2010. június 21., hétfő


(check the sweetass insect warfare shirt on fitri on the left!!!)

just came home from a shitty but awesome gig from next street. ive seen FUTURE RUINS, which is massmörd, but with another name and was awesome. ive seen TOTALICKERS too, the best thing was they had members of VIOLENT HEADACHE, which is even more awesome. other bands who played was NYŰG ÉS SAVÓ, who sucked, but it was fun listening to, and my band, we sucked very hard. couldnt play single crossed out cover right.... never mind me, im a bit post-high&drunk.

so this post will be about a girl and three guys from singapour, who i became friends with last week. they came to the homecity of this blog, budapest. these guys are fuckin insane. they played their whole set so fast and intense, i couldnt believe it. oh and the most awesome surprise was that they played two insect warfare covers, including EVOLVED INTO OBLITERATION, which is a hymn or theme song for this blog... well kinda.

the 12", ABUSE is a pure straight ahead grindcore, no mercy, no bullshit. one guitar, one drumset and one vocalist. its my favourite grindcore band alive since insect warfare died. this record was released by earache, well yeah... but really awesome cover art!!!
the 7", BASTARDPHOBIC is a lot more goregrind influenced shit, with a lot of pitchshifted vocals, and riffs that reminds me of gorepolka. two really awesome records from the kings of grindcore from singapour.

i packed the full length and the EP to the same rar, sorry guys... and this video is their show in budapest (well, CSEPEL, to be exact.)

oh, and it was put up to badongo, mediafire wont work at my computer, dunno why :/

♥: marci.


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