2011. január 27., csütörtök


So, this post has been waiting for 22 days. I don't know what to say, except my humblest apologies. That is all. To make up for it, I am just gonna insult you a whole bunch. Also, mediafire would not work. There is just nothing I can do about that.

So, I am gonna post about al these bands that people just do not talk about anymore. This will be a kind of post from now on. I am gonna start with Negligent Collateral Collapse and 324 wiht this post. We all know who they are. We all know their shit. But we just do not talk about em anymore. This infuriates me. The difference between grind and metal and hardcore and all these genres and pop music, aside form actual usage of originality and creative enterprise, DIY mentality and doing somehting for the sake of it being done other than money, is that we do not follow trends. Remember that one? Liking shit just because you like it, not cuz a whole bunch of other retards like it? Yeah, didn't think so. Let's not degenerate into cock rock. Let's not forget about bands we liked in the past. Keep shit real, man.
So NCC (short for Negligent Collateral Collapse) split up, I think, some members now play in a sub-par gore grind band called Jig-Ai, some of them are not doing anything. They were a goreish grindcore band, not very fast at all, sometimes using drum machines, sometimes using real drummer, and all of their songs were about science, mathematics, zoogeography and zoology, nanotechnology, biology, implants, nuclear physics, and of course drug abuse. I rather like them, they fucking rule, the vocals are positively inhuman.

NCC- Reprocess Segment Database Extender (an older one, really fucking cool sounding).

NCC- Sick Atoms (all the songs are about drugs).

NCC- Paranormal Nanodivision (weird one, one of my favs).

NCC- Catasexual Urge Motivation split tape (all the NCC tracks are about extinct animals. used to hate this tape, but now i love it, although CUM are still not my cup of tea, they are alright, in a cheesy sort fo way).

NCC- 28 minutes of silence (has a bunch fo extras on it, saves me from getting a hold of some of their demos and outtakes and shit. cool album as well).

VA- United States Of Goregrind (they play some classics here with drum machine, they play with Corporal Raid, who I have stated are absolutely weird, unique, technical and sloppy, Screaming Afterbirth, who I dont really like. They are great people, but this band just aint doin it for me. And Devourment, who are a slammin' death metal band).

VA- 4 Way split (Some fo the best shit ever to happen. Filth suck on this one, and in general, NCC is on top of their game, Downthroat I have never heard of, before or since, and they are alright, and CBT are on this one, who fucking suck, always).

Remember 324? Why does nobody like them anymore? Am I just hanging out wiht the wrong people? Do all of you just smoke crack? Is it too metal for you? Is it too technical? Are the riffs too weird? Do you just not get it? Who the fuck else sings like that? Better question still, who plays songs on their first demo and on their new album as well? Who has a drum solo that is 7 measures of blastbeat, one measure of roll, and then ends the song on the following note? Who has a picture disk that is a picture from high time magazine? 324, that's who. I am gonna go and get high now. You guys have some catching up, or reacquainting to do. I also wanna use this time to give a shout out to Atilla Tumor. Son, thanks for the 324, the shit you do nowadays prevents me from hangin out with you, but you are still my brother. Keep it real, son.

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  1. LOVE 324. Best shit. You're missing the Slight Slappers split, and Across Black Wings on your discog though. Oh, and comp tracks like on the BLEEEEAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Comp. Modify is such a good song.

  2. yes it is. i have the bleauuurgh comp, anything else, throw me a link, i also love slight slappers, had no idea they had a split together. i dont really care about accuracy. smoke weed!