2011. június 2., csütörtök


Metal post coming atcha, cuz i have not done one of those in a while. I got nostalgic after the Biolich post and unearthing of their miraculous 2003 promo, and so I wanna post a bunch of shit that I listened to at the time that I saw them live, when I lived in NYC. I'm not gonna rant, cuz its gonna get sentimental, I dont like that, this is the internet, and I dont know you. Therew as basically no grindcore things going on in New York at that time, there were mad crusties and punk kids, and also, metal guys listening to all sorts of crazy metal, and some grindcore, very interestingly enough.
First up I wanna post some stuff that I got to see frequently. I also have the 2004 Biolich demo, gonna give you that, I have already talked of them, they rule, weird, emo-esue riffs with crazy death/grind, gutturals, acoustic guitars, which I hate, but its not weak and shitty.
Then, its that crazy Copremesis stuff I also talked of. Gook is the man, still in contact, still the man, here is their album called Muay Thai Ladyboys. Crazyness, death/grind about transvestites, super guttural, unimaginable weird riffs that dont make any fucking sense, god I love this shit, tis almost like noise/grind, except super teched out.
Then, its Animals Killing People, vegan death/grind that sounds very much like NYC death/grind, super high annoying snare drum, gutturals the whole time, slam riffs, hyper blasts, puking, intros of animals, unsurprisingly, killing people. The last track is the bomb. Just saying, they all rule, but that one has sex with your mom.

Biolich 2004 Demo
Copremesis- Muay Thai Ladyboys
Animals Killing People- Human Hunting Season

Next up is Malignancy, who hardly ever played, at least at venues that I went to, maybe because of things being busy, or maybe just because the New York metal scene was notoriously crappy at the time, I dunno if it got better, hope so. Anyways, technical as all hel, their demo stuff and first album are much easier to comprehend, so Im gonna throw that at you first on the list. Their later stuff is crazier, and as a band that developed its own sound to a degree where you can tell its them on any album from roughly 1.2 seconds of riffage, not to mention vocals, which are like growls, but totally unique, they progress in their sound, becomign less and less like other bands, and more and more like themselves. At this point, they are uncategorizable. Completely. They started off as a death/grind, gore influenced band, but went totally beyond that even at the demo stages, and now its outta control. My favorite happens to be Motivated By Hunger, but they are all masterpieces. Some of these are my own rips, some aren't.

Malignancy- Ignorance Is Bliss (demos compilation)
Malignancy- Intrauterine Cannibalism
Malignancy- Motivated By Hunger
Malignancy- Intervalle Bizzarre Split
Malignancy- Cross-Species Transmutation
Malignancy- Inhuman Grotesqueries

A little bit similar, but totally different, is Bound and Gagged. They have retarded lyrics, which are not about anything, and the vocals get annoying after like 3 tracks, but the music is absolutely insane. There are weird slapped bass licks, intense blasts that are constant, lots of weird jazz shit, insane guitars, everything is played like 3.5 times, I dont think theres a single 4X4 riff on here. If youre into that, I think you will like it, if not, then probably not.

Bound and Gagged- Fornicate the Gutted

Pustulated. What can really be said about the best band in this genre? To me, they are by far the coolest band like this, mainly because of their insane drummer, who has these sweet ass licks he uses, with little frills and thrills to spice it up for you. Also, his blast beasts are totally off the chain. He played with Brodequin a while ago, on their first album, and he also pélays in a country rock band. I uploaded their split with Corpemesis up here, so you might already have an idea of what this band is like. All of their albums are different though. My favorite is the one pictured above, it is nicely trecorded, the lows are super low, the highs are ince and clean, their pslit is dirty as fuck, their latest one, Hematoma is slower and sounds totally mechanical, I dont really like it that much, but hey, its decent, and their first offering is more typical of the genre, but still really good. So check em out.

Okay, this band everyone fucken hates, I dont know but one guy besides me who likes them, but people who like them become really big fans. I am one of these losers, I obsess over this band as well. If anyone can give me their demos I would be very, very happy. These two things are the only things I can get my hands on. Kinda sucks.
The music is really thick and chaotic, you cannot really grasp or go with anything that happens, I have no idea how these songs are written, rehearsed and played. I just dont know. Its amazing. Its just a murky, chaotic mess, ecery time I listen to it I always visualize like a headless, tailless serpent being just writhing around and around, looking nasty. I seriously recommend it, although everyone seems to hate. Their earlier stuff is a like a bit easier to get into. But not that much.

And to top it all of, here is all of the stuff I own by Mortician. Not that much, was never a huge fan, I like the fact that they down tune so low as to be basically indistinguishable noise on the crappier recordings, and to sound like various kinds of fuzz on the better sounding ones. I like their short songs better than their long ones. Thes epeople have an understanding of brutality that I like, but again, the lyrics are like watching a cheesy horror flick on repeat. Its amuzing for like 3-4 tracks and then its just like, man, give me a break. But its awesome, great drummer, the drum mahcine stuff is also kinda good. Enjoy.