2010. augusztus 4., szerda


So i forgot to update my megapost with this compilation. It features all of the good Hungarian bands that we, the blastbeat worship crew do not play in, including a bunch that have been mentioned on this site. It is from For Rent Records, which Marci is a part of, and am sure he will be pissed off that I am posting this, and includes bands like Another Way, Step On It, Nuclear Beast, Dance Or Die!!, PFA, Crippled Fox, Ninpulators, Rakosi, Iszonyat, Wasted Struggle, Dallas, and a shit load of others, like 22 bands or something. Styles range froma bunch of different kinds of hardcore and punk, from the very poppy, to blast beating brick shitting insanity, some of it is no good, some of it is absolutely awesome, some of it is a piece of dog shit. But with 22 or 23 bands, I forget, an awesome layout (2 A4 papers folded in half with xeroxed, hand drawn pictures of absurdist cartoons, covering an unmarked cd-r), and a note thanking you for listening to this crap, I think everyone can find something they like.
Handle business.

I also wanted to post this, i got it from the Damaging Noise blog, which is the best place for crust and noisecore, and that wonderful cross between the two, which is a great thing, particularly shit coming out of Finnland and Japan, and although this piece of noise-crust is coming out of Sweden, it makes most Japanese and Finnish ensembles look like a neocrust band. Their name is Brain Cancer. I know, right? How awesome is that, and why is there not a mincecore, or grind band which is called this? Unanswered mysteries of the universe. They lay down d-beat akin to Disclose, but more noiseier, and more chaotic, kinda like the more chaotic moments in Ruido De Odio, its total noise. In fact, thier demo is called Total Horrornoise Devastation, I know, when does the awesome stop? With this band, never. The only thing missing, and this is a big lack, are the blastbeats. But the comp makes up for that, and so this post does not become a blastbeat free post, but this demo is so awesome, I had to share it with all of you assholes. And you know, you really are assholes. No comments, which I dont mind, but then I find out folks I know are viewing this, and not even giving me a holler? Please.
Destroy your brain with noise.

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