2012. május 22., kedd


So some of our links have been fucked with, but they are all back up. They simply cannot fuck with us, or hopefully, not enough people know about this for it to be on their radar. I would just like to say, if you play in a grindcore band, and you knew of your shit being removed orm the internet, or suspected ti and did not do anything about it, you are a fake, and you should go fuck yourself. If you believe in the idea of intellectual property, stop visiting this blog. And stop playing grind. I would also like to say, this removing of material due to idiotic ifnringement rights is also anti-social and excludes shit that you do not want to hear. That si the real problem with the mass media, its not that they are capitalists, and that sort of mentality has no place in music, period, its that by being this way they unintentionally promote shit that kilsl genres, and make and re-make bands, and shit like that. If you are like 12 right now, and wnat to get to know about grind, you are fed so much bulshit, just check ot blogs like this one. Its fucking sad. Also, to remind y'all of how grind should be, for real this time, and how it should be written about, here is JIGOKUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The chappa'ai stuff has been removed form the other blog, n fcat, all of the contents of the other blog have been deleted, but since all of the stuff on their is our own shit, I dont see why, must ahve eben an error. That shit is going up soon as well. Also, I may have cracked the vinyl ripping problem. If so, then FINALLY I will have the promised shit up already.
So to repeat ALL the links are fixed and back up. Stay tuned. 

2012. május 4., péntek


Hello guys!
No the blog is not dead, I just needed some time away from it, but back in action, full force and all that shit. Because there is still music in this world that is just too fucked up and nasty to just let it go without proselytising about it. But before that I have a few things to say.
One, March was a postless month because I took part in the iternet boycot. No uploading or downloading anything for the entirety of March. Many of us decided to do this, if you wer ein on it, high five, if not, then I dunno, you must be an idiot. Or not. The reason I did it is because the SOPA act and the PIPA and the more brutal, European version, the ACTA are scray business. I dunno if the boycott had any effect on the ruling to get the fuck of our backs, and ACTA failing miserably in the court, although, to be real, I think that probably one or more of the judges just enjoys kiddie porn, or midget porn, or something, and he did not want it ruining his career, so, they shot it down.
Two, I went to a show yesterday of some band sthat I did not know were gonna be playing, and it rocked, spontaneous drunken moshpit, in a rehearsal room. I felt genuinely good, this cute girl was smelling me for some reason, our basist told her I smelt bad, so she checked. Its these littlr things that make a show fun, and of course, the weed and booze and general good sentiment also help a lot. One of the bands playing are friends, and half their team bucke don em, so they got new folks, ones who play music very differently than the ones who bucked, but it is still good. This is so rare and so fucking good when this happens, change your entire rhythm section and still have a good band? You must know something.
Three, I know posting has been next to nothing, but I have not even time to sleep. Even as we speak my wife is staring at me with these eyes that are saying "this is more important to you than me, you asshole?" How do you answer a question like that? I spend all of my time devoted to blastbeats, they literally gave me purpose in life and somehting to do. I have something that I love, that most people do not have. I am fairly okay at playing them too. Realy, its the only thing I have ever wanted to do wiht my life. Before I knew any of y'all, including me wifey, I knew blast beats. And this is not answering the question. Cana ny hiuman relationship be as all consuming? Does this make blastbeats more important? I dunno. I think I am afraid fo these questions.

Damage Digital have been mentioned before, they are like a zanier, more "Japanese" version of Discordance Axis. They are really crazy, the song structures and drum beats are basically the same, but with extra annoying high snare, god I love it. I dunno why I haven't put up their two full lengths albums yet,vas I have listened the shit out of them, they are a bit more serious than the shorts. Probably because they are a Cephalochromoscope band, they play the kind of music that has its place on that wonderful blog. Which is where I got both of these albums.

The next two tapes I wanna talk about are Agathocles stuff. The best AG material was written between 1994 adn 1998 in my humble opinion, and the best in that is when they played wiht that drummer guy who was really good at blastbeats. He was on all of their 95-96 shit. Most people do not like ot think of AG as being a good band, but they are. Even their live shit is killer on here. On one of the tapes they are playing n a radioshow, and it is fucking intense. Also on that tape is Rot form their classic, super burly, super primitive monkey noise attack of fucking rage state, when they were very sloppy and the songs were just SO good. On that tape also is the incredibly forgettable Masher. Mince band, though, so give em credit. Its hard to be Mince. The other tape is a live of AG and also has my special favorites Dahmer on it as well, and a creepy sounding, spazztic American or Canadian band (judging fomr the sound) called Jangle. They are kinda nice I guess. Too bad they released a tape with two of the best bands in the genre, because it is hard to get credit like that. Dahmer sounds hela raw and tight live. Sound Corrupter are also on here, they suck. Its like noise grind kindergarden.


Next up is the noisey, raw, raw shit of Melanocetus Murrayi. Truly unmarvelled in sheer pummeling onslaught of just garbage noise, this band can be exemplified in just one word: relentless.
The highlight of these tapes for me is the split with Industrial Noise. First off, Industrial Noise is fucking great, noise/grind or just raw grind, the music is weitten, but there si pplenty of just playing aorund in it too. Loose atmosphere, leaking almost. Its sick. And the MM side of it is like a noise grind band, but it sounds like a band, you can hear that there are insturments involved, its weird. Usually you dont know what the fuck is happening to your ear drums wiht these guys. Their self titled tape is like really fucking long, endless barage of noise. All of the tape rips were made by Marci, so big up for contribuiting.


So there was a hardcore band from the States called Deadfall. They released 3 EPs, did their thing, were around for a bit then split up. Then some of the members founded another band, called Nightstick Justice. The former was a fast, kinda political American hardcore, with, sometimes, blastbeats. The latter is more like an old school faster type of hardcore band, and is fucking killer. Not sure which one is better, overall, as they are both really good. I hardly know anything at all about these bands, but they are on par with Tear It Up for me.


Leaving you yet again with some classics. All of these were intended for the blog a long time ago anyhow, so yeah. The first is Entrails Massacre and their split with Cruel Face. Fuckin eh, EM in their prime, probably one of their best records ever. I own this one, but this is not my rip, my vinyl rips are just NOT sounding good at all. Maybe if I wasn't a complete idiot with machinery of any sort, this would not be an issue. Cruel Face are a Brazilian hardcore band that has leanings towards grind. It is fucking great, and on this recors I would say they are as good as Entrals Massacre's side. For me to say that is quite an honour, really, I have a serious soft spot for EM. Tons of blastbeats, good sound quality, in a way, although extra fuckin grimey. Highly recommended.
The other is Excruciating Terror. I have not put anything on here yet form tem, and I cannot seem to remember why. For a while, I only had this EP of them, and when I got a hold of their longer material, I was disappointed. The riffs were great, even cooler than Phobia riffs, but so sloppy, with the drumming so shitty, and the sound so high tech and sterile, it was aweful. Since then I have come to love those two albums, but like how one loves a relative who is insane. This EP however, is true love. The vocals are great, the sound is grimey and foggy, and all kinds of different flavors of fucked up. Sloppy and raw too. Really some of the best grind you can get.

Next post coming soonish, lots of new shit to talk about, so keep an eye out.