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Grab a fat sack, I'm bringing the never before heard shit (on tihs blog), so sit down. It's been a while, I know, had mad shit to take care of and Marci has been a total flake about caring for the blog. I got two active bands now, Im gonna tour Holland and Germany and Slovakia and the Czech republic, and am gonna play a gig with Ratos De Porao. Pretty neat, the other band, Boz Cordolla, is recording in may, so I have had my fair share of shit to deal with, besides hustling to stay alive, raising my kids, and fucking your girlfriend.
But I gitta keep shit real, my blog is a priority. I just have not found the time to deal with it nowadays. Some of you might know, I love dub. Not dubstep, not reggae, old, grimmy as fuck, majestic as fuck, soaring high as a kite dub. And yes, there are bands out there that mix in blastbeats with dub, although they are not dub bands. The first one that comes ot my mind is Real Reggae.
They are Japanese, they fucking rule, and they mix all sorts of genres. I hope they mad eit through the tsunami unuhurt, so far all of my friends on that island have been alright, and no one is dead, although some contacts disappeared. I hope all is well over there, I am personally invested in the well being of Japan...anyway, back to the post. On some of their recordings they are just like any other Japanese fastcore band, but then, sometimes, they bust out the dub, the reggae, the pop, the grind, all sorts of metal as well, its awesome. I am just gonna put a couple of ones up here, as their discography is extensive, and I do not have all of it.

Real Reggae- THC best+ Maze
Two albums, mostly fastcore stuff, some dub thrown in, pretty decent. This is the basic starter package of Real Reggae's shit. If Real Reggae was weed, than this album would be a sick bag of Northern Lights.

Real Reggae- Time Lag's Memories
Totally engrish title, but the sickest album. Such a diverse array of shit being played, which I usually do not like, but they pull it off somehow. There is even a pop song on here, with instruments, granted, but it is a fucking pop song. This would be like a donkey dick of some reallly potent super skunk.

Real Reggae- Hellnation split
Two of my absolute favs in almost grindcore tempo HC. Favorite Hellnation song on here as well, called 'Thug'. Sloppy, lo-fi, fast, fucking great. This would be like a dime sack of haze thats tiny and grimy, but gets your whole crew blazed.

VA- Tomorrow will be worse 1.
A comp of a bunch of 7" materials, includes the split between Hellnation and Nice View, Capitalist Casualties and Flash Gordon, also, some Real Reggae that starts off wiht the most killer of all dub reggae intros. And then breaks into their old style of fucking things up. This would be like a schmorges board of dime sacks, all pretty good, some pretty fruitty.

Hellnation-Real Reagge- Slight Slappers split CD
3 way split, Hellnation bring not their peak performance, but close to it, emoed out intro as well, pretty weird. But then, like a bunch of short fast songs, and then two live sets one of Slight Slappers, and one of Real Reggae. I dont much like live sets, but these ones are alright, I guess, however, on the end of this is like one of the most killer dub tracks of all time. It starts with a dub track they played live, that one is noisy as fuck, and good, and then it changes into a studio dub track that is just mind blowing. This would be like spliff your friend and you roled, where some of it is schwag, and some of it is like golden, bomb ass nugs.

By the way, if you wanna get into dub, here is all of the Commandments Of Dub series from Jah Shaka. Enjoy.

The other thing I want to share with you is a recent discovery of mine, the early demos of Embrionic Death. The album I uploaded and ripped is called Stream of Solidarity, and is like tech/thrash/death form the early 90s, so complicated shit and weird riffing, but not in that sentence band, metalcore meshuggah none sense, which I fucking despise. Its actually good, the songs make sense and progress, even though there is like a million riffs in each song. And then I get an e-mail with some fucking awesome links in it, to their early stuff, which also rules, but is primitive.
However, this brings me to the second part of the story. It has to do with goregrind. Goregrind nowadays fucking sucks, period. Its been sucking for a while, and few people are keeping it real. This is the type of shit that should be run, Carcass, General Surgery type shit, except this one is better played and unique to a certain extent. More gore I like. Hope you enjoy, next time I will try to do a post about crust with blastbeats in it. hopefully, that will happen, been meaning to do so. Also, a post form Marci should be around soon. Also, last demo is an old rip, its in AAC format.
Embryonic Death- Dead Rotten Corpse demo 1991
Embryonic Death- Regurgitate the Dead demo 1992
Embryonic Death- Stream of Solidarity demo 1993

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