2010. június 18., péntek

So for some reason I cannot embed videos on here. So you just have to take my word for it, these vids are fucking awesome, really high quality, really dank, from a club in Zenta, Serbia called Zeppelin. It is our good friends form Jack and Another Way, who now share a drummer, the amazing Mr. Bandi. I know Hungary was never known for its high quality grindcore,but that is changing fast, and I am really fucking glad. It is good to finally hear my countrymen play something outside of drunken street punk, oi!, and straight edge hardcore. Not hating on any of that shit, but I like grind more than anything, and so far thats been the only thing that was even half decently, or half regularly played.

So this is one of the Jack classics, "Ezt Veri Belénk A Média". It means, "This is what the media forces on us", literally it means, this is what the media beats into us. But thats justa turn of phrase. How do you turn a phrase?

This is another Jack classic, real old song, called "Vissza Ki Az Utcára". It means, "Back to the streets", real hip-hop shit going on with that one.

This is Another Way's set. In my humble opinion, they are the best band to play in Hungary currently. What do they play? They call it fastcore, but it's moore like grind, I guess, it's totally unique, fast as fuck, grind-hardcore oriented shit. We really gotta come up with a name for this shit. Its sort fo melodic, but not in the Tragedy clone band sort of way, its fuckin fast, its brutal, but not in the death metal sort fo way, its kinda technical, but remains fucking hardcore. You have to hear ti. Better than your bands, for sure. Check it.

This one is a new one from Jack, I have not heard it yet, its called "Szolgaságból Szolgaságba".

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