2010. május 30., vasárnap


I feel like I need to continue where I left off, with free shit, that rules, I am not near a scanner this time, but ima still try to hook it up all decent like, cuz I am a decent man. Me and my friends decided, since we live in Hungary, and there are not that many celebrities, if everyone we know in the underground kills just one of them, then Hungarian media will be crippled forever. I personally chose Geszti Péter, and here is why. He is the annoying short haired schmuck. So I hope that some heads are gonna start rollin, but I do not expect anything in particular. However, I will say, getting the addresses of eastern european celebrities is much easier than I would have anticipated.

So, more free shit, first and foremost here is the mealnocetus murrayi link, this one has taken it's sweet time I know. Praia de vomito play noise grind, really short songs, but really fucking good as well, the sound quality is mysterious, everything is encased in thick ass fuzz. Noituus are a finnish sort of noisecore/crust d-beat band, I get the distinct impression that a lot of this shit is improvised, but its tighter than all hell. I hink this si some of the best kind of noisecore, really fast for hardcore, but at the same time not overdrive like noise grind, improvised, but seemingly structured, really, really good, fast fuckin drummer. And the Melanocetus Murrayi side is just fucking harsh as fuck noise. It's like a never ending barrage of just harsh sounds, fucking up your ears, it really does feel lik the band is attacking you.

This next up is AGAIN a sweet little split involving Jack, the hungarian grind death squad from motherfucking hell. This si still with their old drummer, Bakelit, who since then has emigrated o Germany, and is playing d-beat stenchcore with his band, Per Capita. He also played drums in Din-Addict, and we will run a little special on those guys for you, because they are total fucking grindcore legends, obnoxious as shit, short fast noise songs, good fucking lyrics, insulting crowds of people, the whole works.

On this record, Jack sound more grind than usual, like 324 meets early Napalm Death, crossbreeding of just straight up grindcore. Their guitarist is secretly a death metal god, but he holds back and keeps it simple with this band, but I mean, it's hard to hide the fact that you are a death metal god. Yattai sound like, I dunno, sometimes liek an emo band, sometimes like a tornado of pissed, but this shit is still waaay overpoduced, although they play really well. But I dunno, its a medley, the fast parts are good, and there are a bunch of them. The cover is up on top.

As for the lo-fi grind compilation, it seems Semhi Bey of Tearache records and the great band Sakatat has sent me a useless empty CD-R by accident, so you will just have to wait on that one. But it's really good, got Sakatat, SMG, Rust, Lt. Dan, and a whole bunch of other shit too. So let me talk to Semhi Bey, and then I will handle business.

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