2010. július 16., péntek

shoot the flying luttenbacteria cult.

i have nothing special to say right now, just some really fast and noisy shit to show.
sorry, i cant rant and rave that much as mark, but soon ill come up with something he does all the time. but heres a really cool picture, i laughed on it for like an hour. enjoy.

first stuff is a demo from leeds based power violence band SHOOT THE BASTARD. i know the drummer for years, but we havent talked for a while now, but warren does really awesome stuff on this little demo. straight ahead, noisy and fuckin raw, no bass, and agressive. really good.
shoot it.

next up is a concept album by one of my favourite bands of all time, THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS. its something like black metal inspired inside-out noisy free jazz chaos. really evil stuff, part 4 is one of the best songs ever written. weasel walter plays insanely fast blastbeats, as well as mick barr and ed rodriguez on guitar. the bass player is mike green from noise band BURMESE. gotta check this out if you dont know the luttenbachers yet, this is a really good starting point to love them.
void of void of void of void.

and the last thing in this post today is a live set of BACTERIA CULT, a project of chris dodge, power violence living legend and pioneer from bands like spazz, despise you, lack of interest, etc, you know. this stuff is a lot like usual power electronics/harsh noise acts, but with 4 members, really cool stuff. sounds like early bastard noise records to me, i love it.
get the D-ZEEZ.

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