2010. június 30., szerda

im 12, and what is this?

ok, tonight i have some ridicoulously awesome shit. portal. the australian one. sorta death metal, which i dont like, but this one is like HOLY FUCK.
familiar with lovecraft? the dude, who invented sci-fi horror, SCORROR (we disgussed this one with mark tonight). ever thought about what 'soundtrack' should have been in the lovecraftian universe? well, it must be something like this. call it 'avant-garde' or 'superprogressive experimental music' not even 'horrible noise', because its not just noise. its geniously written and played professional music. i cant even imagion how the writing process should be with such music. i dont know, heroin?

i always hated that typical scary-wannabe atmosphere that was in disneys cartoons, where the badguys lived, and i hated those fake-scary shit all happened there. well portal looks like that picture but with a lovecraftian shot. this look is amazing. scary as shit, and mysterious. and i love it. come on, his head is a fuckin hat. how awesome is that? wanna know whats more awesome?
this. now. i forgot what i wanted to say, but ill write it when im sober.
have an awesome night, like just i had. be sure to roll a spliff, turn off the light, listen to some portal through headphones, and read some lovecraft. enjoy.


and everything from lovecraft.

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