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I have not had the sufficient time to post on here, so there is a lot of things for me to talk about. First off, the comments are getting out of conrol. I think I managed to piss off a bunch of people with not responding to comments due mostly to my inability to work computers and things related to computers. But the disclaimer clearly says that I dont care about comments, none the less, I want to apologize to Papst Benedikt and the Epileptic Fit guys for not responding.
Also, BLUNTS AND BLASTS IS BACK!!!!! Thats like the best news ever.
Also, I just got done with touring in Holland, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and got to play in Budapest with Ratos De Porao and then Tragedy. Also played a single gig this weekend in Ukraine, which is always the most awesome thing ever, and thats why I didn't post.
So let's get started, shall we? NO rant, only music.

So first I wanna talk about things happening here at home, in Hungary. There are now so many awesome bands here, its incredible, there a couple of crust bands, couple of grind bands, couple of awesome fast as fuck hardcore bands, I am very, very happy about this, got to a street punk show as well, I don't like the music, but these guys know how to have a good time. If a Hungarian band wirtes to you about gigs, please book them, we are getting better all the time, we dont ask for much, and we are very happy to play anyway. So many bands that I could mention who play awesome music, and many of them have already been mentioned on this site, but just to give a few, who play blastbeats, Freedom Is A Lie, Gyalázat, PFA, Dance Or Die, Another Way, Jack, Karak, Youth Violence, Mind Your Step, Grow Up Fuck It Up, Crippled Fox, seriously, this list could just go on and on and on, man, I am very happy to share the stage with these folks.
Youth violence is one of these awesome new bands, from Győr, I believe, anyways, affiliated with Győr. They have a blog, it is very good, they play like PV thrash stuff, but really heavy and awesome with the atmospheric-ness, they are not a clone band, unique, fast and awesome. The sound is somewhat "dark", but still really, really good. Great people as well.

Youth Violence demo i
Youth Violence demo ii

The next thing is also Hungarian, silly thrash by the Step On It guys, whom I now play music with. He is gonna hate me for posting this, but ima do it, cuz this is one funny ass band. It's called Frank Derbin, from the Naked Gun series, and I think it was pressed in 2 (!!!!) copies on a 7". Parody songs with riffs lifted from Star Wars, Knight Rider, Metallica and all sorts of other places.

Frank Derbin- Play That Thrashcore Music, White Boy

Just got back from the Ukraine, as I had mentioned earlier, and i picked up a 3 way grindcore CD (the last band is actually sludge), and Ima give it to you. For free. It starts with Skruta, who have members of the Symbioz in it, who we toured with in 2009, and this is their grind band, and it rules. Good quality grind, Kolja growling his head of, he has some very in your face, brutal as fuck traditional grind growls, so good, and the drumming is craziness, every 2nd riff is a blast beat, the way its ment to be. They are great people as well, love these guys. Next is Foible Instinict from Kiev, they also rule, Nasum-esque in a way, good vocals, solid drumming, really catchy grind riffs, they got massively better than the last time I saw them, which was 3 years ago, now they absolutley rule, they play a GG Allin cover on this one as well, which is weird for a grind band. Also they play a sludge track at the end, which is also strange. They are rawer than Skruta, but Skruta are a bit more professional. Both bands fuckin rule, however, great grindcore CD. The last band is called Forever Wasted, and it is sludge, got drunk wiht their drummer, cool guy, but I dont like slow music, so ima not say anything.

Skruta/Foible Instinct/ Forever Wasted

Next up is the Melanocetus Murrayi boys playing d-beat much like Disclose, but way noisier (I know, right?), and with that good World, GBN influence, cuz those guys just worship them so much. Go Filth Go are the d-beat fo the future, to end this nonesense thats been passed as d-beat. Got this tape from Dimitris, who also plays in this one. And that is the drummer Mao playing some d, the way it was meant to be. No blastbeats in it, but the whole thing is so raw and filthy, it deserves a place on this blog, and plus they are grind fanatics, so....

Go Filth Go- No Escape From Noise Dis-truction

So, the famous Grindwork compilation. Perhaps the most awesome grind compilation in existence, it features Nasum, Retaliation, Vivisection and CSSO, in that order. Since almost all of you have this comp, im also gonna throw in some follow up stuf to it. If you dont have this comp, immediately download it. Retaliation and Vivisection are both better than Nasum on this comp, and I would say that Vivisection (the one from Japan, of course) is better in general. I really dont like CSSO, but I am going to post some follow up on them as well.

Retaliation are like an awesome grind band from Sweden, real metal like, used to play gore, kinda stayed gore influenced, but changed their style up to be more of that Assel, Gadget sort of Swede grind stuff. Super negative and fucked up, their attitude is quiet like my favs Ulcerrhoea. Their sound is quiet different, more metal and all that. This is their discography, and it includes their early gore stuff as well.

Vivisection are from Japan and are an amazing grind band in the tradition of Voltifobia, Impregnate Trichonomas, etc. I dont know anything about them except that I got their demo off of Damaging Noise, as a whole tape rip, and took it apart into tracks. As usual, I leave the whole rip and the track by track rip in the same folder, for those times when you wanna listen to it like an mp3, and for those times when you want the tape experience. And I have this comp and also their split with CSSO. That's about it. The vocals are super shrill at times, and at other times are real rude growls full of hate and piss. The drummign is really fucking fast, the whole band is raw, tight, with awesome little twists, and mostly just blast beats. These type o grind bands are the best things on this planet.

I wanna do a follow up on the blast beat crusts tuff because tis the post that most of you liked. The middle guy in the picture with the hair and SOIA shirt is me. To my right is Csiga of Human Error, to the left is Davey, a scottish maniac skinhead guy who eats porn DVDs. For real, I fuckin saw it, man.

Global Holocaust are 90s Canadian blast beat crust, super political and poignant, and all that shit. But they are good, man, really good. Also, I got to know them because Ulcerrhoea plays a cover of theirs. This is not their whole discography, I dont think, because they just have more and more shit popping up every time I search for them. Most of this is off of KTGA!, and I don't own a single thing by them at all. I know, lame, but whaccha gonna do?

Also, I found the Dismachine/Totalitar split LP, I already talked enough about this band in a previous post, Totalitar are like they always are, Dismachine are blast beat fuckin crust. Also gonna hook it up with the Drunkard/Cornucopia split 7", as Drunkard are blast beat crust, and Cornucopia are a mincecore band. On this record Cornucopia play their best, sort of screamoed out even, but in a way that is not too bad for a mince band. It is definitely their darkest and most emotional recording, and I love this band, by the way, obsess over Cornucopia all the time. Drunkard are from Australia, and are really good on this record, have never heard anything else by them, but they play fucking great d-beats mixed with blasts, the recording is way too clean, but really enjoyable, high energy, fuck you right up. Also, Ima put some Existench on here, just for good measure. They are Canadian too, and also play blast beat with their crust. They have the best name in the history of fucking crust bands. This is a split with Dread 101. Classic records on here, man.....

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