2010. május 3., hétfő

How We Get Down At Shows

So, I went to an awesome show the other day in Csepel, and a few things occured to me about going to shows, about playing shows, about seeing live music, and yes, about live music in general, particularly the "counter cultural" live music we love, propagate and promote on this blog. First of all, why the fuck do people come to shows to "stand around and smoke cigarettes"? What is the fucking point, leave your fucking shoe gazing at the shoe gaze concerts. I am not saying everybody HAS to mosh, but at least let me see that you are in to it, that you are enjoying yourselves. I hate it when motherfuckers come down to gigs, and they either stand there and feel angsty, or stand around judging shit, instead of getting into what is happening, and for what they bought their fucking tickets for. At this show there was none of that, and it was great. And the past few shows there have been none of that, while Budapest used to be the fucking king of kids standing around, looking at their shoe laces.

Also, I hate it when i get funny looks for moshing, and I especially hate it when i dance or wiggle around, keeping it to myself, knowing folks do not wanna mosh, and kids are staring at me. Man, fuck you. Again, if you are in a situation like that, stop caring if folks are making fun of you, or the faces you are making, or the way in which you move or whatever. Fuck um, they just some haters, man. When inhibitions and fucking social manipulation get in the way of your having fun, that is sad, and it sucks, but if that is already happening to you, please, do not spread the cancer on some folks who might actualy get down. As someone who has played quiet a few gigs, I know it fucking sucks BALLS to see motherfuckers standing around. If the band cannot see that at least someone is interested in what they are doing, they will not play their best either. Keep that in mind.

The next link is a post of some of the Napalm Death bootlegs that my singer, Gabika hooked me up with, my absolute respect goes out to him for it. These three are a pre-Scum era gig in Birmingham, where they hideously suck ass, a rehearsal tape of FETO era material, as well as another British gig, lots of songs, this one was in Portsmouth in 1988. Enjoy.


This next one is the split between Impetigo and Transgressor, an american grind/thrash/gore whatever else band and a Japanese old school death/thrash metal band. Impetigo I think is one of the most unique bands out there, and only kids into gore listen to them, I do not know why, cuz they fucking rule, absolutely atmospheric music in so many ways, just has it's own feel to it, it is its own genre in a way. The album smells musty and dank, spreading disease and groove, it is really really good. BUT the best thing about it is not what is on it musically, but in between songs, he is making fun of his audience. The next time you are at a show and are hating on someone, or looking at them funny like, or you wanna mosh but are too pent up or self conscious, just think of this mans words, and you will fuck shit up.


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