2010. május 29., szombat


So after 2 posts from Marci I am back, and have some shit I got from friends. I am not really gonna rant, but let me just say free shit rules, and upon receiving all of this free shit, I realized that I might as well transfer some of that love unto this here blog.
This is not all the shit, but i left some of it at home, ima get that up later on, when mediafire stops being a little bitch. Its some awesome shit, like the Melanocetus Murrayi 3 way, which i will have up in a bit. Also the lo-fi grind comp I promised. As for everything else, here it is.

This is the self title demo form Alea Iacta Est, form Slovakia. I fell in love with these guys when we had a gig together, and they did the soundcheck with an Ulceorrhea tune. That's the way it's done. They are really fuckin fast, the production is way too clean, but it sounds good. Fuckin grind.

Alea Iacta Est

This one is a very good CD, that I got in Thessaloniki form the guitarist of the legendary Sauerkraut. It's a 3 way of grind noise and it is not hindered by talent. All the bands are fuckin really noisey, and Sauerkraut is really fucking sloppy as all hell total ear devastating grind. Make you feel good.

This is the split 3 way between Agathocles, Jack and Mizar, 3 bands I love. Mizar play Nasum like grind, and Jack are the hungarian grind legends from hell. They used to play more crusty shit, but now play just straight up grind. It's fuckin massive. i have to say i have the honor of knowing both of these bands in person, and can consider them friends. Have shared the stage woth both of them on numerous occasions in more than one conrty, and it feels good to know these motherfuckers. And Agathocles play some of their best songs on this one, like Theatric Symbolization Of Life, and the sound quality is definitely best on the AG side of this shit.


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