2010. június 24., csütörtök


everybody who is familiar with power violence knows what this word of expression was meant to be. when it came out it was the ultimate compilation, and it still is. it was released by the ultimate, the one and only chris fuckin dodge's (from spazz, lack of interest, despise you legend for you dumb fucks who dont know) label, SLAP-A-HAM records.

Bleeeaaaarghhhhh! was a compilation of compilations. it had 3 volumes, having every notable band from that time from every kinds of scenes and styles, but the aim and the message was the same. the aim was to have a lot of bands with songs less than a few seconds, fast as fuck ripping hardcore only. and the message was music war (as the 3rd Bleeeaaaarghhhhh!'s title said, the music war.)

download it, or i will never ever like you.

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