2010. május 26., szerda


Oh yeah, Tekken. A band I dont know shit about, only that they had a lot of splits, and a discography cassette (Past & Present), which I am introducing tonight here. What can you tell about a band named after the best fighting game in history?! Well it sounds like shit, its sometimes sloppy too, but its really fun to listen to. The song titles, their own songs' remixes and the covers (for example Slayer, Ac/Dc, Nirvana, etc.) are hilarious. Oh, and they have one of the best cover designs of all time. My favorite, the 3 Leatherfaces. Simple, yet fucking awesome. First saw it on the always awesome Buddha Khan, eternal thanks, dude!

Tekken - Past & Present

And what can you do while listening to Tekken? Playing Tekken of course. Maybe roll a spliff, turn your shitty-noisy speakers a bit louder, and play this awesome game in the light of your monitor at night. (the file is zipped into a 7z file, so if you dont have a 7z excractor program, download one here.)

Tekken 3 (game)

oh and i forgot to wish you happy 42. it was yesterday, i know.
- marci.

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