2010. április 27., kedd


So I decided to post some of my own favourites too... I don’t have anything to say right now, only that I fucking love this band, yet I don’t know shit about them. I only know that they’re from the states, and they play fast, haha. They have a chick as their vocalist, and she has some pretty sweet voice for music like this. I don’t know if they still exist, tho’.I first met this band when I bought a compilation tape called Thrashaholics Anonymous by Skeletor Tapes, from my local tape dealer, Dr. Slayer. The first thing I saw was the awful, but fucking awesome cover art. Looks like a kid’s drawing about a concert, and it has many-many awesome bands on it like Din Addict, Ulcerrhoea, Jazzus, etc. (I’ll upload the taperip sometime for sure!)

I was listening to the tape, laying in bed, I remember I was sick and had a fucking bad hangover, and all of the sudden a harsh and high scream yelled from my tapedeck ’YO FASCIST...’ . It was Fascist Trend/Bald Head from Hatemail Killerz. I was amazed by this band, and I still am, its so harsh, fast, tight, just what I love. Ok, I’m starting to bitch too much about how I live my life, so its better if I just give you the link, and shut my mouth.http://www.mediafire.com/?yw2rzzmwdxj

Here's a live vid about the band. Oh, and sorry, I couldn't find any other songs by the band, else then these songs. I don't even know what album/split/ep are they from. I suck.


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  1. If you want any info of Hatemail killers contact me .. theres all friends of mine