2010. szeptember 5., vasárnap


So this is what I left out of the previous post.
This is the EP before the album of Dead Congregation. It is not as good as the album, which is amazing, it is however still quiet obvious that this is a superior band, and this EP is a stand alone amazing piece of work. BUt its just not as good as the album. This is what I first heard fo them, and when the album came out it blew this thing out of the water. However, it is much more lo-fi, which for this music is not necessarily a good thing. The only time you will ever hear me say this, I swear.
This next one si the legendary, very hard to get Social Coma self title. I dunno if this band made anythgin outside of this one EP, but I have not heard fo it. Which is a shame, dissonant, negative, fast as fuck hardcore, with some tortured, fucked up, explosive vocals, from ex-member(s) of Charles Bronson. This band does it for me waaaaay more than Mr. Bronson, and that is saying quiet a bit, for they absolutely ruled. But these guys bring on the weirdness and dementia and wicked evil stuff, anti-social, negi shit, so I obviously prefer them. I could not get a hold of the physical copy, so I grabbed mine off of a blog, possibly the am i mean blog, he seems to have everything fast and hardcore related. Once I do see this for a reasonable price, I will jump on the occassion.

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  1. nope, I'm not to blame for this as I a)think that SOCIAL COMA are incredible boring and I b) don't post 128 k/bit rips anyway!


  2. word, then i have no idea where i got it from.