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today i thought i should do something more productive than listening to shitty noise from my phone speakers and trying to copy other's tagging style from the internet, so i came up with the idea of refreshing the blog a bit. i have not much to say i think, no super thoughtful rant from me, just some reviews and thoughts about records i have been listening recently. also, i am very sorry but this time (and perhaps from now on) i'll make my own job a lot easier, and yours more difficult and wont upload shit to mediafire or dropbox, but link from bandcamp or youtube, if i can find everything on soulseek, you can too. lets jump right in.
(ps. this post will contain more gore than before)

from time to time mark and i have a small discussion why i love and why he doesnt like VG that much. we conclude that we dont really care about each other's opinion, rolls a joint and probably thats how we end it.
for me VG is the tits, because it sounds just like what i love in grindcore basically: songs that are very similar to each other, can almost bite into a very distinctive eerie, damp and cold, moldy dungeon-like atmosphere, scary as fuck vocal use, and from time to time a catchy-as-fuck riff -where i cannot wait until i re-listen the whole thing just to get to that part again. the band was insane and convincing live as well, needless to say. all of their stuff is golden to me, i have no idea why, VG just tingles my thingy just the perfect way.
i know a lot of people are bragging about that this band is very average and nothing special, but i prefer this a lot over their other projects, especially archagathus. i love how these riffs sound like if they would have been came up with just on the spot, and everybody in the band just knows what to do and what the next riff will sound like. it has a lot of one-string death metaly parts which i also really adore.
fucking plus points for the album art as well. i just love cut n paste grind-montages, and the whole look of this record is just top-notch for me.

what the fuck can i say? evan fucking rules. one-man goregrind exploded in the past few years over the planet, and i am eternally grateful for that towards the gods that look after the fate of grind. one of the best acts in the """"scene"""" right now is without a doubt metastasis. i love it a lot because evan is a really nice guy, he knows how grind and gore should be played perfectly and just nails it alltogether. the sound is a bit flat, but i think that is just because evan puts the recorded track on each other and thats it, you got the song, so i wouldnt bitch about that. if you havent heard of metastasis before and like goregrind, then get into it a lot.

wow, this band bring back so much memories from the time i started getting into gore and grind. i remember SFHS was one of the first things i downloaded with my slow ass internet connection around when their rehearsal demo came out. it pulled me in instantly. it has the catchiest-thrashiest riffs, insane solos, divebombs, shredding, brilliant drumming and bass sound, vocals are sometimes churning like a good wet dream, sometimes goes through almost the whole spectrum of extreme vocalisation. plus it sounds just like i love it, dirty, sleazy and with a rehearsal room atmosphere holding everything together.
the structures of the songs are handled on a master-like level, every song has its memorable parts or solos, there are no songs where you can feel they just needed some extra songs so they can release an LP instead of an EP-kind of thing, everything is in place and tact.

GOD fucking rules. i have nothing else to say. buy this record if you find if somewhere, it has everything that you will ever need if you like properly written and played grind.

great intros, great instrumentation, weird ass band history, a japanese tour, good-era-carcass-esque riffs, disgusting vocals and just goreblasts all the way. this is how i could sum up this awesome band from minnesota. the band was known for disguising themselves behind alteregos and personnel who never really were in the band, it was only two dudes and a gal doing all the work. i really love how every single riff is evil, just crawling on the guitar and has probably the best placed pinch-harmonics i can remember. similar to violent gorge, i just love how i just put an album in the player, and the whole thing just goes by as if it was just one single horrid story with gore drenched instrumentation to it.
if you liked BLB, try guitarist hagamoto's current one-man band, which is somewhat of a follow up to his old band in my opinion, its called patisserie, check it out for sure. also, here's a fun interview with them, done by braindead pierre.

if you havent heard of this band before, they the best hungarian grind band that ever existed. sadly every single member is a huge asshole by itself, and they split up eventually because of the tension and overgrown shit between them, which i can totally understand as i know them in person.
the band was known for their over the top tempo handling, dual vocals and memorable riffing. throw some AC-like stupid mocking songtitles and offensive lyrics, horrible attitude and you'll get din-addict.
my personal favorite is of course the full-length 'music for opened minds' and the split with obliterate (cuz the last song is a psych/stoner/whatever jammmm - and i like those), but down really take my word here a 100% seriously, because i am overly attached to this band in a quite sexual way.

heres a genious and classic napalm death cover by one of my favorite bands, anadorei. i want to marry them all at once. i will post all their stuff on here soon.

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