2010. szeptember 2., csütörtök


the title sums it up really good. it means 'bloodshittycock' in hungarian, reflects the attitude of DIN-ADDICT, one of my alltime favourite bands. never heard of them? shame on you. theyre like one of the first grindcore bands from hungary who toured europe, played at obscene extreme fest (i guess in 2000 or so...), had a shitloada releases, and maybe even more line-up changes. i try to collect every single shit they had ever puked out from their digestive systems of grind, drugged out gory shit and most of all, pure noise. i try to talk about this band without too much childish fanatism, but it might be a problem for me, i adore this band too much. it has everything that i (and probably you too) need. shitty quality (on their later releases they went to studio, but sounds still very noisy and chaotic), sloppy blasts and d-beats, veryveryvery low tuned guitars -, sounds like a fuckin tornado of chainsaws! -,grows, screams, sometimes pitchshifted vocals (which i usually dont like, but this time i have to make an exception). i couldnt see the band live, i missed their later shows, altho i wanted to go, i still feel sorry i didnt make it. their best shit was sadly unreleased, a demo recording from 2005, ill try to beg for it at one of the singers who i happen to be friends with.
they split up due to personal problems. the drummer plays now in german crust-grind band PER CAPITA, the guitarist runs a studio called NOISE LAB, one of the singer plays in many bands (more experimental, druggy, industrial-oriented shit, called RONCSIPAR, FUTURE REALM), and i dont know shit about the other singer. after they broke up, they formed again under the name of LONG PIG, which they titled 'turbo sludgecore', with a different drummer from hungarian gore band MY FIRST KNIFE. that band was more into monolithic and i dont know how to say but 'cyber' grind. altho it wasnt cybergrind even a bit. so, some releases from these fine men:

the first shit is the OBLITERATE / DIN-ADDICT split, which rules. obliterate are a slovakina grind band as i know, but i might be wrong. the play a bit metalic grind stuff, too 'good' for my ears, i dont really like their stuff, but its nice to listen to it sometimes. the other side is awesome, loud, agressive, drugged out, pure din-addict. the last song is the best song on the album, period. describes themselves perfectly. grind going to some psychedelic stonerish stuff with gory vocals and some really serious atmosphere.

next up is the split with GRINDUSTRY from netherlands. too death metal for me. too techy. too many vocal skills, sorry, kill me for this, i dont like them that much. but as always, din-addict rules here.

the last shit is the full length of din-addict, titled MUSIC FOR OPEN MINDS, you can see an awesome picture of the cover up there, it looks like that. this album is typical din-addict. dual vocals, low, grunty guitars, sloppy drums, noisy as hell. end of story.

the last two stuff are a special combo from all the tracks of a side-project of the 'mid din-addict' members, called SZARGYEREK, which simply means shitkid, refering to all you fuckin annoying cock rock kids. drum machine grind, which i usually hate, but again, i have to make an exception. songs are about hatred towards teenagers in hungary. my message to all you dickheads: die. this is what szargyerek said to you too. both demos were released together on a double 7" by Undislessed Records, Skud Records, Toxic Productions in a split with Anubis, Critical Mass and Malignant Tumour.
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thank you. marci. <3

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