2012. október 2., kedd


So Mediafire has fucked up our account. We could hold down the fort for this long, but in the end, blogging was dead, I am just glad we were one of the last ones with our heads above water. Again, fuck ACTA, fuck copyrights, fuck economically sanctioned censorship, fuck taking off a man's blog who has 99% DIY releases on his blog, and has explicit consent from the owners and makers of a good chunk of his music. Fuck all of that, blogging is dead, it's back to 2002, hit us up on soulseek, the account is not ready but will be. Honestly, I could continue with a new mediafire, but we had more than 650 albums up already, I am completely disheartened, I'm going to leave this up here, there will be an update with our slsk account on it, hit that up when you guys get it.