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Conspiracy Theories I

So I will, from time to time, be doing pieces on conspiracy theories. First,a s if to disambiguate, I wanna mention what I would call a conspiracy theory. A theory, in science, or religion or whereever else you might have theories, is always an idea that is derived from the facts presented on a certain issue, and generally can be explained from the facts themselves. It is the facts that are used as evidennce to suggest the soundness of the theory.

I want to present the theories themselves, and then take a look at the facts that they are derived from, and see if they are sound. Sometimes they are, and sometimes, they are not, but whenever they are, they move from the realms of conspiracy theory, to conspiracy fact.

Today, I want to talk about secret societies, everybodies favorite conspiracy of all time. The theory is that they are plotting to form a one world gonvernment, that they control every aspect of the United States government, the banking industry, the UN, the stockmarket, basically every position of power. The oldest and most noted of these secret societies, the one that all of the other ones either belong to, are a sect of, or model themselves after, are the Freemasons. It is very easy to build theories areound these types of institutions, since secrecy is a part of their policy. They remain secret on purpose, doing things, as a matter of principle, covertly. It is all too easy to generate theories with folks like these, so let's look at some facts.
Obviously, you cannot prove or disprove that the Freemasons covertly control the world. For that, you would have to BE the world. What we can prove is this; every American president has been a Freemason, not to mention that every single person who signed the Declaration Of Independence was also a member. So the Founding Fathers of the most warlike, and right now most powerful nation on earth were all Freemasons, and their successive representatives, the Presidents of the United States were in fact masons. George Bush and Bill Clinton talk about this openly, on television, along with senator Kerry, Donald Rumsfeld, Chenney, and a whole host of others.
If that in and of itself, that all of the leaders of government and politics all belong to the same club, which satrted as a mystic society in the Renaissance, and has its roots much further back, does not strike you as the least bit odd, than you are naive.
Not to say that everything is under control. But you must notice that this is one very powerful force, that on principle works in secret. That, to me, is very disturbing, and I do not believe that people who are part foa secret society like that should be allowed to build governments and empires, becazuse we cannot know their true purpose. At this point, we are being controlled by a secret government. To what extent and in what ways, we can only guess at.

On that super depresisve note, here is some super depressive music. Ulcerrhoea, again, and get sued ot it, they will be back on this blog, I have like all of their shit. This is my rip of their CD, entitled Line and Row, and it is one of the best things to ever happen to grindcore. Nohting like their demos, this is straight up crust-grind, with super short, super negative songs, about problems we all face, like the earth dying, people being turned into commodities, industrailization killing what little bit of humanity we had left after the 40s. Great stuff, get it here.

The other thing I wanted to post is the first bit of real, actual metal that will be posted on this site. It is the Funerary Pit demo tape, as far as I know nothing else of theirs exists. This demo is perfect, however, it has everything that makes black thrash good, insane lyrics, solid as fuck mid-tempo blast beats, and clever metal riffing. It is really fucking thrashy, so you might like it even if you do not like black metal. Give it a go.

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