2010. május 11., kedd


So, I am going to be off to play in Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia with the motherfucking Human Error, if you will be there, check the myspace, hope to see you in person. I will be supplying the blast beats. Since I will not be posting for quiet some time, I intend on leaving you with a pretty big post, enough blast beats for you to listen to until I get back. In the meantime, my cohort Marci will also be posting things on this blog, probably some power violence, knowing his musical preferences. But do not worry, everything he listens to is alright, it's not your thrash-clone bullshit. But before I go, I want to leave some food for your brain as well, not just your ears, and perhaps I can destroy a bit of both.

Everybody who deals with politics is obsessed with the biological imperative, somehting they all need to jump the fuck off of. Right wingers like it, because they misinterpret it, so as to make white people look better than they are. The left likes to not talk about it, and accuse anyone who mentions it as a fascist. The biological imperative has also been mentioned by Friedriech Nietzsche as "The Will To Power". It is basically saying that the only two ways to happiness are to relinquish, or to gain power and every aspect fo your life is focused around these things. The will to power is that force which takes on the journey that is your life, it is your lfie force, and biologists echo the words of Nietzsche unknowingly. It can be a little bit more complicated, because we now know that we are willing to die for our genes, and that our minds, our egos are controlled by our genes, and we are willing to do anything to anyone to make sure our genes stay in the game. It has been identified that organisms have these instincts, these drives, and if you do some research, you will find that they all boil own to either gaining or giving power, precisely what the will to power states.
But as far as politics is concerned, we will use whatever we can to justify gaining power for ourselves, our group, or our sets of genes, and politicans try and make justify our acts, our behaviour, in the light of some greater good while robbing us blind. The only way to live a decent life is to confront the fact that you are an oversexed monkey, to look truth dead in it's eyes, accept the truth about your genetic programming and it's purposes, and work for the survival and benefit of your sepcies. Everything else, all politics, religions and ideology are merely pretense.

Now to further my own culture a bit. This si the discography CD from Boston based hardcore/crust band (with some blast beats) Solitary Neglect. I picked up a copy of their CD in Rivno, Ukraine, of all places. They are awesome, they play sloppy a bit, but enough blast ebats and fast parts to keep you inetersted, although mostly it is just Destroy! type crust. They also ahve an old school feel to them, which helps matters greately. Also, I did not add the CD cover, because I do not have a scanner and I had no time to go to my cohorts house to scan it. I am not good at comparissons, so let me just say, pissed off teenish sounding vocals, sloppy fast drums, simple distorted as fuck guitars, bit of the American old school, bunch of crust, what could go wrong?


This is the first installment of the Agathocles Mince Core History, dated 89-93, and it is truly fucking awesome. I noticed talking about Agathocles, mentioning you like them, or God forbid, wearing their T-shirt has become most uncool, so all of you haters can eat a sack fo baby dicks, AG are fucking awesome, fuck off. By the way I am going to do a massive AG post one of these days, and a seperate mince core one as well. This CD has soem shit form their early days, some of their grind, some of their mince, also some of their d-beat/crust shit, lots of live shit, EPs, etc, etc.....


Next up is a live album, called "The Belgian Campaing For Musical Destruction", and it features Agathocles, their side project Acoustic Grinder, the crust legends Hiatus, and a band I do not know called Personal Jesus Detetctor, I have no info on them, they are Belgian, they play crusty grinding mince core, or something like it, and if you have anything form them, possibly something that is not so incredibly poorly recorded, please hit me up, I will have cybersex with you. I got his years ago on soulseek, and have not seen it on any blogs, any distros, anywhere at all. Also, be aware that the recording quality is very, very poor, this is not easy listening.


Here is my favorite Cripple Bastards EP, "Life's Built On Thoughts", it is awesome, totally unique, very short, very well composed songs recorded absolutely shit like, typical grind that they play. I will continue to love this band, even though everyone tells me that Guilio is a fascist, which I do not believe. I am sure he has his reasons for his Serbian nationalism, although I do not know what they could possibly be. Anyhow, this band rules, and if you check their lyrics, I do not think you can rightfully call them fascists. This is another one of my soulseek finds, from like 2003, or some shit, I have not been able to purchase this at an acceptable price. If you can offer me some kind of reasonable price, I will buy it from you.


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