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So there is gonna be a rant in this one, just to tell you. But first, I am waaay too excited to do that, and I must tell you about updates. The first is that not only is Blunts and Blasts back, but the guy who deos it, Lord Kramdar, besides being of Hungarian origin, which is the coolest coincidence ever, has a new band! Does this mean Epileptic Fit bit the dust? Yes, sadly it does. However, his new band, which he does not have a drummer (for all of you cleaveland grind freaks need to get in touch with this man NOW), aside from the drum machine fucking rules. It's called Thought Rapist and you can check em out HERE. I think its his one man, anyhow, fucking awesome stuff, includes a Dahmer cover, which more of you need to do. Also, no vocals, except on the covers.

Those of you familiar with USA grindcore, or this blog, or both will know what this picture means. Cellgraft are fucking back. They did this album a while ago, but I am a total space cadet, and did not pick it up until now. They have a split in the works (probably out by now...), and I just cannot wait. Y'all know how nerdy I get with this type of shit, obsessive and what not. At first I did not like it as much as the other two, cuz the snare is not annoying sounding enough, like on the other releases (I love annoying high pitch snare, I might post about that next. Or more tape rips), but quiet normal like. But once you get behind it, man, this is such an awesome release, I like it more and more every time I give it a go. Less rolls then on the previous one, but still a ton. In comparisson, this one makes the previous one seem a little bit overdone in that department, seeing as how form fitted the drumming is to the guitars, and how awesome this one is. My mp3 player cannot handle it, cuz its mp4, so it has become my official coming home and getting high music.

Also in the updates section is some Hungarian stuff, as I really like the things that are happening in this part of the world right now, and some things I got at a show a while ago. First up is the picture you see above you. This band is solid as fuck crust, no blast beats, but sometimes the drummer busts out the fastcore tempo, which is fun. They are a lot like Disrupt musically, but with the vocals and the atmosphere being much closer to the Swedes than anything. The first track is basically some acoustic guitars and shit, thats pretty whack. The intros are real hitters for me as well, some of them in Hungarian. The singer hooked it up, who used to play drums in Human Error, the band I now play in, so he is my predecessor. He has like a million other awesome bands, including Gyalázat and Freedom Is A Lie, where he brings some of the most solid d-beats and blasts in the country. Really well written shit on here as well, could be faster though.

Do You Think I Care? Demo 2010

You know what else fucking slays totally and absolutely? Remember that Alea Iacta Est shit I threw your way in the early days of this blog? Delete that shit. They just hit me up with a promo, and it blows fucking 80% of grind today out the fucking water. This band got a lot better, and thats saying a lot, as they fucking ruled before hand as well, but get a hold of em now. Faster, same drumming style with the fastcore tempo met with triplet out of control Czech style blastbeats, the vocals are raspy as fuck and really, really traditional, but in the best of ways, and the riffing is awesome as well. They are like the next Ulcerrhoea. They fucking own, and good folks as well, although their singer likes to promote these gigs, with these college kids and their whack ass pop music. But I won't hold it against him. It's a living.

Harvester. What can I really say about this band? They have been around for quiet a bit now, we share a front man, who is absolutely insane, they play grind n roll for metalheads, they are metalheads, drink more than a port full of Irish dockworkers, and their live shows are entertaining as fuck, although I haven't seen them play in like 2 years, so why dont I shut the fuck up and talk about the CD? It's called 'We Are The Nottenbohm Case', I am not sure what a Nottenbohm case is, although the singer explained it to me, but as it happens when I meet this guy, we were drunk, and I can't remember what it means. Perhaps one of you smart ass guys can elaborate in the comments. As always, they bring the stonerish stuff in it as all hell, its pretty slow for a grindcore band, which they swear they are not, the music is full of weird shit as well. The sound is fairly clean, the lyrics are fucking crazy. Metalled out guitar stuff, primitive and tight drumming, you get the idea.

The next CD I picked up at a gig. It is some Lithuanian thrash called GFT, and their live set was good, but the drummer could not hold the fast parts. Not dissing, just calling it like I see it. It is thrash that is exclusively about drinking, living your life and skateboarding, as well as, surprise, surprise, smoking weed. If you are into that sort of thrash, real typical like, then you will dig this, it is a good example of the genre. The sound is grimy as fuck, the bass is louder then the guitar, which I love, the drums sound like cardboard, which I also love. The vocals are real honest like, just loud nasal speaking, with a fucking funny accent. You hear the voice, and you feel like you know the guy. Pretty mediocre in many respects, but Ima throw it on here, it has its moments.

Also got that hot new shit from Cogs and Sprockets. By new, I mean they already sold all of the physical copies. But they hook it up with an e-booklet, and a sick cover on this one. Man, this band is also firmly lodged within my heart, for a number of reasons. The songs are never over half a minute long, although they have gotten demonstrably longer than the last thing I heard from him, the sound is always grimy as fuck, the song titles kick ass. They moved away from their older sound, which had an annoyingly high snare, rehearsal room sound and Discordance Axis-esue riffage. Now the riffs are more, I dunno, traditional grind, but still really fucking innovative and awesome, also, no more annoying snare sound. I hope this does not turn into a trend, I love annoying snares. Each song has a picture instead of lyrics as a song title, and they speak louder than fucking words. Also, just one guy. Insanity. How do fuck do you have time to learn to play all of these instruments that well and also like, sleep and eat and shit? The theme on this one seems to be homeless folks, the one I put up earlier seemed to be blindness. I refer to theme loosely here, of course. If i would give points, I would give ten out of ten, but fuck that.

Cogs And Sprockets- Arms For The Poor

So you know how sometimes I throw a bunch of shit from one band up here? If you don't happen to know Demisor, then this is your lucky day. This is not BY FAR a complete discography, its the stuff I have and like from these guys. They are from Singapore, and you can feel the grime as only South East Asian bands can make you feel it. Faster than what can be played, sloppy, but somehow still fuckin tight. I go nuts for this kind of grind, and we are seriously thinking of touring in the South of Asia. Every album is a little different, some of them are really, really, metaled out, I could talk about each one of them for a while, but instead of that, let me sum it up: lots of funny intros of Asian pop music, solid as fuck playing, blastbeats, d-beats, the high vocals are really typical of this sort of music, the low vocals sound a little like the guy from Autoritar. Got most of this shit off of KTGA! Awesome grindcore band, bit of crust, bit of hardcore, bit of metal towards the end there, always awesome though.

Now its time for me to go on a rant. I haven't done it in a while, but some shit pissed me of so bad, that I must do this now.

GENT FUCKING SUCKS!!!!! I was blissfully unaware of this genre until last weekend, when my old guitarist and I got together at his house, and he put this shit on. Man, of all the worthless, time wasting, listless, lifeless pieces of shit out there, this genre has to take the cake. If you are still one of those unaware of this genres existence, take Meshuggah, mix it up with everything that sucks that has happened in the past 10 years in music, throw it in a blender, add a bunch of nonesense and fake ass "emotion", and there you have it. The only thing to say about it is that it is really technical, and difficult to memorize the riffs.
Come on. Thats it? I bring you Biolich, a band that broke up a few years back, but who were really technical and difficult riffage, blah blah blah, but guess what? Their riffs actually went somewhere, and it was not a fucking chorus of castratis pouring the pitiful contents of their inflated hearts into your ears.

Enough of that. Biolich fucking ruled, when I lived in NYC they played like every weekend or so, along with Corpemesis and Internal Bleeding. Their guitarist must have been like 16 or some shit, their frontman was this cannonball of a guy, easily 120 kilos and 160 cm, and the drummer was like a jazz guy who was obsessed with death/grind, at least judging from the sound and the licks, he fucking owned so hard it was unbelievable. The music is utterly unique, its death/grind in a way, but with these soulful, almost emoed out riffs in there, the vocals are like the sickest gutturals, few get even near this guy. The songs are all fucked up, man, opens some new horizons in music.
I personally prefer the promo, cuz I had it when it came out, its my own rip of the damn thing, must have heard it like 10000 times at least. I thought about making a post just about the promo, but who wants to hear me get sentimental? It ain't pretty.

The "album" is also good, similar songs, but the old ones were better, for me, at least, but these guys cant make bad shit. My advice is to listen to the grimy, rehearsal-esue promo first, and then go for the album. It so so good, man, orgasmic.

I leave you with a classic. Regurgitate at their absolute best. Grudge fucking rule as well, both are the reason why grind is awesome. Grimy, filthy, fucked up, utter explosion of hate, X2. Also, Ima end it with a call for help. If you have anything else from Grudge, hook it up, you see me doing my thing as well. I will put it up on here for everyone to hear. The obscurity is killing me, I have spent years trying to get more shit from them, and I have found that it exists, but no one has it, man. So please, hook that shit up.

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