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Whats up, folks? It's been a while since my last post, and Marci was not helping me out here at all, and I had a million things to do. Raisng a kid, playing in like 88888 bands, had some gigs, have an upcoming gig with Melt Banana, which should be fun, its in this ritzy ass place, too. Never thought I would play such a ritzy ass place with my crust/grind band, or any other band, really. But whatevs, business will be taken care of, asses will be handed back to people on silver plates, and I'm gonna get to see Melt Banana. That's pretty good. (Since I wrote this, another week has passed).

So instead of boring you with the trivial details of my life, let me begin my 3-part apology by first saying that I think you are a wonderful human being. Secondly, I appreciate that you come to this piece of siht blog, to listen to my and Marci's crappy music, hear our rantings and ravings and carryings on, be insulted, and still come back for more, but I guess that's what people like you are into. Thirdly, I'm gonna make it up to you. Why don't you slip on out of them clothes, if you're wearing any, relax, and listen to this shit I gotta say. Yeah, you like that, don't you? Who is your favorite blog?? Whaddaya mean KTGA????

Well, I guess they are a lot better than we are, so whatevs. By the way, I am honored to have a piece of vinyl that I am actually on, playing my crappy drums, appear on KTGA!!! Find it here.
So, on to the music.

This first thing is Count Basie, the perfect make up music. It's called a portrait of Count Basie, but it does not have his best shit on here. This man played music actively and recorded shit for more than 30 years. All of it swing, but, wait, I don't like that shit either, but give this a listen. It will make you feel good. Touch right where you need to be touched.....mmmm....yeah, like that.
And again, for disc 2.

I like to post a bunch of different kins of blast beats, to satisfy a wide array of your filthy perversions. Here is some really weird shit from Italy, called Corporal Raid, they call themselves xenomorphological goregrind, its pretty twisted shit. Its like, teched out riffs played really sloppy, with the drummer playing extra fucking fast blastbeats, but so fast he cant keep up with himself. For those times you like it fast and weird and sloppy. Which I know you do.

Anyways, this is for that dark side of you. This is the best that death metal gets. It just does not get any better. This is slow, granted, but really painful. Sound quality is not abysmal, but it's not good, not by a long shot. Might be my favorite death metal record of all time. Corpse Molestation is the name of this band, and Descension Of A Darker Deity, the name of the tape. Now learn it, slave.

For those of you suffering with premature ejaculation problems, here is this little number. It's all around the blogosphere, it is called Cogs and Sprockets, apparently it is a one man band, and none fo the songs n this demo are longer than like 25 seconds. They are all pretty cool though, kind of a novelty twist. For the premature and restless.

And for those tomes you like to get it rammed up there as fast as possible, with as little bullshit as possible, here is my favorite drummer playing with Brodequin, this one is called Festival Of Death, and it is fucking awesome, you know you need it.
If you also like to be verbally abused while at it, this is Cancer Kids 'The Possible Dream' and its a bunch of guys really, really making fun of hardcore and crust and grind people. Pretty ballsy, considering peiople have been stabbed for saying a lot les sthan this, and the music is like fucking absolutley awesome, super fast, super fucked up, neat little twists, waiting for the breakdown, too. Git it.
Bestial Raids. That is the name of a polish black metal band. In this context, it can be a euphamism for geting the dog in on it too. I have a demo I downloaded from undisclosed sources, it is raw and hateful and really like war/black stuff, and the album I own, check out the artwork, it folds out into a poster, there are like chains and gasmasks and shit involved, and there are like slogans to chant on the inside, about spirit flesh and entity. Not even kidding. Neither are they.
This is the album, this is the demo.
So the next one is also my personal rip, it is the Carcass Grinder/Fuck On The Beach split 7", and thank god I have a cd-r version, cuz I still can't rip vinyl. This is truly a master piece, CG are one of the most underrated awesome grind bands, if you liek grind, and you dont know em, or just dont have this one, do yourself a favor and get fucked. No songtitles included, pretty anonymous, dont you think? And while we are at Japanese things, here is more weird japanese shit, I got it off burning japan blog, it is the split between Poison Cola, and Blood Feast. It is sort of melodic, more punked out than anything else on this blog, and it is an absolute rager. I am only including it, cuz I heard you liek asians.
And sometimes you gotta do it for your friends. The band made me promise that I would not post this, but I will. They have a different singer now, they are a metal band, they play thrash. Metal guys. Gotta love em. This one is Concrete, firstd emo caleld Screaming Avenger. Headbanger.
Now a word form the classics. Mostly Hungarian folk I know, they dont know about Assück. I wanna correct that right now, right here. and give you their two best, Anticapital Blindspot and also, Misery Index. Yes, probably thats where they got the name. The band I mean.
Best US grindcore?? Maybe so, definitely the one I have heard the most, its like them, or Discordance Axis or Insect Warfare. If Cellgraft keep it up, they shall also be added to the list. And also, In Disgust, but first, Assück. They played in the nineties, and they rule, forever.
See for yourself, and shame on you.
This is some Hungarian folk music involving flutes. Thats kinda sexy, there are girls singing in em, all the songs are about like sex and death and social issues. It sounds like the descirption of a death metal album, but it isn't. NOt much to say, this shit rules, fi you dont like folk music, then fuck you.
Monotonous black metal. The split between Conqueror and Black Witchery, two newer school classics, they are both really awesome, one of them doesnt exist anymore, became Revenge and the other one is like, sort of in disarray. Conqueror is like chaotic and non-stop blasting, and Black Witchery is like fastcore tempo, and super duper monotonous. But its really soothing and relaxing, and really, really harsh, I always smoke weed to this one.
This next one I got off of am i mean? blog, the home of fast hardcore. This is some fats, psychotic german hardcore. Apparently it sone of his faves, and I see why. He does not seem to be updating lately, look whos talking, but he used to be super diligent, I hope everything is good with him. This Chorea and Asmodinus Leichtenhaus split EP. Its fucking good.
And this last one is Dismember's first demo. Few people know I like them, I am in love with their demos, although I do appreciate the later shit too. BUt this demo has the sickest vocalist, and in typical swedish fashion, they fuck everything up, become more melodic and kick the most talented guy, the singer, out of the band. He was fucking sick. The vocals are liek ghosts having sex, shrieking and cawing and weird the whole way through, lots of effects maybe, although I dont think so, definitely shit tons of reverb, though. Do it.

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  1. hey dude thanks for the cogs and sprockets love! i hadnt seen this post yet! plenty more releases came out and coming out this year!

    - andres