2011. október 5., szerda


We have been giving a lot of space for the grind and noise stuff recently, so it's time to get another installment of PV, fastcore and crust. Just to keep shit even steven. No rant, I'm hung over, gig last night, fuck all. Let's go!

Amazing fucking band, they have alot more than what I have listed over here, but thems the breaks. The music is super noisy and airy like, with some almost ambientish breaks in it, but the music is solid fast fucking hardcore, with twists and turns that put it well within the american hardcore category. I guess you could call this a pv band, what with the slow breaks, but there is nothing typical about this band at all. The vocals are very human and touching, shouting and yelling and being pissed off and desperate, for the most part. Good fucking band.

Another great American band, I feel like the label of power violence sticks with theis band the most. Fast parts sound like Hellnation, slow parts sound like a fucking mean ass sludge band. This band is truly awesome, with lyrics that fucking kick the shit out of you as well. The riffs in the fats parts have this tone or some shit to them, anyhow, the moment this band goes into a fast riff there si this sound that is totally and utterly them and no one else. I could pick it out from a million different bands. Also, the music is fucking dirty as all hell. Also not a complete discography, just some shit that I have had time to fuck around with.

This is not an attempt at a discgoraphy. I have posted these guys before, and it's getting kinda hard to keep track of everything that is up on here, so Im just gonna post shit I know I didn't throw up on here yet. Anti-social, shrieking, negi, blastbeat ridden hardcore, fastcore or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. The best in the genre.

While we are still talking about unique and negative bands, here is one that can be a beautiful addition to our ever growing blastbeat crust sections. A Polish band, somehow connected to the band Evil, who are a metal/crust, double bass pumping, fuckin long as song wiritng rager of a punk band. Ima throw their shit up here as well. Infekcja have amazign artwork on all of their shit, their shirts look great as well, someone massively talented is working with them. The weird thing about this band is how it just doesn't sound like other crust bands, how the songs are fucking long as hell, with a million riffs, but somehow it is still kept chaotic, thick and fucking heavy. A lot of mid-tempo shit going on, but also some blastbeats. They also have a huge discography, and these are just the ones I have had time to familiarize myself with.

A little update as well. See, back in 2010, Vaccine released a full length. I posted their other shit on here as well, so it is only fitting that I take the time to post this newer one here too. It is a 10 song thingy, running 4 minutes long. This is old news for all of you guys, but news to me.

The last thing I wanna share with you is what I believe to be the complete discography of an awesome New York hardcore band that I managed to see live int heir hometown called Tear It Up. Not quiet blastbeat tempo, but almost. Really fucking fast, to the point, negative, suicidal hardcore. It's music to fuck your life up to, for certain. When I saw them live, in like 2002, they absolutely fucking owned the gig, they played with Cholgoss and Molotov Cocktail, both bands who were not bad, but subpar in comparisson in my opinion, and this band like kicked the shit out of them.

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