2010. április 28., szerda

2nd GBN Post

To follow up the GBN post, i wanted to post some of their early EPs, when they still actually played gore. Be forewarned, it is drum machine driven, which i utterly despise, yet for them, somehow, it works. And by utterly despise, I mean just that, I am a drummer, I hate the way drum machines sound and feel. But the recording quality on “I Recommend You…Amputation” is just so fucking raw and awesome and grimy, that it covers up the fact pretty well. So here you are, 2 EPs, “I Recommend You…Amputation!” and “An EP You Want”, both still gored out pretty fully.


The next link is to GBN’s noise shit. They have a split with Merzbow, as well as a 3 way split between them, Nikudorei, and the extremely weak ass band Arsedestroyer. GBN rip it up really, really harsh like as usual, the Merzbow shit is amazing harsh noise, on both sides, while on the 3 way, they play more in the vein of their splits, but much more noise influenced, feed back, total distortion, samples, etc. Really good, in my humble opinion. The Nikudorei track is also the coolest shit, it has this subtle creepy vibe to it, even though it is absolutely just harsh noise. Oh, and let me make it clear, the 3 way is not mine, but I got it off of Cephalochromoscope, one of the best blogs around. Ever.


Enjoy, and just so you know, this isn’t even a fraction f their discography. I just figure no one likes them (I have never met anyone who does, except this one guy), so this will be enough for novelty purposes. Worship satan.


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