2010. április 27., kedd

Escape routes

“Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life.”

This is the definition of escapism, as it stands on wikipedia. Routes of escape from monotony and control, without which we would all go insane. These are the little breaks and breaches in the system that make life bearable. The spliff at the end of the day, the odd hour of playing your favorite video game, the Friday night you don’t remember from getting absolutely wasted. There are ways to maximize the time you spend escaping form reality, and make it a habit, yes indeed, to spend as much time as possible educating yourself at your leisure, relaxing outside of institutionalization, that is to say, illegally, or legally, but in a way that is looked down upon. Every time you are in one of these situations, every time you escape, you are committing if something that they just cannot ban, then something that is considered immoral, antisocial, geeky, nerdy, in one word, marginalized. Escapism can be very productive, and is a means to create outside of the system. Take the tape distro that is associated with this blog, and is run by my esteemed partner, marci. It is just a waste of time, really, its an escape, making tapes, 20-30 of them at a time, he does not make any money off of it, he does not do anything grand or gigantic for the hardcore scene, he is not overthrowing governments, but what he is doing, is using his time for himself, to do shit that he feels like fucking doing, and using his creative skills in doing so. Every time I rehearse, or get high, or do the necessary preparations for doing so, I am engaging actively in escapism. This tape distro, this blog, my bands, my addiction to cannabis, are all escape routes.

The escape from structured music is noise. Noise can be categorized in many different ways, and in many different ways can one achieve making noise. However, in my opinion, the best is when grind is so harsh, so raw and so filthy, that it is basically noise. This genre is called noise-grind or raw grind. Whatever. I remember the first band I heard that did this, they were the mighty Gore Beyond Necropsy. I got a bunch of their stuff form Edwin at the Underground Collection, back when you could still trade him CD-Rs, before that somehow stopped. After that it was instantly love.

A böngészője lehet, hogy nem képes ezt a képet megjeleníteni.

This link is to 4 of their splits, the one with Disgorge (Aus), who suck really hard, the one with Senseless Apocalypse, who are a japanese power violence- grind band, and who also happent o be one of my favorites of all time, ever. And also, the classic split with Regurgitate and with Warsore. If you do not know who those two bands are, lurk more. GBN do it big on all of these ones, especially the last two. The Rgte sid eof their split sounds like white noise, almost.It is full of reverb, and the guitar is basically just static. GBN have a really unique, filth encrusted, short noise attacks, full of feedback, lots of low end, very deep growls, sounds harsh and crazy, with intros that are not too long, and are noot your typical intros. They are also fun. Just good grindcore, some of it is improvised, or sounds like it. A böngészője lehet, hogy nem képes ezt a képet megjeleníteni. A böngészője lehet, hogy nem képes ezt a képet megjeleníteni. A böngészője lehet, hogy nem képes ezt a képet megjeleníteni. A böngészője lehet, hogy nem képes ezt a képet megjeleníteni.


And the tracks are in AAC format. If you dont like it, convert it.


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