2010. július 5., hétfő

/////////\\\\\\\\\\ <- this is a mustache.

hey there worshippers. this post will be about some really obscure, noisy and untalented music again, but now im going to borrow some links from my friend Sasho, who runs YOUBLEEDWESMILE, which is full with KVLT STVFF.

so the first kvlt shit is Anal Macabre's epos, the favourite albumtitle of the blastbeat worshippers, UNTALENTED BOYS. its a lot like Sauerkraut, awful noisy stuff, sloppy playing, and horrible quality. you cant hate it, its a terror listening to it, but its so satisfying in a way. it was recorded in 1995, 22 tracks, each fuckin awesome. mark could bitch about this record for hours, i cant, im too lazy right now, and mark is somewhere in germany selling hats or something like that.

untalented and fucked up

next up is an epic album from Sauerkraut from bulgaria (AM is from bulgaria too by the way). you know them. i dont have to talk about it. its pure noise without any talent. fuck yeah.

*bulgarian title i cannot translate*

thanks for reading or not. marci.

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