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Back from tour, and I am going to share all the shit that I collected on my way. Totally awesome junk for you, mostly from Finland, as we played alone in the Baltics for the most part. The Baltic region of the world fucking rules, though, if you get a chance to go up there, by all means do so, shit is insane, thhose people know how to treat a guest. I dunno about living there, but visiting there is fucking awesome. I also wanna use this space here to give a big up to the Feastem boys and to all the bands we played with, and all of the motherfuckers who let us crash in their house, Human Error loves you, most of them will have a little something-something here so I can spread the word about their existence and or awesomeness. I am also gonna devulge a bunch of CD rips that I have made recently. I think we are looking at 20+ obscure fucking albums, so should be fun for you guys. Guarantee I got shit none of y'all do, which is rare for this blog. So roll up a fatty, sit back, relax, and let the noise enter your blood stream like a narcotic, poisoning your mind.
I also wanna say a few words about the comments section. Shit is getting out of hand. This one dude threw up this band Numb, to listen to. This is for you buddy, I am gonna post that shit. Fair is fair. Also Shanetera, yo, I told you I don't care about comments, dawg. However, since you asked, no, I did not add Archagathus, I meant to, but I had just recently added their split with dt80k, so I figured, fuck it. Also, SMG are not a mincecore band, in my opinion. They are awesome, and I plan on posting all of their shit soon. Cuz I have it, however, eventhough the genres are quiet fluid and the differences are not always easy to spot, I will say that they are not mince, they are noise/grind. So there. And yes, there will be mince part 2. With Archagathus. I guess what I am trying to say is, thanks for the interest, amn, I really appreciate it.
Let's fucking go.

Numb are (were) a band from Seattle who I picked up in the comments section of this fucking blog. Big up to the motherfucler who posted it. They are sorta melodic and melancholy like Majority Rule, but are a grind/pv band. They remind me of like, a balck metal version of Enemy Soil. The LP is cleaner sounding, the tape is grimmier than a motherfucker. The music itself is nice and clean though. Coulda used a page outta the AG book of writing songs. But still, its fucking fun to listen to, great band.


Niistykko are a band of my homie Eetu from fucking Finland, the boy is from Oulu province, but he is doing his backwards ass Finnish mandatory military shit in Helsinki, so that is where I met him. We kidnapped him to Lahti with us. He might go to jail for missing like a day of military junta bullshit. Anyway, the band is fucking rad, d-beats versus blasbeats all day ling, this is their only recording, no physical copies were made. I hope they keep this shit up. Lyrics are about drinking and murder and Olaf Palme exclusively.


Feastem are a great Nasum-esque, metalled out grind band form Finnland, who we might have a split with soon. They lack filth, but make up for it in fucking absolute precision grind, their drummer is like a goddamn machine, the boy doesn't know how to fuck up. I could give him lessons on that much at least. Seriously though, fucking rad drummer. Here are two albums, the first sounds a little bit grainier, but they both sound like death metal albums. If you like that sort of grind, and we all do sometimes, than this is for you. It gets fairly technical at times, but never gets boring, though. They know how to keep it interesting. Bomb track off of the first one is "Worthless", live they do this awesome noise solo in the middle, also "Left For The Vermin To Feast On", cuz Im a sucker for vocal stops. The second one, gotta be "Workingman Blues", or "Nalka". Whatevs, fucking great shit.


Sociasylum are a band from Tallin, Estonia, and this recording does not do them justice. They play Power Violence, and they are really good at it, they fucking flew with it live, the slow parts are cool too, but the fats parts are like the fuckign bomb. Their drummer is this super talented young kid, too, the kid is off the fucking chain. They are gonna record some more shit so keep an eye out, cuz their live is like 80 million times better than this recording.


This is the drummer guys other band, but its not him playing on this one. He just helps out with the drums, this is true Estonian beatdown/tuff guy hardcore, but its fairly good. Im not a fan of the genre and even I like this one a lot. The recording sounds a bit thin to me, other than that, awesome record, classic shit.


This is another crazy fucking Finnish band called Psykoanalyysi, they have super short songs, they are a bunch of young ass Motörhead fans, shit tons of d-beat on here, also, quiet a bit of grind going on as well. The songs are written well, its fun to listen to, live they are really the bomb, they carry the old Finnish hardcore vein of singing on, which is great. Metal kids. Anyhoo, good CD, grab it if you like filthy d-beaty northern grind.


PKIK are from Vilnius, Lithuania, they have played in budapest before, so we knew 'em. Mix up Carcass with a bunch of newer school gore stuff, and you get this band. They are also female fronted, and the lady is fucking hot as hell. Really nice as well, we got drunk together, lots of fun. Also, I tried to locate this hardcore band form Lithuania called Zhurkes, but the link was not working. If you guys can hook it up, I will be very happy indeed. The gurgly voclas are sickening on this one, the high end is pretty good too, lots of groove, not that many blastbeats, though. The ratio needs more work, but a good band, if you have the patience. The first one is more of your standard gore stuff, but way more groove, and the second one is more in the vein of Carcass worship. The second one is better as well, in my humble opinion.


Next up are some CD rips. This metal kid I know had a distro, or maybe just a masisve personal colelction, he is selling most of it, so I managed to get all of his Slugathor off of him. I already had some, but now I own the rest. In case you don't know them, Slugathor are a fucking genius band from none other than Finland, and they have released a cover of an old Hungarian band, and they also have a split with a Hungarian band. Those will not be included in this. I don't have them, and frankly, I am not interested in having them either. Slugathor play primitive death metal, dungeon style, true fucking grimmy, nasty shit. Here is three of their albums, the last one is a compilation of their old demos and shit.





There was this zine in Hungary called post-human, what an awesome name it had. Sadly, it dealt mostly with sub-par black metal and humorous grindcore bands, instead of focusing on music that is actually good. But their attitude was what it needed to be, only the underground, only struggling musicians, only for fanatics. I like that sort of elitism that you see in metal. But it has no place in grind. Anyways, great zine, they had these CDs, some of them good, some of them bad, most of them sort of mediocre. I put it up here for the fans. I got them for free. My band, Human Error, is also on one fo these with a song that I did not play drums on. Good bands on these comps would be Industrial Noise, Gorgonized Dorks, See You In Hell, Barbatos, Massgrave Symphonies, Art Of Massacre, Daily Life Sucks, Gyalázat, Mizar, Another Way, Neuropathia and Unfit Ass. So worth listening to.




And yes, I am gonna go there. Profanatica rule. Here is a smidgen of their discography, not full by any definition fo the word. Two full elngths and a split from their early days, as well as a demo. They are all obscure, fucked up, and weird. Not a fan of American black metal, but this band, Demoncy and Judas Iscariot are worth a mention. Also, in the land with the most christian fudementalists, it would make sense that these folk concentrate only on blasphemy and hatred of christians, and that is why I love these bands so much. Just one way hate, absolute fuming and boiling. Great shit. This band makes a serious attempt at being the most blasphemous out there, it gets silly from time to time, but they are great, good at writing riffs, bits of chaos in there as well, doomy, slow, end of the world riffs here and there for good measure, its got a good feel. There is a drum machine no some of this shit, though, just to be up front about it. I know, lame. But still good because of the fucked up hateful atmosphere.





Also, it's been a while since I have posted other people's shit, so here si some stuff I got from KTGA! that absolutely fucking rule, and I have never heard of.

Razor Sharp Daggar, mispelled, I dunno if it is intentional, are an Agathocles rip off band, but with more d-beats. It is fucking great to hear a mincecore band I don't laready know of. I have no idea where they are from or what they do, but I am on it, and sooner or later I will ahve more material form them, if indeed there is more to be had. Good sound, but I am willing to bet it's done with a drum machine, so minus points for that.


Ptomaina are a Polish band who sound almost excatly like the demo/first album era Dead Infection, and in my book, that is a recipe for success. A little bit more death metal than the classic DI, they are what I would call a death/grind band. Songs in between the length of a death metal and a grindcore song, subject matter being in Polish, but I guess is gory as fuck, sounds like a punk band, plenty of d-beat-esque shit going on, blast beats as well, but mostly that good old thrashy, frantic beating the crap out of your drums that I am very fond of indeed. Great band, I dunno anything about them, save this demo.


So, that's all folks, hope you enjoy, next time, back to the true grind.

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