2010. június 23., szerda


Thank you Marci for that powerful, and also violent post. We all learned a lot.
So today, I am gonna do a special on this band, Ruido De Odio. They are a politically motivated noise-grind-hardcore band from Ecuador, not your hot bed for this genre, and what they do is simply friggin awesome. I do not have their entire discography, for they appear on several compilations, and have split tapes and rehearsals, as all true noise grind bands, and I just cannot get a hold of any of that shit. I have here their LP entitled Proletarios, and two splits, one of them with the amazing Japanese band D.I.E, and one of them with fellow noisenheimers (copyright Seanocide on that one) K.K.F form Germany. I guess they have a thing for bands who are acronyms. These three mighty recordings I will sharew with you, in the form of a smple mediafire link.
The "music" is fucking awesome, pure noisecore grind. I figure you might need it after all that classical shit on this blog, hahahahahaha. I don't think anyone ever reads these rants so I can say whatever I feel like. This band is primarily composed of lobsters. Sometimes their singer sounds like a robot. Most of the time, he sounds like an angry monkey who has his tail caught in something painful and evil, which is pretty crazy for a lobster. Also, I must follow Marci's orders, and get high, and listen to something fast.

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