2010. június 19., szombat

Other People's Shit, That I wish Were My Own

So, I was cruising the internets when I found some shit that needs to be posted as other people's shit. It is from this blog, which is not yet on our blog roll, but will most likely be before you read this entry. I keep on finding new and awesome shit all over the place, with some blogs having just one or two albums or EPs, or even demos that I want, and I must say, it is making me super pleased. It is pleasing me.
The music on here is the awesome Wakenn Karole Romanoff, who rule, and this is their demo, and also their split with Rob Berdella, which cover I supplied ever so graciously, at the header. It is really fucking filthy hardcore, power violence if you will, realy friggin fast, and it is just music that feels so right when you hear it, like, yeah, this is what it should sound like, if its gonna be like this, and if its not sounding like this, why make it like this? I dunno if that made sense, but its awesome. The sound quality is again a bit mysterious, but I like it. I like this sort of sound quality. It is lo-fi but not too much, just enough where you cannot hear everything, but it enhances everythign that is happening. It sounds organic, alive, gritty, stinking, messed up, not overly noisy like some Japanese hardcore or crasher crust, and not an intentional bedroom recording either. They wanted to make it sound good, not too fancy, and that is what they did. I really like the way the songs are written too, a little bit like Short Hate Temper, short songs, fast as fuck. I think you get the idea.

Its fucking good.

To speak further of sound quality that is raw and delightful, one of my all time favorite bands, Entrails Massacre, are totally like that. This is Their split with Subcut, a classic by all means. Got it off a tarde on the internet, never even saw a copy of it. How sad is that? I don't feel like its other peoples shit, cuz it was a trade, and I fell in love with it so hard, I used to listen to the Entrails Massacre side everyday when I would get high, so I heard it a great deal. This is not my rip, but one that is much cooler, with inlay and all that shit. I am almost certain that I got it from Keep The Grindcore Alive. Which is one of the best places on earth. If I could, I would move there.
Entrails Massacre play grindcore, whaever anyone might say. Its abit soulful, much more so than other siht I like, but its really aggressive, and the vocals are still really good on this one. They are good later on too, but not this good. The guitars sound all out of tune, and they make each riff totally unique, the sound on this album is also totally unique, this is one of the prime examples of how a grindcore record should sound. The first song has to be the best thing to get high too.
The Subcut side is also really good, hyperblasting, raw as fuck political grindcore that is pissed and typically South American, but it just pales in comparisson. If this were a split with any other band during any other era, they would be the standout. But the yget owned, as tghis is one of those rare times when a band out does not just itself, but just happens to make that one record that is so good it just makes most other things look weak in comparrison.

You know you want to hear it after that rant.

I also wt to congratualte myself, as this is the firts time that I only wrote about the music. This will be kept to a minimum. Butt I could not help it, and this is long enough for now. When I get my vinyl ripping in order, it is over for you guys, though.

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