2011. január 4., kedd


Melanocetus Murrayi are an excellent noise-grind-harsh, totally crazy, totally authentic mindfuck of a band. They are excellent people, as I have mentioned when I posted their split with Noituus and Praia De Vomito, earlier. Well, since then, Dimitris, their guitarist has sent me like 4 Cds, 6 tapes and a 7" of their material, which I shall get to work on ripping for you guys. For right now, here are 3 CDs, as the 4th on is the one I ahve mentioned above. Much love to Mao, Dimitris and LaLa for these.

The frist one is the split between them and PTAO, a Czech noise-grind band, it is friggin amazingly good, their side is one track fo non-stop noise barrage where youc an kinda pick out the instruments, but its really really just gut wrenching garbage noise. PTAO side has a long rehearsal jam sort of thing, not the best in my opinion, although incredibly tight. After that are 40 songs in 2 and a half minutes, that one i like much more, and then 4 songs in one and a half minute, that shit is the best.

Here is also the split between Final Exit and PTAO. I am only putting this up because it is so fucking awesome. Final Exita re a rcok and roll influenced noise grind, harsh band. Totally uniue, but obviously Japanese. Very good stuff, and PTAO side is also very strong. Uncountable amounts of short tracks.

Next up is their split with Vulgar Nausea. The Melanocetus side is basicaly white noise, with really low, distorted vocals, and a washing machine or something in the background. Cool intro stuff as well, one long track of total noise, the drums are not very audible on this one, and the drums are always pretty quiet with this band, but here they are mostly indistinguishable form the rest of the background noise. Vulgar Nausea side is similar to Napalmed and other such power electronics things. Its really hit or miss, if you like that sort fo thing, you will like them for sure. Very experimental, off the grid type of shit.

The last tidbit is the Harsher Than Life 4 way, which is a toss up between Potabilizadora, Melanocetus Murrayi, Funeral Mongoloids and Colico. Potabilizadora are a sort of techno influenced harsh noise band, with gameboy stuff and interesting samples, also something that sounds like a guitar, but mostly white noise and harsh bursts of feed back. The melano side is even more fucked up and lurking and bestial than their usual efforts. on this one it is particularly harsh, the vocals are a little bit more human, but still very far from it. It sounds like deep sea creatures fucking up a sound studio. Funeral Mongoloids seems to be harsh noise with drums and screaming over it. There is also a lot of intros of a dude speaking what I presume to be Swedish. Also, they remind me a lot of Deche-Charge. Colico is really weird, they have like samples but also grind, and are sort of nicely recorded, its just strange.

So yeah, more like that once i feel good enough to go over to Marci's to rip tapes. Right now I am ill from standing in the cold for 40 days. Also, my vinyl rips are coming along, but they still suck, but soon this will be a problem of the past.

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  1. Thanks man! Much love for Final Exit here.

  2. respeck bro!!!
    i keep an eye on your blog ever since you mentioned in to me.


  3. great fucking blog bro!
    blast beats and bong rips forever!

  4. reload MELANOCETUS MURRAYI/RATTENKRIEG split tape, pls)