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The Atomization Of Society

Welcome to the blog! As a first post, I would like to talk about a dystopian aspect of our society that we experience everyday, especially those of us who live in urban or suburban areas. Indeed, the very existence of the suburb is a part of it.
Western culture has become such that people have invisible walls around them. These are walls that are there because we do not understand each other anymore. The reason we do not understand each other is because we have all been trained to focus on specific tasks, and do specific jobs. But none of us (or hardly any of us, me not included) are able to live independently of our masters, and our providers. We have become juvenile. We have become unskilled. Most folks cant build houses, grow food, raise cattle, provide vegetables, survive in any condition that is not created for them. We have lost the ability to create our own environment, that aspect which is so typically human, and the aspect of us that got us this far in the food chain. Without our providers, our facilitators, we are royally fucked.
Knowledge has become shameful. If you know have information about any topic at all, you are a nerd, and people look down on you for having knowledge of a subject, if it is outside the realm of consumption, or consumer goods (cars, clothes, beer, etc). how the hell did this happen?
The answer is living in a consumer society and bieng subjected to industrial capitalism. We are being built into a society where we each have our task, that we have been trained for, and nothing outside of that. We are alienated from our communities, not knowing them, relying on our television for information about our surroundings. We are each becoming a piece of the puzzle, unable to live without being a part of the whole, and that whole is being controlled by the people we make stuff for, who then resell to us at a ridiclous price, a global elite. We are made helpless, because they do not teach you the skills necessary for life in your schools, whilst home schooling is made impossible by the law, unless you are a Christian and properly embrace the ideological factors of the system.
We become fragmented beings, we are alone in crowds, our days chopped up into pieces of work and television, the family has become a status symbol, and not a necessary gathering for survival, or a positive community and learning experience, and so we go to “sub-cultures” to try and get out of totally being controlled. That’s what this blog is about, too. To show you some of the shit in these sub-cultures, who, while do not have the power to change the system as it stands, but do have the ability to subvert it and make an alternate reality alongside the one where capital is destroying your life. I play/ have played drums in several crust and grindcore bands, as well as death metal bands. That is why I will focus on blastbeats, since thats pretty much the only sound of liberation I can imagine. I do not believe in freedom, but I do believe that there are ways to live life in which you are not as part of a giant machine split into modicums of micro consuming organisms.

That being said, here is the grind.

Maggut are form Japan, this is their first demo. They play gore grind, not my favorite genre, but they play it well. No mid tempo chug-chugs, no pig squeals, just vocal distortion, d-beats and slow end blast beats, a totally watery toilet bowl sound, short and to the point songs. Like early regurgitate, except Japanese.

Konfident are a crust-punk band from the Czech republic. This tape, I am not sure what it is called, I got it from Ultima Ratio guy, in Czech, nice looking tape, too. There are blast beats, although not as much as I would like, mostly fast punk and some decent crust, lyrics are in Czech so I have no idea what they are about. The blast beats are a good tempo, sloppily played, more about just conveying the power and pissed offness than to really get teched out. That’s a good capturing of what blast beats are about. An explosion of pissed. The riffs are desperate and gloomy, sometimes switching into jus straight punk.

Maggut. Demo 2002

Konfident Tape


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