2010. május 18., kedd

CCD bees & some german power violence.

today i was browsin, and went to ANNEX ONE. i found a very interesting article about how our cell phones disorient bees, and in chain reaction how it kills them, and how it causes a global problem. i pretty much hate cellphones, if i could live without them, i would try to destroy as many as possible. i wont tell whats in the article, go to the site, and read it, and check out the video, which is awesome.

the band i'll introduce in this post is (or at least was) a german power violence band by the always awesome Tom Schmolke (henry fonda, obi wahn, toxic kids, ex-call me betty, yehonala tapes, etc.). what can you expect from a band with only 2 shows, about 5 rehearsals, 1 demotape, and about 100 songs? fast as hell, full of blasts, screaming, cookie monster voices, and shit like that. which i really much love. and this tape is a perfect example how improvised or 'half-improvised' music should sound like.


by the way, my internet is somewhy got fucked up, so i cant download or upload too much, it was only good luck to download this taperip for about the 12th time. sorry for the big delay with this post. next time hopefully i can upload some more stuff.


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