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We have an AWESOME post for you today. It will be full of albino animals. I like 'em, their weird looking. Also, got some e-mails and some comments from friends (not you), saying the blog gets updated TOO OFTEN, and that they cannot keep up. So, smaller posts, more pictures of animals. Nah, just this post, I'm in one of my gay moods, so there. Just bare with me, cutetsy whitey freakish animals demand the death of Michael Vick, and with good reason.


Also, see how cute that one is? It can chew your face off. Completely.
I can see on the flagcounter over there, that the most hits have been taken by Yankees. My dear 'Muhricans, welcome to the rest of the world. You are no longer special ever since that NDAA fucked your country sideways. Now youre like an eastern-european country, dare I say it, like Mother Russia herself! On the serious note though, my condoloences, and welcome to the rest of the world, now, when American crusties talk about their sympathy and their solidarity with the Third World, I will be able to believe them.

Those are a bunch of albino hedgehogs, to console American crusties.
Boy, boy, boy, do I have a special post for you guys. All of the Peel Sessions on one release. The first part has the artwork that I scanned at my new job (I know, I know), and this is a 3 CD release, by Earache, dont tell them though, or they will rip my site to shreds, what with all of the old grind and the Wormrot shit up on here too. This has all of the Peel Sessions, and they are some of the best of some of the best bands to fuck around with our many, many genres of fucked up fast music. Has BOTH Napalm Death sessions, one with Barney, and the other with Nick Bullen, Carcass, ENT, Intense Degree, Heresy, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh and Unseen Terror. Not in that order. In this one:

As awesome as that is, there is yet more awesomeness to come. I have been looking at Cellgrafts blog, and it is the case that they are currently recording a new full-length, which I am waiting for like the motherfucking messiah, also, I looked into some of the bands they play live with, which brought em over to the Gainesville Punks blog. Looking at these bands, I had to come ot the realization that there is all of this awesome grindcore in America that I do not know shit about. Shit's embarrasing, son. So I got in depth with these motherfuckers, and I would like to hit you up with some of their shit.

Gripe are super PV influenced, sound like a hardcore band for most of the record, many slow mid-tempo parts suitable for headbanging, some 2 step shit on here as well. Nice gruff vocals, sweet high ends, tuned down, but the blast parts are very typically grindcore, spastic and fucked up. This shit is gonna get a lot better as well, I can already tell. Also, cops on segways, man.

These guys are really weird. The best in this batch, in my hunble opinion. More of the PV vein, tons of really fucking slow parts, frantic blastbeats, and tons and tons of noise, feedback, and smaples. Im gonna go out on a limb here and give these guys the best use of the sampler in 2011 award. Shit's awesome.

Lots of bands, 24 of them, some of them really fucking good, some of them drum machine grind bands, got a few death/grind bands on here, and one or two bands that are shitty metalcore with blastbeats added just so they can dick ride the grindcore monicker. You know who you are, no need to name call, fuck right off. The rest of the bands rule, though. Mostly hardcore with blastbeats, also some obscure, noisy grind bands.

The motherfucker from Cogs And Sprockets, Andrés Wade, has also been busy, killing the grindcore trademark for the rest of us,producing awesome noise induced, straight up grindcore, with nothing but blastbeats, and innovating the genre with new horizons of shortness and brutality, also raweness. I know, stop dick riding, but its difficult.
So this is his bandcamp page, where all the shit that I cannot find can be found.
You know I have posted much of shit in the past, and will continue to do so, unless he decides to do some whack shit. He also got a split with a breakcore band, called White Ninja, and it is really good too. But this is his Black Friday EP, and also, some tracks from 2 comps, that I totally stole from this guys blog. The EP is really fucking good, longer songs and more sloppy than the rest of his shit, but great songs on here, though.

Yes the last two pictures were of an albino peacock. So?

Thats gotta be like the cutest fucking dog ever. I am seriuosly thinking of getting an albino pink nose pitbull, but I hear they dont fare well in project buildings, so I will have to move first.

Lt Dan are an American mincecore band that sound, look and act like fucking Agathocles. This is their split with SMG, whom I continue to love, despite their shit being totally hit or miss, this record is definitely hit, total mince record. For the true cheeseheads out there. Keep that shit mincing hard.

Also, did you realize that 1982 was 30 years ago? 30 years of blastbeats, man. Insanity. If you count that jazz shit, I guess its more like 40. Damn.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLuiVJBZyVM

    2:00 in, first "metal" blast beat courtesy of Billy Joel's metal band Attila. 1970.