2011. december 25., vasárnap


With this post, I end a marvelous year. A lot of shit happened this year that made it well worth being alive. Tough fuckin year as well. Anyway, I wanted to do one last post before finishing another one that I will be posting thats gonna take some time, also, I wanna hit you guys with my rips already, which I am always talking about, some shit none of you have heard of. But that will also have to happen in 2012, so until then , there is this post, which also incidentally puts us over the 500 mark.

501 fucking albums on here, man. Fuck.

I wanted to post shit that was grimmy and nasty, and weird and memorable, but still just music that did not play too large a role in my life, for me at least.

Most of this is other peoples shit.

Death Dust Extractor are from Japan, and they are a great noise/crust band from where the fuck else, Japan, and they pwn in a big way. This is a demo of theirs that I swear I have posted before. This keeps happening to me. Anyway, it's from Damaging Noise, which you should always check out. It sounds like a fucking vacuum cleaner is hooked up to an amp at various pitches, screaming from a radio and people banging on shit, roughly to a d-beat. It is fucking filthy and raw as hell.

No Less are another one of those bands that I thought I fucking posted earlier, and shame on me if I did not. They are what Hardcore would sound like in a perfect world. Fucked up on weed, PCP and liqour, shit talking, tough as nails, psycho, noisy, fast, tons of weird shit, samples, ghetto ass attitude, man, this band had it all. I guess you could call it noisecore, or PV even, but I dunno, it's just really ghetto, psychotic hardcore. Filthy as well. Got most of it off of Pabst from Am I mean?, another great blog with tons of obscure shit, much better than this one.

By the way, if any of you know anything about any more releases form these guys, please let me know. I know of some other bands they were affiliated with, and they all pretty much rule, foremost being the band Plutocracy, who I will post of in greater detail elsewhere.

I am also gonna put up some compilations that don't suck. These are rare, mind you, I sometimes get the idea to make a compilation, but I am just too afraid that it will end up sucking, like 90% of all comps inevitably end up doing. But these comps are good. The Vivisection on the 3 way to the gore comp is not the Vivisection of song and legend from Japan, they are the less good, but still awesome, German, gore influenced Vivisection. Check them out.

Hip Cops are an elephant in the room band to me. They were at least, until that Archagathus post, when I got to hear them. They fucking rule, the stuff they do on that split is amazing, grindcore and hardcore, filth, etxra fucking filth, putrid atmosphere, just fucking everything up all the time a light speed.

This EP is less filthy, but still pretty goddamn nice, its got d-beats and a bunch of other shit on here that there is less of on the 4 way. Still, this shit also rules, good fucking solid grind/hardcore.

So there is Christian Goregrind. I bring this up for the sake of novelty, and also, to educate you of its existence. Christians, once again, are stealing our culture.

While the two bands mentioned here, Vomitorial Corpulence and Empty Grave, both fucking rule, and have the good attitude towards gore, which is the gore/noise approach, and are both filthier than a motherfucker, they are fucking Christians for crying out loud. These are the moments that are so upseting. Its like, after having been into Hate Forest for like 3-4 years, and having heard rumors of their being a Nazi band, I find out deifnitely that its true. I still like Hate Forest, and will probably post it even, although I dunno, but this is just crazier.

With these bands though, there is no doubt, they blast that hateful, idiotic, bigoted fucking Christian message loud and clear, talking about killing and maiming demons and shit, dissecting Satan and all that. I mean, besides being the most ridiculous thing in existence, I am sure that this is also a sin, according to most denominations of Christianity. I mean, nowhere does it say thou shalt not play grindcore, but it fucking oughta.

To finish it off, something Satainc must be posted, or else problems might occur. Blasphemophager are a fucking flithy, raw, and thermonuclear black metal band. Their drummer I think might have extra limbs. Hyperblast, war metal, shrieking, fuzz and filth all day long. This is their split with Necroholocaust, who are slower and more death metal influenced, but we shall not hold this against them,a s they too, bring the harsh filthy metal.

Thanks for sticking around, almost 2 years, 500 albums, 2012 is going to be full of crazy shit as well. Hope the world will in fact end, although I don't see much chance of that coming around. Here's to hoping.....

If that is the case, then maybe, just maybe, you will have enought ime in your life to finish listening to every single Agathocles split in this post. The guy who runs this Derivados website is a fucking maniac. 119 Agathocles related entries. Insanity.

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