2010. szeptember 8., szerda

unholy punk

some people could say black metal is dying and getting evolved into something hybrid. or you can already say black metal is dead. i dont want to rant about the whole fuckin history of black metal, if you dont know it, shame on you, dont tell anyone, use wikifuckinpedia.
since ildjarn's punky black metal albums were revisited by some, it became popular to play and listen to really raw and noise black metal for some reason, which im happy for, because i cant stand slow and flowing black metal that much long (okay, flowing black metal with barely fast tempos are ok).
i didnt like usbm before i met the term 'youth attack black metal'. since mark mccoy loves noisy black metal, he started to release some really nice records and tapes from bands you dont know shit about.altho i hate the silly term 'YABM', i use it, cause its nice to label things, aint it?
so back to this amazing band full of beautiful men. theyre from california, and had bands like NAZI DUST and DIVISIONS, which i both love. this is pretty much all i know about this band, beside that theyre awesome. their stuff is all around the internet, you can find their demos on every notable black metal/black noise/ya hardcore blog, so its not a big deal that ive posted them i think, altho i felt the need to do so. my instincts told me, you know. so, feed upon my actual favourite new black metal punk band's three demos.

demo I :: demo II :: demo III

also, heres a nice little compilation simply called PRIMITIVE NORTH AMERICA. it is actually a podcast, which features bands from these times from north america (how ironic), only really noise and raw punky black metal shit. the cover is one of the best artworks ive ever seen, im fully all over these kinda stuff, hahaha... features bands like BONE AWL, ARTS, HAXAN, DEATH'S GRINNING HEAD, etc. just perfect.

complete setlist:

1. Bone Awl – By Ropes Through Dirt (CA)

2. Ancestors – I (NY)

3. Grinning Death’s Head – Subhumans (GA)

4. Haxan – Witches Oath (NY)


5. Divisions – 04 (FL)

6. Arts – Thousand Wounds Of War (NY)

7. Cirrhus – 01 (WA/OR)

8. Horrid Cross – V (FL)

9. Akitsa – Affront Final – (QC)


10. Ride At Dawn – The one who sleeps beneath the frost – (TO)

11. Furdidurke – Untitled – (WA/OR)

12. Ash Pool – Dragged Down the Cobblestones – (NY)

13. Law of the Rope – Death Ballad (edit) – (CA)

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