2010. augusztus 23., hétfő

Death Of A Blog, Hatred Of Drum Machines, Love Of Your Mom

So the first thing I want to talk about is that Blunts and Blastbeats, the second best blog on the entire internet, is officially dead, has been removed from cyberspace, and there is only a hole in the matrix and a no longer exists warning by blogger where this excellent blog once stood. The guy who made it, I have never met him, he lives in the states, but I feel like, listening to his bands, and seeing his posts, like we were on the same wavelength.

All he would talk about is smoking weed and playing fast, which is essentially my life. He will be sorely missed on the internets, and if you are reading this, if you want me to take this stuff off of my blog, just let me know, man, and I shall, although you ahd it up on yours for free, I am just holding it down for you, now that Blunts and Blasts are offline. This is his straight up grind band called Epileptic Fit, he has some others, but this one is the best. The first pic is an older demo, the second one is the newer stuff, I prefer tht one, it is even more obnoxious. Includes a cover of Lucid Fairytle, which is like off of the best record on earth. This guy knows whats up.

This next one is a drum machine band. Yous hould know by now, I am a drummer and I despise the use of drum machines in grind. I have a few exceptions, but for the most part, unacceptable. This fine piece of work was made with a drummer machine by a drummer, and you can really hear the difference. The drum parts make sense, they are not the kind of shitty programming you generally see when guitarists use drum machines. This guy is a very capable drummer, he just chose to use a shitty drum machine, why? I have no idea. Otherwise the licks are good, midtempo punk as fuck goregrind. This is from Turkey, and its a two man operation.

This is the split between two of Hungary's finest grind bands. Its from 2005. Step On It are kind of a fastcore band, althought hey call themselves the all school monster. Which is accurate, all styles of hardcore are represented by them, but on this CD, its mostly fastcore stuff with that grind influence. Fuckin sweet. Jack are like the most straight up grind band in history. By the books, sloppy drumming, fast as fuck everything, the vocals are still not s good as Levi can make them now.. He has gotten really fucking sick. The guitars, sound wise and riff wise, I mean, straight up grindcore, the way it was meant to be played.

The last one I forgot to upload apicture of. I figured, the type of grind I have the least on here is death/grind, and one of my favorite bands, Pustulated released a split with this band form New York that we know, caleld Copremesis. Now, Copremesis is some other shit entirely, weird ass riffing, weird ass guys, plus they were straight edge, and played this crazy music, dressed up like sponge bob on stage, made self-deprecating comments about penis length, stamina and virility, and also shouted "standing is cool!" at death metal gigs. I remember seeing them open for Malignancy, Mortician, Wasteform and someone else at a Halloween show in Queens. Perhaps Internal Bleeding, they played every gig back then. So some time after that I picked up their demo, which ruled, and later I heard that they released the split with Pustulated, who are pure awesome distilled into band form. The drummer for Oustulated, Cpt. Killdrums is the best death grind drummer out there, plus the old drummer of Wormed. Hands down, no question. Other folks got his speed, but not many. Used to play for Brodequin, another staple of mine. Yeah, that fast, plus he got style, while these other folks, not so much. NO mechanincs here, nicely layed, jazzed out drumming that is constant blasts. I could go on. Im gonna make a post just about his bands one of these days.
But Copremesis. weird guys, weird grind, good stuff.
Here is the split.
And here is that weird ass demo of Copremesis with the unbelieveable vocals. It is anime influenced and called "Demonstrating The Fist". Really weird, goofy, nerdy stuff, you have been warned! They also have a full length dedicated entirely to transvestites out, called Muay Thai Ladyboys, but I will not put that up, seeing as how they probably want you to buy it. They put quiet some cash into it. Once I get permission from them personally, then I shall put it on up.
Therapeutic battery!

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  1. Epileptic Fit sucks, they're a bunch of christian niggerlovers.

  2. the "demonstrating the fist" demo has this weid black metal song hidden at the end of the final track, after all this repeated anime screaming!

  3. Wow. First let me get this out of the way...

    Justin Fucking Barger. Still don't have a very productive life I see? Man you are a sorry excuse for a human. Are you jealous/butthurt that people actually like my music instead of liking what you try to pass off as music?

    November 30, 2010? Really? Fuck, you are a sorry loser. Do you sit around all day, every day and search "Epileptic Fit" on Google? I really doubt you accidentally stumbled upon this without searching for my band name. Get a life, man. It's getting pretty sad.

    Here's this racist piece of shit's address and phone number:

    8273 Tippecanoe Rd
    Canfield, Oh
    United States

    Anyway... to the owner of this blog... Thank you so much for the super kind words about Blastbeats & Blunts and Epileptic Fit. It's people like you that I make music for. People like myself. My only wish was that one day, some like-minded individuals would find my music and enjoy it. You have made my day, by me finding this.

    You'll be glad to know Blastbeats & Blunts is not dead. I changed the name, but recently changed it back.


    Thanks again man for the kind words. You sir... are a bro for life.

  4. my man, thank you so much for writing, i am sorry, but i did not know how to use the comments section until now. plus i suck at comments, it is an honor to have you write on this piece of shit blog. as for justin, i willnot delete the comment because i believe it is more humiliating for you to have it on here. please call and harass this man. if you ever make it to hungary, man, i got you, food, weed, you name it. epileptic fit fucking rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ha, thanks again man. It means a lot that someone digs my music. Sadly, Epileptic Fit isn't going anymore. A lot of shady people in the band, acting like they're still in high school so I just ended it. Luckily though, I wrote all the songs so it will live on in my new project, Thought Rapist. You can check out some rough shit at www.thoughtrapist.bandcamp.com

    I don't have a real drummer yet though, so that shit on there sucks in my opinion, haha.

    No shit dude! My family is Hungarian. I guess our people just know good tunes, good weed and good people.

    Cheers man!

  6. hello!!!
    ima be sure to mention that in my next post, and get everyone up to speed, as wella s the new cellgraft album, as wella s some new cogs and sprockets stuff. our people do understand good weed, it is indigenous in hungary. as for good tunes, weeeeellll.....getting there, hahahahaha!!!!
    too bad about the drummer, thats always the problem with grindcore, finding a drummer. thats one of the reasons i staretd to play drums, man.
    thanks for responding, man!!!!!!

  7. YO DUDE. I searched for this blog because I remembered you posted about Epileptic Fit.

    Epileptic Fit (sorta) lives again. We all now do a new band called Slowdance. We play some old Epileptic Fit and Grimsby songs, plus a bunch of new ones. If you still check this, check us out: