2010. június 10., csütörtök

Obscure Grindcore Demo Tapes

Hello there folks. For the first time in the short and amuzing history of this blog, I will rant about things that are actually going to be part for the post. I want to say a few words about format. For different kinds of music, there are different formats which fit it best. This is totally obvious, and while most people just geek out on vinyl, or use mp3s, which I am cool with, many of us do not take the time to appreciate tapes. And not just tapes, mind you. Demo tapes. Tapes with a lot os songs on them, not all of which are noted on the sleeve. Tapes that have been hand made from other tapes, presumably from a different genre. Tapes that have a black and white, xeroxed cover, bu no information about the band, or the bands lyrics on there. Tapes that have sound quality so outrageous, so insanely bad, so extremely fucked up, that folks would not even release it on any other format.

The tape hiss is something that can conceal or enhance the listening experience. I personally love it, and it adds a dimension of mystery and depth to the music I already love. My cohort Marci has a tape distro, for this very reason. We are obsessed with tapes. Me especially, grindcore demo tapes, like the Violent Headache Pychoneurosis split, which I have not posted yet. Any sort of music that builds on noise as a factor should use this format, because of the obvious advantages of the format. Unlike a CD or an mp3, where everything is clean cut and obvious, this format allows for more shade. That's why I have left most of these as side by side rips, and have included track by track, or semi-track by track rips of the sides as well. Not to mention the sleeves. Now, after having done so, tell me, who loves you?

This is the Lo-Fi Or Die Comp that I have been sweating so much. The track list does not match the actual recorded material that is on it. Classic obscure grind move. So only side A has been taken apart trak by track. Standouts no this are Rust, SMG, and of course, Sakatat.


The next two are demo tapes of a German band called Ulcerrhoea. They are absolutely awesome and once I get my vinyl ripping apparatus set up, you will hear of them more frequently, as I have almost all of their 7" material. As most really good grindcore bands, they started out playing gore grind, which these two tapes are, but with a political edge, and really, really negative lyrics. Just about consumer society, apathy, hopelessnes, armageddon, human stupidity, oppression, police control, etc. Later on they started playing basically just crust-grind, but more with a old school grind approach. One of the best bands ever.



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