And back to the beggining, at the noise shit, where I got drunk, a friend played. This is his CD of shit that sounds dangerously close to the Solar Temple, its noise, its ambient, its space, there are song titles, but no songs per say. Also a good example of how the term progress, within music, does not make any sense. Is it progressive to not have riffs? Fucking bullshit. The CD is good though, if you like drugs.

The last one is a piece of drum machine grind. A friend made it, and he can do vocals and instruments, but he cannot play drums, so he was forced. You could call this progressive grind, its metal influenced, lots fo riffs, weird things happen, blasting, programmed drums, what not. But again, its not. The guy doing it certainly wouldn't think it is, and I most definitely dont think it is. The genre of grindcore is going in a million places at the same time, how could you even make sense of the term progress?


The rest of this post is just shit I uploaded for the purpose of worhsipping the blast beats. I checked out the mediafire page where we upload our crap, and ti tells you how many times something was downloaded, and I must say the blastbeat crust stuff was hit the most. So, Ima give you some regular crust, but not ones you will like, I hope. Hey, you learn more that way, when you are introduced to shit that you cant handle.

So first up is our good friends from Livstid. My band Human Error released s plti with these guys, they are a ton of fun, Norwegian lads, this CD is their last three years worth of work in 7" records, and it is free. It is the more popular side of d-beat, but its great fun, and the guys are awesome people, I feel it is my duty to spread the word on these lads, even if there are no blastbeats. Tell you what though, the drummer knows how to play them, he just doesnt wanna.

And now, some noisy, fucked up, south east asian crust. The band is Skitsöfrenia, and I initially liked the CD because they sound like they are saying the same thing over and over again on each song. Turns out, they have an Anti-Cimex cover, and a Mob 47 cover on here as well. No blastbeats. Musically they are closer to the Mob, but in anyway, super hideously raw fucked up malaysian crust. Come get yours.

Sorry, the idea of progress is just bugging me. I have to write some more. The next three are also related. So 3 pieces of Japanese noise for you, and some russian d-beat.

Distress are a russian band, rightfully called the Manowar of D-Beat. They are great, this is a good CD, and it is called Progress-Regress, with a picture of a factory on the cover, spewing some filth. The recording is nice, the band is like super tight, the drummer does not play blastbeats, does not roll, he just hits them d-beats for ever and ever. Almost psychedelic in that sense. But they are also raising the same issue, of relativity, and of the stupidity of the idea of progress.

And now for the noise/grind. World is a band from Japan who no longer exist, and I got to know of them from the Melanocetus boys, particularly Mao. The best in the genre, by a long shot, and I am a man who likes his noise/grind. No riffs, just repetetive noise, some times not so repetitive, crazy fucking vocals, and blast beats, tom licks, grind up yur ass. The noise is so well done its frightening. This is an example of a man using machinery and noise like an instrument which a lot of peopkle dont do, they just kinda fuck around at high volumes. Really I cant go on how amazing this is. Ima just put this one up here, there is much more, but for starters, this will do.

This si the band with some of the 2 or 3 members from World. I think the drummer is the same here as in the previous band. The band is less noise and more grind, but still on that blissfull merging of the two genres, which I love. Thsi band sounds a shit load like Discordance Axis, and it is no surprise that I found this on the Cephalochromoscope blog. At the time I did not know of the members being similar.

The next up is a split between a Japanese and a German band, again noise/grind, again awesome, again making the term progress look empty and ridiculous. This is the Nikudorei/Anal massaker split. Very different approach to noise and grind than everything else on this post. More barbaric, more loud and screechy, but also very well done with the noise. Its incorporated right into the blastbeats and the riffage, and its well played. Very happy about all of this.

And last of all, I see I have 28 followers. That is fucking crazy, I never expected a single one. I

ams orry to those 28 folks for having waited so long with this post, but I assume you can get your sunday blastbeat worshipping done elsewhere as well, but I am very grateful for all of them for being here, although I suspect that one of them is a prostitute, since there is just a picture of a vagina, and not much description, just contact info. But still, thanks to you as well, whoever you may be.