2011. október 25., kedd

300 + BABY

I will be on tour for a while, like 10 days, and afterwards, Im probably not gonna wanna deal with this blog for liek a week, but I can't let you go hungry, man. This is basically a non-blastbeat post, except Rottrevore save the day, with slow, sparce, and rare as fuck blastbeats. All other things are basically noise. But wait, there's more....
First off, Rottrevore are an early 90s, politically inspired, paranoid, downtuned, dungeony, lo-fi wreck of a band, with long winded song titles and lyrics, using many many SAT words, like pantalgia. Or their full length which is entitled Iniquitous. That one sounds a little less sludgy than all of the other ones. They sometimes have blastbeats, their songs are like 3-6 minutes, with one million riffs in each, it's also a bit sloppy, adding to the general sludgy, tense chaos that is their sound. I sort of think that drugs played a part in this band, but seeing as I know next to nothing about the people involved in it, it's hard to say. I obsess over this band as well, but given their limited discography, it's a fairly easy addicition to satisfy. If ever any band plays a cover of any songs of theirs, please send me links. I will not be ungrateful.


Goat Vulva is made by the same dude who does Beherit, this was his noise sound project, it was much better than Beherit ever was, because of the fact that he did not waste his time doing things he does not know how to do, like write riffs. Some of this stuff has instruments and riffs and stuff, some of it is monotonous, some of it is just plain disturbing and weird, but all of it is about sex. Also, Satan. There are blastbeats in there sometimes, but I will give you a reward if you can find them. It is just soooooo lo-fi and grimmy sounding, you'll be damned if you can find it, although, it is technically audible.

I am also gonna hit you up with a newer piece of blackened noise, from the Music Stinks guys, which sounds a lot like a mix between Goat Vulva and an ambient band. It's good, it's short, it does not have instruments.

See you in November. Also, we now have 300+ downloads, albums and shit on this blog. If you don't fond something you like, you must not be looking very hard.

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